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  • @holy_angel_mx Is that your bet? Any bet for PlayStation Neo release date?

  • @Whoaness it is, about neo i'm with Bosman, or at least this year for the holidays.

  • With first one, we are talking about mini NES or "Classic" NES? If it's mini, then I'm with Blood. For the Neo I'm with Bosman. What happens if it's not released on either October or March?

  • Classic NES: Blood. I'm pretty sure you will be able to get it fairly easily.

    PS Neo: I don't think the NEO will release on October 2016, I'm pretty sure it will be announced for next year...but March specifically? Not sure... But I'm with HUBER on this one.

  • @Nillend Hmm it's called the Classic Mini. Well, the video has all the context if anyone is confused. As for the Neo release date bet, I'm not sure myself. Maybe it's whoever is closer. Might have to tweet Kyle.

  • @Whoaness Lock mine in then.

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    Lock my bet on Bloodworth for NES bet. For the PS4 NEO going with Bosman.

  • It being a Nintendo product, I am going with it will be sold out. Siding with Huber.

    I am going with Bosman for the Neo. Although that aligns with my hopes for it. I will actually be surprised to see one so close to the announcement. Siding with Bosman.

  • Huber is finally getting some love, but I have to say that most are against him lol.

    What do people think about bringing this campaign to twitter. Maybe asking @EasyAllies to retweet something like "Place your bets with #HuberNeo #BosmanNeo to show who you support on the PlayStation Neo Release Date Bet. ~insert Forum Link~". And Huber vs Blood would be like #HuberNES #BloodNES.

    I would use that to track people's votes and put them in the tally, and since it has a link to the forum, it might entice them to join.

  • New ongoing bet found. After going through the 20 podcats, I found some more bets and results.
    Huber vs Brandon bet about Animal Crossing NX launch title.

    I got to say with the Animal Crossing Amiibo Festival release, it makes me think Nintendo has it ready. The graphics and models in Amiibo Festival looks solid, animating and acting like Animal Crossing dudes. I think they have this game held back and it ready...

    BUT it needs to be online. It needs to have servers, social connectivity, and a lot of clever online ideas. Nintendo aren't good at online, so they'll still be working on it past launch. I'm with Brandon on this.

  • No way Animal Crossing is coming in NX, that thing is dead, maybe a mario and Zelda obviously, but no AC. go Brandon.

    Kudos for finding that bet, i recently watch all the podcast and i didn't write the down, i just find them funny :P

  • Got Kevboard's permission to use his art.

    Made some photoshopping to finish up the scoreboard for Sidebets and Podcast bets.

  • Animal Crossing NX: Huber
    NES Mini: Bloodworth
    PS Neo: Bosman

    This looks so sweet right meow.

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    Have to go with Brandon on the Animal Crossing NX launch title bet

  • @Whoaness that is so cool, i was not a follower back in the GT era and according to the Allies comments in the podcast, Jones was pretty bad at betting and now he's on fire! Kyle just bet for fun i guess... that 5 losses kinda stink

  • Gotta add I'm with Brandon on Animal Crossing NX. Not a launch title.

  • @Whoaness said in Place Your Bets with the Allies - EZA Bets Tracker:

    alt text

    Portrait Graphics Courtesy of

    oh, didn't know you would use my logos on that individual scores graphic. if someone wants to use my EZA team logos, just use these versions down there, so you don't have to use compressed or cropped out by hand versions ^_^

    here are the logos, Top ones are fore light beckgrounds and the bottom ones are for dark backgrounds. the Resolution should be good enough (tho higher res is no problem)

    just copy them in and scale them down to whatever fits... most graphics programs should do that well enough. background is transparent so no cropping/cutting out needed

  • @kevboard I saw your deviantart with concepts being used in the show. Have you approached Brandon or Kyle about having it in the show?

  • @Whoaness I did... somewhat... maybe I should again and this time more clearly xD

  • @kevboard Nice, I emailed Brandon about it but I don't know if he saw the emails yet. He tweeted me saying he hasn't checked it in a while.

    Anyway, it's updated for this week's Podcast bet. Kevboard, I don't know if your scoreboard gif looks off. I use a method of downloading your Twitter post into a video format, then converting it back to a gif I could upload. Twitter doesn't allow downloads of GIFs since they use this weird video player. It looks pretty alright from what I see, but let me know if the quality isn't the best.

    I don't want to bug you all the time, so I can keep doing what I'm doing, but if you want to post your original, just send me a link over Twitter or here.

    Edit: Kevboard, you might want to reduce that team logo image to a link. It's actually quite big in file size lol.