New fans! What should we watch? Long time fans suggestions wanted.

  • They should make more episodes with Scrumbers tournaments, that game is INTENSE

  • @Lucied Those were great! Thanks for the links.

  • Banned

    I loved the GT pod cast also Mandatory Update and alse The Final Bossman. I think I was is one of the stories. To tell the truth I love all their work.

  • @Smartzke That was hilarious! Thanks for sharing that.

  • Thanks for this thread guys!!

    Sadly I got into GT very late because growing up I had terrible internet so I never really did anything online. I only just got into last year now that I think about it right before they shut down :( A friend at work showed me The Final Bosman and I loved it. (I actually didn't even realize there were other shows until later haha) I was so sad when I saw the Last Final Bosman I was like NO I JUST FOUND YOU :'(

    I'm so glad they're back <3

    They're awesome and so is the community!

  • FFVII Full Play through.

    Ben, Brad and Bosman at their best.

  • People have recommend a lot of the good shows already, not sure if BackTrack was mentioned but that is certainly worth watching and of course any and all of the Retro's. Ben's full playthrough stream of RE3 is also pretty legendary. Sorry don't have any links but there are all pretty easy to find on YT. :)

  • Beside all of the brilliant stuff already mentioned, I'd like to plug all of the Full Playthrough Fridays streams - just be sure to take a month or two off to watch it all :P But yeah, I'd really want them to come back at some point: 2-3 Allies getting together, playing a game from start to finish in one sitting = maximum jolliness.