Pure Platinum Baybee!

  • God of War II. (PS3 version)

    Wasn't that hard though, considering I played the shit out of the PS2 version.

  • Dead Space was my first platinum,my ex at the time was going to gift me my PS3 in late 2009 so about one month before i got it i shopped around for deals to start off my collection and the first game i bought was Dead Space for 20$,i had seen preview of the game and it looked alot more promising than Resident Evil 5 (which i was also excited for like everybody else) little did i know how correct i was! Anyway it was the first PS3 game i played and it was as good as i wanted it to be and even more as i did not expect to end up thinking the game was even better than Resident Evil 4.

    The gimmick of beating the entire game with the starter gun is what really got me into trophies.

  • It looks like it was Uncharted 1. Looks like I got it right before getting Uncharted 2 platinum, so it was probably patched in since Uncharted 1 came out before Trophies were implemented. I'm also seeing that Uncharted 1 was the first game to have the Platinum trophy lol.

    Honestly, in terms of actual achievement, it would have been Metal Gear Solid 4 if it had a Platinum. Getting the Big Boss emblem was not an easy feat.

  • Heavy Rain. It was the first game that made me want to go for the platinum by seeing every ending.

  • @Smartzke After playing through Indigo Prophecy and having it be (in my opinion) the absolute worst game ever made, I've been very hesitant to give Heavy Rain a try. The premise seems interesting but if it plays anything like Indigo did, or has any endings similar to how Indigo tied things up, I've gotta pass. Worth a go you think?

  • @SabotageTheTruth Indigo Prophecy is a great game to watch though. Who doesn't like that Matrix fighting scene? It was so over the top.

  • @Whoaness I liked watching Jim Sterling play through some of it, mostly because he just kept making fun of it. Still probably one of the best openings I've seen in a game and then it just dove straight into David Cage lunacy.

  • My 1st plat was the Back to the Future game, it was very easy.

  • With great shame, humiliation, and pure dejection, I only have one platinum.

    Not for having only one, but for what it is

    My one platinum is...

    The Order: 1886

  • I'd have to check but I'm pretty sure Modern Warfare 2 is the first platinum I have and one of the reasons I kept using the psn account I have now.

    It was my university game so played it a tonne, especially the spec ops. So much fun.

    Think I've 28 platinums now :D

  • @tokeeffe9 28?! I guess I'm not worthy, haha. I got my second platinum the day after FF7 with Rocket League but haven't really tried for any past that. I'd like to platinum Persona 4, but damn, it's going to take a lot of work.

  • Ya I'm not sure where it started but I kind of went on a binge of getting them.

    I do have multiples though, like Sound Shapes on ps4 and vita and MGS3 on PS3 and vita.

    Now if I really enjoy a game and think the trophy list is fun, I'll go for it. Sometimes even if it isn't fun (like Dark Souls 3 recently)

  • Jak and Daxter in the collection. I don't normally worry about trophies, so I think I only have two or three plats.

  • I didn't start trying for platinums until recently.. my first was Battlefield 4 and it was pretty easy, though replaying the last level over and over for different endings was a pain.

    Might have to revisit some old games to try and get more. I'm enjoying the trophy hunt

  • @SabotageTheTruth said in Pure Platinum Baybee!:

    @Smartzke After playing through Indigo Prophecy and having it be (in my opinion) the absolute worst game ever made, I've been very hesitant to give Heavy Rain a try. The premise seems interesting but if it plays anything like Indigo did, or has any endings similar to how Indigo tied things up, I've gotta pass. Worth a go you think?

    If you're willing to overlook its shortcomings, absolutely. It's much better than Indigo Prophecy, and it has plot holes and a lot of cheesy stuff in the story, but I still really enjoyed it at the time. I was pretty engrossed with the whole story while playing and plowed through it in a day or two, and I only noticed the things wrong with it after I finished. I haven't touched it in years so I'm not sure how kind time has been to the game, but the controls are still pretty funky, though.

  • Okami HD.

    This game already looked gorgeous on ps2, but seeing it "upscaled" on a giant hd-tv... Loved it soooo much I decided to just go ahead and collect/see every possible thing on the checklist. :D Followed up by Budokai HD collection(which was ROBBED of the original awesome music, still can't believe they did that), dark souls 2, Bloodborne(God, I loathed those chalice dungeons)

    Usually don't care too much about trophies, but some games give me that thought of "Right, I adore this game. Time to do EVERYTHING possible and see how hard that is."

  • Uncharted 2: Among Thieves was the first game that I platinumed, that was seven years ago. It was just so good, that game. Still is.

    Nowadays I have 68 platinums, I think. The Last of Us might have been the hardest, I mean the multiplayer took a long time, and there was a chance to lose all your progress as well. Still got it and liked the MP, too. Well, actually I got it twice, on PS3 and PS4 both.

  • I have to say that I don't like to Platinum every game. I treat Platinum as a way to show that I really like a game, so all the Platinums I got are for games I think really deserve it.

    I think Platinum is such a great idea because it's more meaningful than Xbox achievements that have no context to the points you get.

    Here's my last three trophies:

    alt text

    Context to Witcher 3, it includes the DLC trophies as well or it wouldn't have been 100%.

  • First platinum was Uncharted DF, because I was determined to have one. The others are the first two Sly games from the collection. As its pretty easy to get since you just gotta collect necessary items for bonuses you could use, and beat the game.

    There's been some others that are relatively easy to get. But I've decided a long time ago that I wasn't gonna go out of my way to get trophies with requirements outside of my gameplay style. Found that it took away from the fun and purpose of me playing said game. The main game I'm playing now Destiny, I actually only need like 4-5 trophies. But I don't want to be spending more time than I already am creating another character. Which may change once I max out the new light level.

  • Banned

    Never gotten one, I haven't really cared about achievements/trophies in maybe 6-7 years. When I only used to own a 360 I 100% a couple of games.