[Rumour] - The New PS4 Slim is here!. Release Worldwide on September 14

  • I hope they don't announce a new Vita because I just got a 2nd gen (whatever the newest model is) Vita used with a game in mint condition for $150 and I'm happy about this deal and announcing a new model would make me bitter -__-

  • @GoTaco If they announce one that uses generic memory cards, I'm in day 0, even though I love my orange Vita imported from Japan to bits.

  • @crimilde I only have the 8GB memory card and I didn't really consider the price of these dumb things. I wouldn't be in Day 0 but I'd look into a Vita 2 eventually. I just doubt it'll happen.

  • @GoTaco Yeah, I doubt it too. There's hardly a market for such a device anymore. Which is sad because I love handheld gaming, and specifically the Vita. :(

  • @Alex840 - Won't that put the console at a severe disadvantages in terms of specs. I mean if the rumored specs are true. I get that its business but I am worried about the power of the hardware

    I really hope Sony comes up with a new name for the new handled if it does get announced. Vita is fine but something is consistent with their line of business. PSP was fine.

  • @crimilde I used to game on PSP and GameBoy especially as a child. Onimusha Tactics and Pokemon were some serious childhood favourites.

    When I think about it though, that was before I gained independence. At around 10 or 11 I was biking around town with my friends and playing outside because I could. My handheld gaming days were sort of during the times when I'd have to drive places with parents or get watched at somebody else's home.

    I bought a PSP Go for a few games and once I beat them I was done. Haven't even considered the Vita until recently because of P4:G in prep for P5 and the fact that my job consists of 12h shifts with a ton of downtime. I played about 3 hours of Vita today.

    So I'm torn. I like handhelds but in specific contexts. I feel like the average person doesn't feel like you do towards them anymore. Not even like I do. I assume the average person prefers a phone for games if they wanna play games at all. I doubt the Vita 2 is coming but you never know.

  • @GoTaco For me it's a bit the other way around, I never had consoles while growing up - unless you count this pos :grin: this pos.
    I got my first PC when I was around 13 years old and I was mostly playing demos that came with gaming magazines.

    So for me this still feels new and fresh. And I just love that I can take it everywhere with me and keep on playing, while commuting, on my lunch break, or at home in bed at night. When I really get into a game I feel the need of playing it constantly but real life gets in the way so I try to squeeze through as much as possible when I've got a little spare time. Vita moreso than everything else because I can also play all of the PS Classics games I missed out on while growing up.

    So yeah I'd love to keep having new handheld iterations and tonnes of games.

  • @crimilde

    I feel you on the commute angle. How do the PS1 classics feel on Vita? It seems great in theory but there isn't L2/R2.

    I may start Suikoden after P4:G.

    I guess we're kinda derailing this thread a bit... 😕

  • @GoTaco Most games work well without em. All buttons are configurable and the rear touchpad works as a substitute.

  • No optical port... What the hell Sony? I'm very interested in the Neo, but if that ALSO doesn't come with an optical port, my €200+ headset is going to be useless...

  • @GoTaco Like @El-Shmiablo said, they're configurable and I haven't had any issues so far, they work pretty well.