Divinity: Original Sin 2 (PC/PS4/XBO)

  • @ffff0 I've been working on this one for probably 6 months at a slow pace. I often get to sequences where I just cannot win a battle so I pick up another quest for a while, and then maybe a few more, and come back with a few more levels and skills. This is how I played Divinity Original Sin 1 and it honestly took me a year to beat but I loved it. It's definitely easy to get lost in these games and play them obsessively for days on end but I prefer to take them a few morsels at a time while I play other games. This, and the original, uh, original sin, are phenomenally well crafted games.

  • I'm not exactly concerned about difficulty in the games I play, but I do try to start most games on normal. With Divinity though I just start with story mode, because I am terrible at this style of combat, and for me the game is all about the experience and the story. It is pretty much a perfect D&D game.

  • I've played like 5 hours with my roomate, simply incredibly, and I just want to really delve into this more in-depth but I'll have to find a good time for that.

  • This conversation made me pick it up again last night for a few hours. Was doing great until I hit a wall with a major quest battle which I dont think i can win right now. So gonna wonder around and just explore for a bit until the spirit moves me to try again.

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    I've been streaming the game every monday for about 6 months now I think with 3 other EZA guys. It has been an absolute blast. We just made it to Act 3 last week.

    It's just insanely cool how much choice is given to the players and also specific players where the choice is really down to them.

    I think it's also a game that you can get totally different experiences of depending on if you're playing solo or in a group. I can see a solo player being a lot more invested in the overall story while in a group, keeping everyone up to date on the latest story elements can be a little difficult but you can have a great laugh in the moment to moment stuff.

    It's honestly a bit difficult to properly discuss as it feels like there is so much to talk about with it.

    Edit: Oh, and this is still one of my favourite moments :D

    tok9 twitch - Divinity 2 - Not Like This

  • I got a craving to finally finish this game under the new Definitive Edition patch that released last year. Any tips and tricks for a surefire character build? One thing I appreciated about this game was the challenge but I'm also not in the mood for a super challenging experience at the moment. I just want to jump back into this world.

  • @dipset You can change difficulty anytime and there's Easy and Very Easy. So my advice is to build a character you would like to play as and then find the right difficulty.

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    Yeah I just saw that. I ended up just going straight to easy mode. I feel good about it already, everybody seems to be dropping coins. I can probably catch up to where I left off in the Classic version that much sooner. Not killing every single person in Fort Joy will probably help speed things up too.

  • I love this game so much but, much like the first D:OS, it is taking more than a year to finish it. I tend to play in bursts and then get overwhelmed by some fight or another and put it down for a month or two. I have long been ready to leave reaper's coast and progress the main quest, but I still have so many open side quests that I have not wanted to move on to the Nameless Isle. I should pick it up again.

  • My friend played it for a whole year and a half and never finished it. I’ve already found myself meandering around Fort Joy, three companions and completely lost getting into fights by mistake.

    This is gonna be a long haul (assuming I stick it out).