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  • @kevboard Nice, I emailed Brandon about it but I don't know if he saw the emails yet. He tweeted me saying he hasn't checked it in a while.

    Anyway, it's updated for this week's Podcast bet. Kevboard, I don't know if your scoreboard gif looks off. I use a method of downloading your Twitter post into a video format, then converting it back to a gif I could upload. Twitter doesn't allow downloads of GIFs since they use this weird video player. It looks pretty alright from what I see, but let me know if the quality isn't the best.

    I don't want to bug you all the time, so I can keep doing what I'm doing, but if you want to post your original, just send me a link over Twitter or here.

    Edit: Kevboard, you might want to reduce that team logo image to a link. It's actually quite big in file size lol.

  • I'm with Huber on the NES bet.

  • @Sage-Of-Thyme How about the other bets? Want to place your bets on them too?

  • Animal Crossing NX will be a launch title - I will be very surprised is this turns out to be the case. Sorry Huber, I love you, but Jones is right on this one I think.

    Classic NES will be sold out through the end of the year - I think the demand will be quite big for this "new" console. I'm with Huber. (Though I can totally see Blood finding a console at some shady, back alley store somewhere.)

    PlayStation Neo (Codename) will be released on the following date - I think neither is right, but I think Bosman is closer. So I say Bosman.

  • @Whoaness I'll take Bosman and Brandon on the other two.

  • @Whoaness it looks alright, tho next week I might just link the gif file in my tweet, so u can use it uncompressed

    EDIT: here is the gif file from this week
    720p, 16frames

    oh and have you tried to export your score board as a PNG file? with all the flat colors due to the comic look of the portraits and the large black areas, png might be a better choice over jpg due to better quality and the fact that file size should be almost the same as a jpg in this case.
    just spreading some ideas ^_^

    oh and let's bet I guess:

    Huber vs Jones - Animal Crossing NX will be a launch title: I bet on Brandon... no way it will be there on launch.

    Huber vs Bloodworth - Classic NES will be sold out through the end of the year: I bet on Blood, Nintendo will ship a huge amount just before Xmas.

    Huber vs Bosman - PlayStation Neo (Codename) will be released on the following date: both wrong, it will launch inn November... but since Bosman is closer to that and... who knows... I bet on Bosman!

  • Huber vs Jones - Animal Crossing NX will be a launch title.
    Huber bets that Animal Crossing NX will be a launch title. Brandon Jones disagrees it will be at launch.

    Brandon's got this. As much as I would like to have Animal Crossing at launch, no. Within the first year though.

    Huber vs Bloodworth - Classic NES will be sold out through the end of the year:
    Huber bets that it will be sold out. Bloodworth bets that he'll find one in the stores (taking a picture proof) or in a link online before the end of 2016.

    I think Blood should have no trouble finding one.

    Huber vs Bosman - PlayStation Neo (Codename) will be released on the following date:
    Bosman bets that PlayStation Neo will launch in October 2016. Huber bets that it will launch in March 2017 (God of War Bundle unrelated).

    My own bet at the time would've been November, so if I have to side with one of them, I'll side with Kyle because March is way too late.

  • Reminder, less than a day before we find out who wins the NEO bet.

    Put your bets in!

  • Alright, might as well join the fun.

    The NX bet with Animal Crossing: Jones
    NES sold out or not: Bloodworth
    NEO's release: I think Kyle has it

  • #noonebelieveshuber

  • Wow. The OP is absolutely fantastic. Keep it up!

  • @DerUserX Thanks. Put your bets in too!

    Bets for the NEO closes when the conference starts.

  • New bet tonight, old bet but they double down on it.

    Damiani vs Bosman PLACE YOUR BETS!

    Obviously, we're getting pretty close to the releases, so Damiani must hope for a delay for The Last Guardian.

  • Damiani!! TLG will never come out...

  • Awesome thread Allies!!

    Animal Crossing NX: Huber
    NES Mini: Huber
    PS Neo: Bosman
    FF XV v TLG RELEASE: Bosman

    My bets have been placed!

  • Animal Crossing NX: Huber

    TLG: Bosman, although I would love the scenario that Damiani wins.. :P

    Thank you @Whoaness This is really awesome.

  • Bosman wins!

    Edit: Corrections below.

  • I'm with Huber on the Animal Crossing bet and with Damiani on FFXV coming out before The last Guardian.

  • I thought he would just accept the win. Kyle is on a losing streak with 6 points down!

  • Huber's bets are like himself... over the top xD
    I guess that's why most ppl go against his bets.

    oh @Whoaness this week I have a link to the uncompressed GIF file in my tweet ;) no more twitter video reverse engineering xD
    too bad Twitter doesn't just have the original gif file but converts it... but I bet there is some tech reason behind that.

    but whatever, from now on every tweet will have the original file attached ^_^