Is it still relevant to buy a console (PS4/Xbox One) now?

  • Someone on the podcast (I think it was EZA) made a good point:
    If you're looking for console and if you're really into VR and/or have a 4K monitor you want to take advantage of, waiting it out might be the route to go.

    My 2 cents:
    PS4 - We just don't know enough about NEO and Sony's plans for it (like a price drop for the PS4 when NEO comes out?). Makes sense to wait but getting one now to play what's coming up soon (Last Guardian, Persona 5, etc) is SUPER tempting. PS4 exclusives are pretty strong right now.

    XB1- Yeah it's probably dead in the water, especially if you have a decent gaming PC (although this was kinda true even before E3). But the inevitable price drop on XB1 could be very tempting. $279/$249 for an XB1? Not bad at all if you don't have a Windows PC. If you do though, save up a little more for a graphics card upgrade.

  • Persona 5
    Final Fantasy XV (still hope it's good)
    God of War
    The Last Guardian
    Days Gone
    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Detroit: Become Human
    Death Stranding
    The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild
    Nier Automata
    Gravity Rush 2...

    All of those games are either unannounced for PC (so exclusive to consoles for now) or are straight up platform exclusives (mostly Sony, but then Zelda).

    If none of them interest you, then no, don't buy a console just build a good gaming PC (that RX480 from AMD looks to be a great card to build a PC around if you're on a budget).

    If you are interested in those awesome titles and don't already own a console, I'd wait till Black Friday / Christmas to see if the NEO is coming out this year or if there's another big round of discounts for the current consoles.

    If you're concerned about longevity in general, wait for the NEO and NX, then dive in IMO.

  • As long as there are exclusives, it's relevant to me. Once that stops (like it has with Xbox), I've no more interest in that console.

  • If you have a 4k TV or are really into PSVR you should wait. Otherwise, I don't think you will regret buying a PS4 now. The price will probably drop when the Neo comes out, but you can find $50 off or other equivalent deals now pretty easy . There are too many good games to wait!

  • Yeah, you really can't go wrong with a PS4, but I could not in good conscious recommend an Xbox One. If you don't have a console but want one the PS4 is a better option, and if you already have one then spend whatever you would pay for the Xbox One on upgrading your PC.

  • Since Shu confirmed that all the games that we saw at E3 were running on standard PS4s, I don't think it's hard to recommend that you get one. I will be looking into getting a Neo just because I bought a 4K TV recently at 50% off (wouldn't have touched it otherwise).

  • I bought a PS4 at launch and have been incredibly happy with it. If you don't have a 4K television, it sounds like there's little reason to wait for Neo/Scorpio as they're primarily aimed at the 4K audience. I can't speak for the Xbox, but I think there are enough current and upcoming titles on the PlayStation 4 to make it 100% worth investing in!

  • For me definitely, there are still excluive games I want to play and I simply like the conviniency.

  • If you have a decent enough PC to play games, an Xbox One is definitely not relevant to you because of Xbox Play Anywhere. Hopefully they get on that to port as many of their games to Windows 10 as possible (which I think would be fantastic in order to bring their first party exclusive titles to a market that has never had the ability to play them until now because they had no interest in buying an Xbox One... myself included).

    On the other hand, Sony demonstrated in their press-conference that they are now more focused on delivering more games and announced a lot of exclusives. If this continues to be a trend then I'd definitely say that it is still relevant to buy a PS4 now as I feel this generation will last another 3 or 4 more years (plus I don't think the PS4 Neo will instantly make the current PS4 obsolete like the Xbox One S/Scorpio have done to the original Xbox One).

  • The games you wanna play should drive you to what to get. I always get the next Nintendo console for their game. I got PS4 because my life would not be complete until I played through Bloodborne.
    I love my PC but there's those times where a game doesn't work and I gotta download certain things or mess around with settings and it just kills my gaming high. The older Ive gotten the less time I feel I have and the less patience I have with stuff like that. Its why I stick to games made just for the PC, but these are things to consider.

  • Xbox? Absolutely not. Get a PC or PC upgrade.

    PS4? If the bundle has a game you want, definitely. $299 and we don't know when Neo is even coming.

  • Right now? probably not. I would wait until Neo comes out and the regular PS4 gets a big price cut. But if you manage to get a good deal or a bundle with a game you like, go for it.
    Buy Xbox only if you really want a console, but upgrading your PC is really a better option.

  • I just bought my PS4 in April. We're reaching the point where some of the earlier titles can be bought for under $10 on sale. That's usually the sweet spot where I jump in.