Pure Platinum Baybee!

  • well i've been pretty lazy with my plats, the hardest one is Dragonball Z Budokai HD

  • @GoTaco I definitely recommend the port. That 3x speed really alleviates some of the grinding segments and brings new life into the game. Plus, you haven't truly raced a chocobo until it's three times faster than normal.

  • I ignore achievements and trophies, so my guess would be none. I read them as I acquire them and sometimes I get a chuckle out of them. But I've never had any interest in achievement/trophy hunting.

  • This seems to be specific to Playstation trophies, and in that case mine would be Bloodborne. Yes, I got a PS4 pretty late, and never owned a PS3 or (PS2 for that matter)

    But if we're talking about Xbox achivements too, mine would be Dark Souls for the Xbox 360.

    Yes, I like From Software :grinning:

  • @Elyra Yep, achievements certainly count as well! I just like seeing that platinum trophy, it feels much more rewarding than just seeing 1000G on a list.

  • My first platinum was on Assassin's Creed 2. All I have to say is #f**kthosefeathers. I literally spent 1 entire week scouring the cities for those damn things. Because walkthroughs are for weaklings.