The Day FFXV Hype Died (Day 1 E3 Stream)

  • I was never hyped for this game.. I feel like with each new finalook fantasy, I can't seem to find that love I felt for the earlier games up to 7 ... (I hated 10 even though I finished it).

  • I doubt that it will be as bad as it is supposed to be now. The creators simply can't afford it. They've had too much delays and have put too much time into it, only to be poorly accepted. I'm almost certain that it will be in much better state at its release, but it will probably need a patch to finalise it.
    Personally, I will probably wait until it comes to PC, because it's supposed to have many more feature that they couldn't put on console versions. I waited too long for this game and I want to be blown away when I play it for the first time.

  • I am very much not surprised. I think Damiani hit the nail on the head. A lot of people are finally starting to see the repercussions of Nomura's departure and Tabata helming the project (At least in terms of story).

    I had been hyped about Versus XIII for a very long time and when they announced Tabata co-directing in 2013 I thought 'Oh, okay.'

    When Nomura was replaced then I got worried. I gave it the benefit of the doubt at first, since the way they talked about it made it sound like very little had changed. Oh boy, was that misleading. Ever since then it felt as if the game I had waited for was falling apart and becoming something else right in front of me. From combat, to story revisions- STELLA- I mean, was this the same game? I honestly don't believe so anymore, and I'm free to take accusations of over-exaggerating if anyone disagrees. I pre-ordered the game, but more for personal reasons of ending this confusing saga behind Square's closed doors than anything else. And yes, I do believe I will enjoy it. There will just always be this thing nagging at the back of my head about it.
    I have more to say but I don't really know how big posts are taken here. I will say one thing: Watch this trailer.
    I mean, that looks okay, right? Sorry to be a big downer, my fellow allies. Just my two cents.

  • I'll still buy the game, most likely. I really do want to believe in Tabata, seeing as he did a interview where he really talked about the issues of Final Fantasy and some other things. The game being hard to optimize I attribute to the Luminous Engine, it's a complete failure and FF16 really should be done in Unreal 4 like KH3. The changes to the story and characters don't bother me too much, while I'll miss Stella.. I 100% fell off the FF train after FF13 and its wonky storytelling. Square Enix is really not doing themselves any favours by showing outdated demos.

    Dat Ramuh summon though..

  • I think most of the reactions are gut reactions. To me, calling a world "empty" happens to be a pretty vague criticism when we can't see exactly what it feels like. No discredit to Damiani's and Ben's impressions from judges week. They have valuable insight. But I haven't seen the disappointment yet, so I'm trying to withhold any judgement.

    I remember you asking in chat last night if people should cancel pre-orders. I definitely say hold out until more evidence/disappointment comes to light.

  • My hype was gone when the first trailer went up for it and I saw the Kingdom Hearts style combat.

    Now don't get me wrong, I like Kingdom hearts, but when I want that easy laid back style of button mashing I'll go play Kingdom Hearts. When I play Final Fantasy I want an RPG, preferably a turn based one.

    And every new trailer/demo is making me feel worse and worse about it, I'm all for appealing to a "Broader audience" but when you make a game that ends up appealing to nobody you probably should've stuck to what would've made your core fanbase happy instead.

  • And as if they're somehow reading our minds and threads, they keep putting out new videos that look... interesting.

    Regalia Type-F
    A tour of Altissa

  • I pretty much agree with what Ben and Damiani said in regard to FFXV. I was afraid to comment on the battle system due to fanboys getting but hurt but I seriously felt like it was a little underwhelming because to me it felt very inconsistent and sluggish. I wanted fluid gameplay even at a cost of graphics.

  • Just give me FF7 and the new Dissidia

  • I was so bummed to hear Ben and Damiani talk about XV yesterday. It is still a demo and I'm crossing my fingers that things will turn out better but... the last few FF games (13, 14 before rebirth, and now 15) just seem so extravagant and wasteful. It's like the developers seem to have this compulsion to make things more complicated than they need to be (visuals especially). I'm all for being ambitious but, ambition needs to be tempered with a clear vision on how to achieve it. I hope Tabata (iirc) can pull it off but this really looks like a case of biting off more than you can chew. Sigh.

    Not-so-bold prediction: Launch will be a mess, SE will apologize, and they'll patch it up to workable state. Deja vu...

  • I'm not a huge Final Fantasy guy normally (XIII is the only one I actually played to completion...) but I was starting to really get hyped for this until last night... Knowing me I'll probably still give it a shot regardless as it's the sort of game I'd probably not look at reviews for beforehand anyway so I really hope it gets a bit more polish before release.

  • Have you guys even seen the new trailers for the car turning into a jet? Or the town one? I respect Ben but seriously don't ever take somebody else's opinion for granted you might like what they don't. I'm still looking forward to the game , and the battle system must change as you level up and unlock new things , but what do i know , I love VIII , X , X-2, XIII trilogy and i find the single player MMO called XII disappointing , different strokes for different folks.

  • I am honestly one of the few who see this coming. And no, I am not happy. I never quite liked the direction FF XV was taking. I am an avid FF fan, but the combat system looked flashy but without much substance and honestly the characters and open world didn't quite fit. I am however sad that I may not be proven wrong and hence we have another instance in which Square Enix falls short with its flagship franchise. IF the expectations are confirmed, FF is in a bad place.

    I feel like they do not know what to do. They do not know where to take this behemoth anymore and we are sufferinf the consequences. Sorry for the rant, did not want to bring anyone down or hate on FFXV. I'm a fan that stills longs for that moment where the magic of for instance FF IX is captured again.

    Seems FFXV won't and that is a damn shame.

  • I've known this was going to happen the second they took Nomura off the project. Sadly, thanks to Ben and Damiani's impressions of the game at Judge's Week and yesterday, I had to cancel my Deluxe Edition preorder.

    Like with Ben, I got burned once by MGS5 and had that same sort of dread I have with FFXV, so now I'm going to wait for the reviews before I buy it.

    I want to live in the alternate universe where Nomura got to direct Versus XIII.

  • Ever since Final Fantasy XIII, I've stopped unquestioningly buying Final Fantasy games. Ended up picking up XIII-2 only when it hit half price, and still haven't bought Lightning Returns (may eventually... probably not).

    I'll be waiting for reviews before touching FFXV.

    If performance is the only big legitimate problem upon release (ie if they fix the storytelling stuff), I'll wait till I have a NEO or it comes to PC.

  • @selfconfessedcyn That's the thing. You don't just fix the "storytelling stuff". Once that stuff sucks, it sucks forever. A NEO or PC version won't fix that.

    Nomura am cry

  • @selfconfessedcyn Same here. I bought every main FF title on release (those released in the US anyway) since FF6. But XIII was a real disappointment. Still hoping XV turns out well but yeah... bummed.

  • @ObbyDent As Ben said, he's not sure what the scope of Chapter 0 is, and doesn't know for certain if they took out some story stuff for the demo they had (though that seems unlikely).

    The empty open world stuff sounds really bad, but Duscae gives me hope that it's intended to be a slow ramp up for tutorialisation reasons and it'll eventually be fine.

    @Mechanoid Only a couple of months to go - we'll find out how this'll all play out soon enough haha.

  • I've been worried about XV since the change of director, and especially since Duscae 1.0. I was hoping that Duscae had just been a particularly bland area of the game, but if the opening chapters are really as disappointing as Damiani and Ben have said, I guess it's time to start accepting that this probably isn't the return to form everyone was hoping for from Final Fantasy.

    Personally, what really got alarm bells ringing for me was the combat. Both in Duscae and in the Platinum Demo. It seems like the team has this vague idea of marrying two very different styles of combat (presumably due to the added expectation that comes with being a numbered title) and with each new glimpse of the game that we get, it becomes more and more apparent that they just haven't figured out how the hell to do that.

    It's times like these I really wish we could have seen FFVsXIII as Nomura intended. A more grounded, serious Final Fantasy, with an evolution of Kingdom Hearts as the core of its combat system. A director and a team he's worked with numerous times expanding on the kind of game they're so good at making. Instead, what we have feels like a compromise as opposed to a true creative vision.

  • Seriously... I was always very iffy on FFXV. Never liked the demos much or the action combat system but still had this hype and hope. Last night just killed it for me.

    Im not sure if i should cancel my $300 special edition or not. If this game is bad dont know how this series will survive. That would be 2 generations of trash, making FF pretty much irrelevant.