Titanfall 2 beta on PS4 and XB1 now

  • Just saw on my google now and procedded to start downloading it. Download speeds may be slow than usual due to high server traffic on PS4.

    I like what I see on gameplay videos. Haven't jump into any futuristic shooters this gen, and this beta will be my first. May buy TF2 on a sale if the multiplayer doesn't feel too cheap.


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    I have started to download this! or well did so as soon as I got home from work! it says I have 3 hours left though =( so will start at like midnight haha! but hopefully worth it! :D

  • Nice, I've been curious about this one (never played the original).. I'll start downloading it now and give it a try!

  • Downloading, but I wont be able to play it till after work

  • Took me 40 minutes, although I downloaded it a little earlier in the day. Just left it to download while I went out for a quick stop at a local store. Figured it was wise since the download time was only gonna get worse.

    Its fairly fun. Only did pilots vs pilots as I didn't want to jump in with Titans as I barely know how to play TF. Experience should improve as I unlock more stuff and learn the controls. Looks to be something that will take some getting used to with the fast pace, wall jumping and what not. A chaotic environment that may prove to be a bit refreshing if I can truly get into this kind of game. Since as said earlier, I haven't gotten into any of the futuristic games.

  • Anyone know how long this is supposed to be up?

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    @Haru17 until sunday night this weekend, then friday to sunday net weekend as well!

  • I'll do a more comprehensive write up later after I get some more play time in. But my initial impressions are bad. As someone who loved TItanfall, Titanfall 2 feels like a step backwards. It's like Respawn took all the wrong feedback for Titanfall 2 And stripped away what made the first game so special.

    Titanfall 1 felt like a super fast shooter where the action was turned all the way up all the time. Titanfall 2 feels bland and boring. I am very, very disappointed right now.

  • Not really a fan of this unfortunately. I had a bit of fun when I tried the first game on my friend's Xbox but this wasn't up my alley at all. The time to kill is INSANE. The movement is fun but everything else about it is meh. I am actually REALLY interested in the single player aspect of the game after hearing Ben and Huber talk about it though.

  • Played about 4 hours this evening with some friends.. its pretty fun but I'm not blown away. As of right now I'lll definitely be picking up BF1 before this in October.

    Though I agree with @Light .. the story does sound interesting and a good single player campaign with decent multiplayer would be enough for me to consider buying it

  • As a fan of the original Titanfall, what I've played of Titanfall 2 is......bad. There is no way to dance around the point - what they put out for this weekend is bad. Respawn has removed much of what made the original game unique. Titans have turned from an integral part of the game to a killstreak reward, the AI is either entirely removed or put into this awkward neutral "stand still and get shot" party, the maps are not designed around chaining wallruns, Titans lack shields and dashes which make them easy targets for pilots to chip away at rather than part of that awesome cat-and-mouse gameplay, camping is encouraged with the new TTK and map design, Hardpoint capture radii are much much smaller (going from those nice big sizes to those small zones of death found in CoD if you ever dare try to cap B ), I could go on and on. They've turned a great game which only the haters called "CoD with mechs" into literally just CoD with mechs. It's a worse version of BO3 now rather than Titanfall 2. I was really looking forward to this game, but I may skip it now if it doesn't get delayed at least till Spring next year.

  • @Galaxy40k agree with you 100%

  • I wonder if RS plans on nerfing the sniper rifle. Not gonna take much longer for players to figure out you can one shot people without landing a headshot. Pretty weird that the SR clip blocks part of your screen.

    I do have to agree that the maps given aren't designed to chain wall climbs. And the pace drastically slows down to a regular shooter near choke points.

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    I tried it out for a bit yesterday. Played thr bounty mode, I forgot how fast paced this game is. My only experience with the previous Titanfall was during open beta on PC.

  • Must say, TF2 must have not left that great of an impression on me to not put any additional time on it since my first run.

    The shooting mechanics weren't bad. But it seems like they really screwed up the map design. And that would be a massive undertaking to fix. So the current maps are probably here to stay.

  • So I have had absolutely no experience with Titanfall since I don't know an Xbone, but I had a buddy of mine play the hell out of it when it first came out. From what I heard, it sounded like a blast, but the game sadly died off pretty quickly. When I found out about the test for this, I figured I might as well see what I was missing (or at least see if they continued in the direction that my friend described).

    Well, after about a couple dozen matches or so, I came out of it with one big feeling: meh.

    My thoughts are going to be all over the place, so bear with me.

    I played mostly the Bounty mode (where you can fight all the AI dudes) with the occasional other mode every now and then, but I gotta be honest, the game felt incredibly empty without them. I'm honestly not entirely sure why Respawn thought it was wise to essentially REMOVE the grunts all together from the other modes considering the maps are basically tailored around having large amounts of guys fighting with pilots sprinkled in for good measure. What's worse is now with Bounty, all of those poor grunts are just shoved into one area of the map, turning it into a damn turkey shoot to gain cash to hand in.

    Suffice to say, I basically ignored them and went straight for the pilots to deny them their cashflow, THEN turned around to shoot the moving targets. Coupled with becoming one with the movement system, I became a killing machine, and this isn't even with my roving mech watching my six.

    Speaking of the mech, I learned the best strat is to simply call it in (make sure you have the enhanced leathality battery perk) and then just have it follow you wherever you go. Most pilots will bee line towards your mech (I picked Scorch for that lovely AOE to rack up the grunt kills) and completely ignore the fact that you're even there shooting them. When I was in the mech, I just felt too slow (again, was playing Scorch the whole time), so I figured it was faster with me out of the mech while I zipped around on walls. Plus, if I killed any pilots with batteries on them, I would just grab them, hop back into my mech to give it health, then IMMEDIATELY bail out and continue my merry way murdering.

    Overall, this is most certainly not the game my friend played back in OG Titanfall. This is, to me, a weaker CoD BlOps 3 that has mechs for killstreak rewards. There's no way in hell this game is going to succeed if they continue with the launch in October (I think it's October?). All that will happen is BF1 will bleed any potential users, and the game will die.

  • Sounds like if RS plans to use this game to compete with CoD. They're gonna fall flat on their heads.

    Its probabaly gonna tank on the PS4 since they made the mistake of making their first game a MS exclusive. PS4 players aren't gonna just resonate with the current state of TF2. Not when there's going to be alternatives this fall.

  • @-Jak-
    Never know, although I find it a bad move for EA to release it a week after their other major shooter (Battlefield 1) Not to mention with COD hitting a week later, and Rouge One (possibly) renewing interest in Battlefront. It seems like a bad window to release TF2 in, and thats not counting other big releases between late September thru November

    Anyway spent more time with the Alpha, definitely seems like something I would enjoy playing a few rounds of before going to work, although if the single player is taking ques from Half-Life (probably in terms of its pacing) I could see it being a entertaining package for me