Your Favorite GT/EZA-isms (Catch Phrases, Inside Jokes, Sayings Etc.)

  • I say "good night and good game" to my friends when we finish campaign sessions before everyone goes our separate ways, I can no longer look at milk without hearing Ian saying "blood and pus", I call things "jolly", and I have Huber-like speech patterns when I get excited about stuff. How I talk is definitely heavily affected by who I interact with and listen to, so the Allies are rubbing off on me hardcore.

  • Since I'm not living in an english speaking country, nothing has particularly rubbed off unfortunately.
    There's actually a couple of things that caught on for one stream, or one podcast I liked alot, but weren't ever uttered again... And by now I've forgotten them as well, sadly. Maybe a bonus question for the thread: What are some inside jokes you found particularly funny, that didn't catch on?
    Halfstar Boyfriend is pretty amazing. Any time the phrase "E3 of dreams" is uttered I get excited. LOVE when Brandon talks about Johnny, just the way he says Johnny.

  • I enjoy the times when they make fun of popular expressions and phrases the most. Like during last year's TGS "Get that last gen filth outta here", "Compromised" or more recently "Verticality" and "Ludonarrative dissonace".

    @alexwhiteplays I totally get that, I think Huber rubbed off on me the most, I use "jolly" a lot and I get over-the-top hyped when talking about stuff that I like. :grin:

  • I certainly find myself saying "jolly" and "...will reveal itself" or some spin on that dramatically more often. A couple of the jokes on Bos v Woz are pretty good. Slip of the finger and the kill yourself kid got a lot of laughs

  • Not mine but one I find rather amusing due to how dumb it is:

    "AMD Commies" (said by an nVidia fanboi (not to be confused with fanboy) who may or may not have had legit 'issues' and thought the mods were out to get him)

  • Everything Black Cell does.

  • One that I always seem to come back to is "Check the tape"

    I say it whenever the opportunity arises, even if I'm talking to people who don't get the reference.

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    "Must be Nice" because we can't buy all the games or collectors like Ben Moore :D

  • Huber's recent slight in the last Frame Trap towards Ben for his enjoyment of Guns n Roses was funny. That refers back to a Q&A session that I don't know the exact date of.

  • Context.

  • I still love "Have a good time, dude!" and "Rough stuff" from FB.