The Day FFXV Hype Died (Day 1 E3 Stream)

  • @ObbyDent As Ben said, he's not sure what the scope of Chapter 0 is, and doesn't know for certain if they took out some story stuff for the demo they had (though that seems unlikely).

    The empty open world stuff sounds really bad, but Duscae gives me hope that it's intended to be a slow ramp up for tutorialisation reasons and it'll eventually be fine.

    @Mechanoid Only a couple of months to go - we'll find out how this'll all play out soon enough haha.

  • I've been worried about XV since the change of director, and especially since Duscae 1.0. I was hoping that Duscae had just been a particularly bland area of the game, but if the opening chapters are really as disappointing as Damiani and Ben have said, I guess it's time to start accepting that this probably isn't the return to form everyone was hoping for from Final Fantasy.

    Personally, what really got alarm bells ringing for me was the combat. Both in Duscae and in the Platinum Demo. It seems like the team has this vague idea of marrying two very different styles of combat (presumably due to the added expectation that comes with being a numbered title) and with each new glimpse of the game that we get, it becomes more and more apparent that they just haven't figured out how the hell to do that.

    It's times like these I really wish we could have seen FFVsXIII as Nomura intended. A more grounded, serious Final Fantasy, with an evolution of Kingdom Hearts as the core of its combat system. A director and a team he's worked with numerous times expanding on the kind of game they're so good at making. Instead, what we have feels like a compromise as opposed to a true creative vision.

  • Seriously... I was always very iffy on FFXV. Never liked the demos much or the action combat system but still had this hype and hope. Last night just killed it for me.

    Im not sure if i should cancel my $300 special edition or not. If this game is bad dont know how this series will survive. That would be 2 generations of trash, making FF pretty much irrelevant.

  • I cancelled my Collectors Edition today. Not taking the risk

  • I'm still very excited for XV. I respect Ben and Damiani, but I don't always agree with them. I enjoyed the Duscae demo, and if the final product is more of that I will be happy. I don't expect to think XV is the best game ever or for it to be my favorite Final Fantasy. I'm anticipating it to be a Metal Gear Solid V situation, meaning a game with many flaws but many successes. It is probably my most anticipated game as of right now.

  • I wouldn't think too much of it. It seems like it was a really rough build that they played.

    E3 pressures devs to make a playable build, and they don't have time to deal with it when they need to deliver the real game. They already had to prepare a bunch of different medias, so I'm just going to wait for the release before making judgement.

  • The problem with FFXV is it has been too long now since they first announced it and they simply have shown too much before the game has even released and they are milking the hell out of it with tonnes of spin offs: the anime, film, king's tale 8bit game, minigame app and they also released 2 demos now... by the time the actual main game comes out, the impact of something completely blowing you away won't be as big as it could of been since you would have already experienced alot of elements of the game from the spin offs like with back story, characters, world etc Like we pretty much know every main character of the game, why did they release all these details? where are the surprise characters..... -_______-

    I've had my own doubts with ffxv even before all these annoucements, with my generally disappointment in the direction of the series changing too much instead of going more towards it's roots but as a huge FF fan I have to accept this is what they are doing with it and just enjoy what they are offering instead.

    The game does look amazing but I did not like the battle system in the duscae demo I just didn't find it fun, what has me still hyped the about XV tho is the story, even though I already know quite a few details about it there is still alot unknown.

    I've been very iffy about XV for a long time now and I don't think i'll ever come to a conclusion of it until the game actual releases but as time goes on my hype has died out for it and other games just seem miles more interesting.

  • If I recall correctly, there was a interview way back where one of the devs said that FFXV can be beat by "holding the attack button" or something like that. That interview basically killed my hope for FFXV. Square should just go back to their roots and make a great RPG with an awesome turn based combat system, not these games with weird non-combat systems. (I am looking at you FFXIII)

    EDIT: Also, after FFIX every story has been absolutely terrible. FFX and XIII (especially XIII) have the most stupid ass stories ever. I mean, what is the story of FFXIII? There is bazillion freaking datalogs you have to read because they don't explain shit.

  • I checked out of Final Fantasy series post IX. The series just started to become too androgynous and campy. I'd rather Ben be disappointed, though honest, than blinded by fandom.

    Keep in mind I'm a SNES era Squaresoft fanboi ;)

  • I was never really hyped for it, and every single time I've seen something from that game I just think to myself,

    "That looks fine, but exactly what am I supposed to be hyped for?"

    it just hasn't resonated with me, and granted I'm not a huge FF fan, having only played VI, X and as much as I could tolerate of XIII, but this one has shown very little to actual get my interest.

  • So it was pretty interesting listening to the guys talk about FFXV and the various issues they had with the game. After looking through some other media and information about the game, I'm at were I was before E3 and similar to Ben, I'm not sure what to make of the game. I want to play the game and experience it, but I have to wonder what the final product is and I've seen some cool things and potential in the game, but I can also see some issues that might hang up people.

    I wont really respond to the issues of performance and bugs. This a pre-release build and Framerate and bugs are the last things fixed before the game. So there is little reason to really dwell on the performance of the E3 demo. The one thing I will say is, that from the very beginning I never believed that FFXV will keep a stable 30 FPS throughout the game. I would be VERY surprised if the game was stable throughout the game. I imagine that it will run stable 30 out in the field and towns and then in action scenes it wills stay around 20-25 during combat.

    Now the control issues and gameplay feel that Damiani talked about is really interesting. The Duscae demo was strange in that it seemed to give the player some endgame powers quickly and I have to wonder if that has colored some people's impression on the combat. The change in control was very strange and I found some interesting information I thought was relevant.

    Near the end of E3 Square Enix Presents did a QnA with Tabata on FFXV and I have a link to the gematsu article below. While there is a lot of information the interesting bit comes from this particular part,

    Regarding the recent UI, I preferred the UI from Episode Duscae. It felt more intuitive to defend using LB/L1, as well as using RB/R1 to manually lock-on to enemies. Will there be different control layouts that we can choose from?

    The UI design will be renewed once more. We’re currently working on both the functionality and aesthetics of the UI. In terms of the development state right now, the progress of the UI and NPC elements are not as far along as some of the other stuff, so right now we’re still using some placeholder stuff that aren’t what we envision for the final game. In terms of control layouts, we have the normal layout and the one from Episode Duscae, and we may also have a third layout planned. But people can choose between those two at any time. A lot of players have gotten used to Episode Duscae controls, so we want to give options to the players.

    So the fact that the UI isn't finished and they haven't finalized it isn't really shocking. But the fact that they will offer both UI options in the game is interesting. It doesn't say if the game will control differently or if the its just a cosmetic skin and will play exactly like the Platinum Demo. However there is another piece of information on the control scheme in the Wait Combat Trailer released last week.

    Youtube Video

    At 30 seconds in the video you see the player change the combat mode from Active to Wait. However we also see the default mode in that list of modes. The trailer only showed the Wait gameplay so we have no idea what the difference between default and active is. One idea is that Active is more like traditional action games with manual button presses to keep combos going and the default is the hold down a button to do a normal combo. But I don't know. It will be interesting to see what the differences in the combat modes are. Or if there are in any ways relevant.

    Story wise I do agree that I think that there will be a lot of emotional moments that fall flat because context wasn't added into the game before hand and is instead in the anime and movie. Kinglaive takes place during the game. It the occupation of the invading country on Insomnia. So unfortunately I believe that the potential death of Noctis' dad will be left only in the movie and Noctis will learn 2nd hand in the story. Which seems terrible since a large part of the game is the relationship between Noctis and his father.

    Overall I am mixed on my feelings about FFXV, but still am very interested in playing it and hoping its good. I don't like sitting here and making definite statements on some demos and half information we have. While I certainly understand the "If there is smoke" argument, but I feel comfortable about waiting and seeing.

    Sorry for the long post by the way.

  • How this game has being presented thus far gives the impression that it's in development hell. Every time they show it, it "feels" different. I have faith though. Doom taught me to believe, and keep positive.

    Having said that, I'm not touching this game until I see the reviews.

  • I was pretty hyped for this, but it was always in a "wait for reviews upon release before I buy" sort of way.
    But like a lot of others, there is worry but they are still tweaking stuff. And... flying car?! I mean I still gotta have a little hype left for that.

  • They need to sort out their combat system. At the moment it is just nothing. All games have a distinct combat system, wether you think it is good or bad you have to admit all games have their combat system locked down. God of war, devil may cry, Diablo, bravely default. You think of final fantasy combat mechanics since 13 and its just a mess

  • From the first "gameplay" footage abput a decade ago I said it seemed like it would have bad combat but maybe the story would be enjoyable and the world would be fun to explore

    I still feel that was a roughly accurate assessment but my hype for both of those has been damaged too with the removal of stella, the cg movie etc