Your most played games in the last 4 years

  • @Paper-Lion

    Now play it blindfolded!!

  • NHL for sure. It's the series I've been playing since for ever. It's not even that good at the moment from game mechanics perspective but It's the only hockey game there is and I'm sure I'm just plain addicted at this point. I don't even want to count the hours.

  • Rocket League by a mile, have around 400 hours in that. Dark Souls 3 and Virtues Last Reward were around 30 hours and they're tied for second place, though Overwatch might approach them since I've got it and my friends still play it.

    1. Halo 5: 900 Hours...
    2. Guild Wars 2: ~500 Hours
    3. TF2: ~300 Hours
    4. CS:GO: ~300 Hours
    5. Starbound: ~200 Hours

    So many backlog games...just keep playing these...Send halp. :'(

  • I seriously don't want to know the hundreds of hours I poured into League of Legends while I should have been studying...instead my roomates and I would have a 5 person LAN going all day. Great great times.

  • @aLinktoMajora oh man I miss LANs so much :'(

    What was your favorite game to LAN? :D we used to play tons of Warcraft 3

  • @Ikataishou

    That's quite the list!

    I remember playing Guild Wars for hours on end every day. It was my first MMORPG and I still think back to how wonderful it was with the group of people I met online. I've always wanted to get into Guild Wars 2 but I heard that It was very different from the first and that kinda pulled me away.

  • Europa Universalis 4. I currently have 2470 hours played, according to Steam. That will only increase once Rights of Man is released.
    Funny thing is that I only bought this game to tide me over till Total War: Rome 2. And now its my most played ever!

  • Diablo 3 and Witcher 3 I think are the only ones I've played over 100 hours in the past 4 years. I get burnt out on games pretty easily but these two games just got their hooks into me and kept me locked into my screen endlessly for two very different amazing reasons!

  • Number one has to be Fallout 4, according to my Xbox I think I have spent more than 700 hours with that and I've just started playing with mods, which is really cool.

    Number two would probably be GTA V and Online. That game is really cool, though somehow when you've played it enough every session becomes kind of the same and every police chase and stuff always ends in just shooting everything and everyone. I would really have liked to have the online car garages and insurances in the singleplayer part too, because having your own car and fixing it the way you want it and just cruising with it is just the best.

    I've also played a lot of Rocket League, that is really fun. To me it's a lot like Fifa but without the frustration of the "players" not doing what I want :P.

    4 years is a pretty long time so it's hard to remember but there's also some Minecraft, Alien, Fallout 3, Skyrim and some Forza 5 too.

  • I don't... get people who're naming games like The Last of Us and Skyward Sword.

    The Last of Us is one of my favorite games, I replayed it at least four before the remaster came out: probably almost 100 hours (and I'm a very methodical player). Singleplayer, no multiplayer. And I played Skyward Sword through twice, it took about 50 hours each time. The third time, though, the beginning of the game began to wear on me. Not just the tutorials, but the boring first dungeons and fetch quest-y areas. So I quit.

    And that's why I'm wondering: How do you get more than 100 hours out of either of those games? How can those be what you've played most recently?

  • @Haru17 It's what you said you didn't play in TLOU. The multiplayer. I've played the single player a load on every difficulty and I put a good few hours into the multiplayer which I absolutely adored. It was my go to multiplayer game before Overwatch.

  • Honestly, I'd probably have to nominate Dark Souls 1-3 (this includes both versions of Dark Souls 2 btw, vanilla and Scholar of the First Sin), Diablo III + RoS, and Bloodborne.

  • Probably TF2 since I remember one year I spent 1.5k hours on TF2. I don't play TF2 anymore after my favorite community servers got killed off.

    EDIT: Actually it would be Final Fantasy XIV since I have played over 2000 hours on that game, but I also recently stopped playing that game.

  • Skyrim/Oblivion
    Fallout NV/3/4
    Mass Effect Trilogy (especially 1, played through to full completion 5 or 6 times.)

  • probally one of the souls games i think i have over 3000 hours combined

  • To echo the sentiments of many people above me, most of my gaming has been put into the SoulsBorne series. I've put at least 500 hours in each of the five games, but I've put even more into Dark Souls 1. Most of my hours come from PvP, mind you.

  • I've played Overwatch so much that it's probably somewhere on my list.

    I also play the whole Mass Effect Trilogy once a year.

    But the thing I've played the most by far is the Dark Souls series as a whole. I've bought all of them on launch day but the first one I ever finished was 2. Then I went back to Demon's Souls and worked my way up. I've finished all of them several times to the point that I need a break from the series. I'm hoping Nioh will bring me back.

  • It's probably Project Diva f at around 80 hours I think. That really is a lot for me these days. I much prefer to get to the credits and move onto something new; there's a lot of games I want to play obviously. I don't ... "do" multiplayer.