Star Citizen (PC)

  • I quickly let this game drop off my radar a long time ago, the amount of hype it had when it hit kickstarter made it sound like the next coming of Jesus.

    Promises of grandeur that pretty much exceed everything else that's ever been promised in gaming...and with a rather steep asking price to develop this game, I mean it's more expensive than most AAA titles for crap's sake.

    But then all the backdoor shady deals I've heard along the way, silencing dissenting opinions, removing the ability to get a refund, etc. This has media disaster written all over it, and I'm just gonna sit back till the bomb goes off.

  • Shipping. Matters. Love it or hate it, No Man's Sky is a product you can buy and play right now. That's 70% of the accomplishment in any software industry.

  • Gamescom was proof of two players on one ship, landing from space onto a planet. Space stations being in the same world as the planet surface as well, and seeing both players.

    That is an insane accomplishment. Especially moving around the ship in multiplayer.

    Everything else shown was a bonus.

  • @Stormcrownn I believe they've had multiple players on ships for some time, but I was very impressed by the seamless atmospheric entry and planetary landing in an arbitrary location. Their engine is in a reasonable state for a 2018 release.

    The single player episodes will answer more questions when they start coming out in 2017. What remains to be seen is how much content the persistent universe will have when it finally launches, how much they'll show in the alpha/beta and how much they'll hold back.

  • @dafoomie Yeah. I'm currently refusing to play any "Alpha" versions of the game. I'd definitely rather see the game when its polished.

    The singleplayer will make or break Star Citizen imo.

  • Lookin' good.

    Youtube Video

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    @Paper-Lion Yeah! the more I see from this, the more I want to have an awesome PC to play this all day with.

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    Do anyone know of SC will support the Vive? I know it support the Oculus rift, but they work a bit differnt with tracking etc

  • I have a bad feeling about this game.

    If anything this might become an even bigger dissapointment than NMS.
    NMS was just poorly marketed and made by a small team, along with having a borderline delusional fanbase. I remember people getting upset because Brandon Jones wanted more details on what the game was like and I even argued with these people when I said that wanting to know more about the product you're buying is only natural, so you know what it is that you're buying.

    I think you would do well to rein in your hype and expectations for SC.

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    @suplextrain I agree to some extent. I also disagree due to the bits Ive tested to it and just felt amazed and really dragged into this universe. The problem Ive seen is that people think it is all a scam, never gonna be released yadda yadda. What people miss to see is that this game has been in development for only 3 years. People are so used to seeing a game being announced then buy the finished game after 6-8 months. Here people can already play it, but its been "out there" from the start. I mean WoW took 5 years to develop and that were almost too short for it.

    I'm not going in and saying "zomfg its gonna be da best game evurzh!!" I just think that people should kinda take for what it is and we will see. At least I think it will keep me occupied for quite some time, if I ever get around to buy a good enough PC

  • @Lotias According to this article they don´t currently work on VR support of any kind.

  • @Lotias
    While they have shown signs of progress the problems with the project is all over the place, especially when it comes to the management and questionable decisions.
    The game could end up being great, but I think it's very understandable why some people are sceptical.

    Also basically exclaiming that SC will do what NMS failed to do is at this stage rather silly. For all we know it could very well be another NMS or even outdo NMS (but not in a positive way).
    I think it's still more prudent to stick with the wait-and-see approach right now.

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    @Ikataishou oh right. I knew they had the stretch goal hence why I assumed it would still be there, but I kinda see what they mean as you will not only fly ships, which may cause lotta troubles.

    @suplextrain Yes I hear what you are saying. They could of had a more clear structure on it and try to communicate it better than "well we are working on these stuff and we guess it might be there in a couple of patches coming when ever". Yes in one way wait and see is the best, but then I feel like its recieveing a much higher hate ratio than I think it deserves. I mean it is possible to play the alpha and fly around doing some missions. But then again, its early development and are kinda empty. My biggest issue with "the final product" are that Im guessing there will be a lot of balancing issues with the gameplay