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  • @Whoaness no, the video has the conclusion where Kyle said the speech, i just share it with some context

  • Jones v Bosman - Betting on Jones.

  • bleh what the heck happened? I quoted my entire own post...

  • so with the Green Eagles out of the game, I gotta make a Purple Platypi logo
    here is my first rough idea I had:

    now, the colour scheme is far from final... but how do u guys like it?
    I think a lot of work has to still go into it but ya...


    here is version 2.0
    Bild Text

  • so the logo for the Purple Platypi has to be done by the time I'll tweet the next scoreboard... so early january basically.

    plz help me get this done ^_^
    just tell me which one from those variations on the logo you find to be the best one. you can choose from 2 logo variants and 3 colour schemes. they are marked V1, V2 for the variants and A, B, C for the colours

    Bild Text


  • For me it would be B - V2. Awesome work!

  • @kevboard V2 - B is a winner

  • I'll go with V1 - B.

  • I like V1 - A

  • V2-A gets my vote. Second place is V1-A. Red and purple do not belong together.

  • @Darth-Smurf-X I'm good with either of the As. I agree that red should be out of it. I understand why its there but I personally think it clashes too much.

  • V1 - A and V2 - A both look fantastic.

  • so over on reddit version 2B is winning so far, on here it is 2A it seems...

    mhh.. I shall polish up both a bit more and then let's see if that can act as a tie breaker :D
    I already have a new version for 2B and will now start workin on tweaking 2B a bit, I think both could use some additional work.

    here is the new version of 2B, let me know if that's goin in the right direction

    I tweaked the colours in a way that they now work on light and dark backgrounds without a need for a separate version
    I might tweak the red a bit aswell, it really doesn't fit as well as I would like...
    PURPLE IS A BITCH OF A COLOUR TO WORK WITH! xD damn, why did it have to be purple xD

  • so ok, after tweaking all of them again, I thought let's do a final poll...

    version 2 was more popular than version 1, so version 1 is out. now, I changed/tweaked the 3 colour schemes I presented, each one now works on light and dark backgrounds without the need to change around some colours.

    so vote either for version A, B or C

    Bild Text

  • Still B for me, it uses a nicer purple and the EZA red.

  • All 3 look amazing, but my vote goes to B because it represents the EZA colours.

  • I prefer A, but I'd still say B as like everyone has said it uses EZA colours. Fantastic design btw @kevboard !

  • interesting, most comments say B, yet there seems to be a silent group of ppl that like C very much as it is 1 vote ahead...

    whatever is in the lead by tomorrow midnight CET will be the winner I guess :)


    so the poll is over, and here is the outcome:
    Bild Text

    at least that is what someone wants us to believe, as I was waiting to take the screenshot at exactly 0:00 CET I noticed something fishy... B was in the lead by 4 or so votes till only a few minutes before midnight.
    then suddenly more than 30 votes came in for C... there is no way 30 new ppl just now found out about this poll and voted all C within minutes.

    so I declare B to be the winning colour scheme, as this vote was clearly manipulated by someone with lot's of proxy servers on hand I guess...

    so if noone has a better explanation for this wierd outcome, B wins, it was in the lead by 4 or 5 votes before this rush of 30+ votes came in last minute...

    and I've been suspecting something's wrong before as it seemed that every time B was ahead by 2-3 votes, when I checked only few minutes later there suddenly were 10+ votes for C coming in out of nowhere, this pattern continued through the course of the voting period, and escalated right in the end with these 30 sudden votes

  • Hello everyone,

    I'm unhappy with the time I am able to put into this thread as I am extremely late to updates and I am not able to follow all of the EZA shows as closely as possible.

    I would like to ask, as we approach the new year with a refresh on the podcast bet score, is there anyone interested in taking over?

    You can use my thread as a template, and I can give you some of my image assets to photoshop and edit images. Maybe the bet participation could be taken off since forum participation isn't very high, but I'll leave it to whoever wants to take charge. I'll try my best to do a final update, and hopefully someone volunteers.

    It doesn't take much time if you do watch the shows, but I'm very busy with my own work to even do that, so I ask if someone can commit the time to help EZA track their bets, it would be great for all of us. Thanks.

  • Sad to hear about this, but hopefully someone takes over and continues. I agree that the participation from us hasn't really done anything (although it can be fun to think about the bets and which side would win), but this has been a great thread that collects all the Allies bets together with those really neat character pictures and statistics and all.