Kill Your Babies! The Xbox 360 Invitational

  • If we vote for Fable2 in the straw poll, maybe we can load an earlier save and Viva Pinata will still be alive!

  • Alright! So after compiling the list and striking it down, we're left with our finalists. They are:

    Gears of War 2
    Fable 2

    Click the link below for the strawpoll and remember, vote NOT to kill, but what you want to WIN. As always, I'm surprised for one reason or another about what the finalists are. I'm really interested to see how the vote comes out. Thanks to everyone for their participation, in whatever form you posted. I'm putting a slightly longer cap than normal, so instead of 24 hours, I'm increasing it to 30. SO: Voting will remain open until 12 pm EST on Saturday (8/27). Enjoy!

  • 50/50! We need a tie breaker!

  • Fable 2 is the same situation as Skyrim for me, loved the predecessor but was pretty disappointed in the new games. So my vote goes for Gears 2, which is alright... meh.

  • By a score of 8-6,

    Fable II is your winner!

    It is the Xbox 360 game that should exist above the others. I checked the poll about a couple of hours ago and it was deadlocked at 6. It reminds me that I need to incorporate a tie-breaker in future threads. On a personal note, I'm a little in shock that one of the two I nominated made to the finals. Gears is my favorite Xbox franchise and I expected it to be one of the first to go. Finally, as always, I want to thank everyone, once again, for all of your posts. I really appreciate it. It will be a little bit before the next thread, but I can't wait to see what you all will do with it.

  • I'm currently mastering the dark arts to resurrect Viva Pinata. Zombie pinatas shall dominate this world.

  • @Brannox Thx for doing these games. They are really fun.

  • @Nillend And that's the whole reason why. I can't properly articulate how it feels for someone to take to these with such enthusiasm, much less so many of you. Thanks again. ;-)

  • I can't believe Fable 2 actually won, that game is really really bad.

    But it is also a game I had a lot of fun with, in part just laughing at just how broken things in the game actually were.

  • My pick Forza almost made it. Fable 2 winning... is weird. I enjoyed the game at the time, but it was nothing life changing. Still the better pick over Gears 2