Do you have Tabletop Roleplaying experience?

  • Hello Allies, I hope you've been watching Tabletop Escapades playing Dungeons & Dragons. 20 episodes and all in great fun.

    So what is everyone's experience with Tabletop Roleplaying games?

    Edit: If you want to start up an EZA Tabletop RP crew, go here:

    My experience is actually not with D&D. I have never played D&D because I was around friends playing D&D at a get together, but I was playing video games with some other dudes while the group RPs. I wasn't really interested in it because I didn't really like the die system when I looked at the book and watching them playing.

    At some point, they finished a campaign and decided to try something else, and that's when I joined. I played Warhammer Fantasy with the group because the dice system was more to my liking. It had a few weird dices, but it had the classic D6. I love the D6 feel. I rolled a dwarf muleskinner, a dude who takes care of animals. Anyway, it only lasted like three sessions because the DM was too busy. Good thing though, because the next game was FANTASTIC!

    Shadowrun! Cyberpunk and magic and all those good stuff, and the dice system! It only uses D6s!
    I cannot express how much I love D6s. All the rolls and battles felt like it was resolved way quicker because we weren't required to roll a specific dice and getting confused. It just felt great and smooth.
    I rolled a dwarf decker specialized in uzis, and I had a blast because my character was pretty successful.

    With this experience, I definitely like Shadowrun more than the others. There are so many fantasy video games that I'd rather play video games with those settings, but Cyberpunk games are fewer. Of course, we have the latest Deux Ex coming soon, but CD Projekt Red's Cyberpunk 2077 should be great too. I personally really liked the Genesis and SNES Shadowrun games too. Shadowrun has a great universe and the roleplaying book is very solid. I recommend if people get tired of fantasy, just hit up Shadowrun RP.

  • The first time I ever played a role playing game was when I was very young (maybe five or six?). My older brother offered to show me how the game worked, so he helped me create a character. Of course being a child and seeing the Barbarian Handbook... I instantly created Conan the Barbarian. He showed me the ropes for a bit, but being the older brother he got frustrated at me and killed off Conan. Very upsetting for a young child. I didn't play again for a while, but would still watch my older brother and his friends.

    By the time I had my own geeky friends we were getting into Magic the Gathering and Yugioh and such things, but eventually we did try D&D again.

    It wasn't until we all moved out of our parents's houses that we really started to play though. At that point Pathfinder was in full swing and we started playing that. While it had all the issues with 3rd that we hated, at least it had a lot of options that were cool! We've also tried out several other systems, but always gone back to the D&D style ones.

    5th was of course, a breath of fresh air, an edition that seemed both old and new at once. We continue to play that to this day.

    I also do a lot of play by posting on the Paizo message boards.

  • I intend on playing for the first time with my roommates in September. IDK how it will go but we wanna try a tabletop RPG.

    Any recommendations? We're all students and quasi busy. None of us have DM'd before either but are all pretty good at public speaking.

  • I've always wanted to try D&D or something similar.. once in awhile I get together with some friends to play board games but I can't get them to try it out. For some reason they think its too nerdy or something, as if playing Settlers of Catan is any less nerdy

  • I was in LARP club in High School, so most of our role-playing was out in the park or in an empty classroom, but we went tabletop from time to time. Not D&D, just some weird version of it that we made up on the fly.

  • @michemagius A friend of mine took me a to a big LARP game/battle in high school.. it was awesome

  • @Faaip There's noting quite like running around battling your friends.

  • I played a cyberpunk RPG that was heavily gun based, it might have been shadowrun I cant remember.

    but I, like Huber, refused to use ranged weapons so we had to work out a way for me to be melee in this game, we had a fun brainstorming session to create a character in such a way they could be melee only viable, kitting me out with a monofilament sword and cyborg parts. The fact I ALSO wouldnt use COWARDLY stealth drove them nuts :D

    The DM of course tried his very best to punish me for this at every turn, creating scenarios where it would really have helped if I used a gun

  • Started with Hero Quest, then went into Advanced Dungeons and Dragons, then 2nd ed. Advanced AD&D. That Rule Cyclopedia, whew, what a book. It was a Player's Handbook, Dungeon Master's Guide and Monster Manual. I miss THAC0 tables...

    Dabbled in GURPS, stayed away from Masquerade (the people I knew that played it were particular to the point of being mean about their games) and loved me some of the smaller games like HOL and Boot Hill.

    If you want to get into rules craziness, hit up the HERO system. It made my ears bleed, but the settings are fun!

  • @Sieghardt It was probably Shadowrun. It's the most popular Cyberpunk RPG, and probably the second most popular Tabletop RPG.

    It has samurai swords and stuff, so if your game didn't have melee weapons, it might not be it.

  • Over the years, some live experiences, some online via virtual tabletops (via Roll20, or an environment like FantasyGrounds II) with chat conducted through Google Hangouts or Skype. Presently partaking in one at the moment, as our GM works behind the scenes and prompts us to help piece together the setting, the characters and all that busy work. I enjoy the experience, though when it comes to crunching numbers and being waited on to make quick decisions, or if I need to lean heavily on memory, the fun turns to a chore. Something I'm trying to address, personally.

  • I've played D&D since 5e came out, with some wacky stories like (our cleric's chosen god) Tom Cruise's hand coming out of the sky to accept our party into Scientology Heaven to end a campaign. I really like the RP aspects of it, but sometimes you'll get someone as a DM or really stingy player who's a robot when it comes to loosely defined mechanics and it's broken the flow of the game many times.

    oooo and I played a made up version of Fiasco where we had made up our own stupid table of character traits/bonds etc based on the ones we'd heard on the GT games, and that was amazing. Really enjoy that game, made me wish I went to drama school instead of being a maths geek :P

  • Great question, and interesting answers! Everybody seems to have a weird D&D origin story and so do I.

    My first foray into Dungeons and Dragons, at least that's what we called it, took place on the playground during recess in elementary school. No books, no dice, no rules, just a group of kids being nerdy telling stories. Our DM gauged success based the cleverness of our responses, and I think that really set up my play style for future campaigns. I played more book straight campaigns in middle school with my friends, and currently have had a Roll20 campaign going with the same guys for almost a year now. We're in different cities now so Roll20 has been awesome despite some server-side issues. Tonight I'm getting together with some people/friends from Ubisoft in person to start a brand new campaign! The hype is real.

  • I also started with DnD (3.5 actually), but it didn't grab me really. I guess I was around 12, and had a group of friends and friend-of-friends who wanted to try running a game and I somehow got involved. Don't remember much about the experience except feeling kinda let down since the GM was so extremely leading and basically made my character for me instead of letting me having much input. I never got back into DnD, thought I have been being curious about it.

    What really, really grabbed me was Fabula, a Norwegian (only?) tabletop game with a classic fantasy setting, being lighthearted and having very easy-to-get rules and mechanics. It really opened up the world of tabletop roleplaying for me, and also cemented my role as a GM for my group of friends (since I was the only one that owned the copy of the book). The other really defining one for me would be Ron Edward's Sorcerer. Scary, unsettling, challening, thought-provoking and adult, it was my system and world of choice for at least 10 years. Since then I've tried a handful of games, but it's been really hard to find a group to play with now. Everyone seems to have established lives with no room for experiences like these, which is soo saddening. All of my old friends have "moved on" from tabletop RPG's, some even from gaming in general. Even online over Skype is a struggle. I only seem to find Americans with a very different time-zones from my own.

    I do really wish to get back into tabletop RPG's though. I've always loved them.

  • I started playing D&D just when 5e came out. This was my first time. And it's very interesting because the people at GameTrailers were also just beginning for the first time, with the same edition. What's more interesting, is that my DM also ran me through the "default" campaign that comes with the D&D 5e set, which is the same campaign opening that Ben took the GT guys through. This is the one that involved the dead horses in the beginning, and the cave off in the woods. So it was extremely interesting to go through the beginning part of that campaign, then listen to this new D&D podcast series comprised of people I know of (the GT staff) go through the same experience. It was just interesting since I was a noob, the GT staff were noobs, and we all went through a similar scenario. It was cool to compare and contrast how we went about things. It was also cool knowing what was coming up, and hearing how Ben would modify things, or how the players would go about things in different ways.

    So yeah, I'm very new to this.

  • I have been playing with 5e since around last November. I play locally with some friends usually once a month in something called a West Marches Campaign. Instead of traditional story based campaign, it is much more open ended and more sandboxy without story hooks. It has been the most convenient for us since we play so infrequently. I have been playing a vengeance paladin that has been a lot of fun.

    I did join a roll20 group a few months back and were are about to wrap up the Lost Mines of Phandelver. I am playing a Bard Warlock multiclass that has been a lot fun, especially when I nat 20'd a performance check at the local tavern and gotten some really creative uses of my illusions.

  • Started with 4e DnD like 3-4 years ago, super easy and cheap way to get started, didn't need a ton of books and the few you did need where paperback and affordable. That version was also really streamlined to make playing and first getting started really easy.
    After that our group kept noticing Pathfinder books at the game store we'd go to. Got a starter box and have been playing pathfinder ever since. I like Pathfinder a lot, but its much more rules heavy then 4e and I assume 5e. It's an off shoot of 3.5 and they have a ton of different campaigns and stuff. Kinda miss the simplicity of DnD but Pathfinder is really fun and cool