1. dark souls 3
      2.blood and wine mirage sessions emblem fates
      5.i am setsuna
      6 uncharted 4
      7.salt and santuary
      8.riptide gp renegade

    havent really played alot

    1. No Man's Sky
    2. Uncharted 4
    3. Overwatch

    Will hopefully change as the year continues. :)

  • @FF7Cloud That's an, uh, complex numbering scheme you've got there.

    1. Monster Hunter Generations (sorry, I can't read japanese yet Haru) i'm addicted to this franchise on pace to put a year of my life into it by the time i turn 25.
    2. Dark Souls 3-never played a souls before this year and boy do i love everything about it. In my top 3 of all time for sure now can't wait to go back and play the previous.
      3.Fire Emblem Fates-Ok the story could have had been much better, grear concept but plot plays out poorly. But the gameplay is some of the best in the series, and i appreciate any franchise willing to take a risk.
    3. Uncharted 4-Not a game for me, but watching my little brother play all of these has been a blast, too much respect for naughty dog.
    4. Furi-some great broth, indie gem, hardcore, mysterious, all around blast.
    5. Farcry Primal-bought this cuz as i said i appreciate any franchise willing to take a chance, and this one works so well, a blast if oyu can get it cheap.
    6. well everything else ive played has been backlog so........yeah. Best is yet to come tho

    1. Uncharted 4: The slam dunk for GOTY!
    2. Overwatch
    3. The Witness
    4. Ratchet and Clank
    5. Hitman
    6. Downwell
    7. The Division
    8. Alienation
    9. Firewatch
    10. Abzu

    1. Street Fighter V (my favourite game of this gen so far)
    2. Overwatch

    That's what I've bought this year. I really want to play Dark Souls 3 and the new Ratchet game, but Street Fighter V is taking up all of my gaming time right now. My next purchase will be Dragon Quest VII in September.

  • Ranking things is stupid... Here's my revised list after this absolutely bonkers week of releases on PS4 (Deus Ex + Nioh Beta + Inside = no chill).

    1. Monster Hunter: Cross (You're still western filth casuals for not playing Monster Hunter.)
    2. Inside (What did you do? What did you do?!? That man's body— You have to— #Masterpiece)
    3. Uncharted 4: A Thief's End (I know it's perhaps the ultimate hipster move to bump this down for Inside, and I could give a damn whether your game is nonverbal or all cutscenes... but I just didn't like the story that much.)
    4. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (If an Elder Scrolls game can play like this in part I'll die happy.)
    5. Gravity Rush Remastered (I feel really bad bumping this down the list two slots, but I have a feeling Gravity Rush 2 will break that Vita ceiling.)
    6. Abzu (Still a must-play, but Abzu is not to Journey as Inside is to Limbo. Granted, Playdead had a much lower bar to top.)
    7. Fallout 4: Survival Mode (Still cheating, still fun. Beds. #GOTY)
    8. Odin Sphere Leifthrasir (I really need to finish this, but it's so long and grindy... Buh, PS2!!! shakes fist Gamecube won 6th gen!)
    9. The "Nioh is still good but there is absolutely no way in hell it is coming out in 2016" spot.
    10. Reserved for whichever game is kicked down by Gravity Rush 2, Final Fantasy 15, or The Last Guardian. If all goes well, my Fallout 4 and Gravity Rush (2012) cheat slots will have to go.
    11. The "amusement I feel from watching Firewatch be continually outclassed by the progressively more amazing indie releases" slot. Not a recommendation.

  • Doom
    Deus Ex mankind divided (will getting soon)

    Doom is by far best game this year so far. and best FPS of decade. Its a Masterpiece

    1. Uncharted 4
    2. Ratchet and Clank
    3. Overwatch
    4. I am Setsuna
    5. Firewatch

    My top 10 is only top 5 unfortunately..
    But here's a top 5 games I wish I played this year in no particular order!

    Tokyo Mirage Sessions

    Top 3 games I-would've-played-had-I-played-previous-instalments

    Deus: Ex Mankind Divided
    Dark Souls III
    Zero Time Dilemma

  • Unfortunately, having a new baby this year and a now 3 year old son that requires my attention as well hasn't given me the time I used to have to play games. I can give you a top 3, which are the only new games I've played, and that IF you are allowing me to list Blood and Wine for The Witcher 3.

    1. Blood and Wine DLC
    2. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (haven't beaten it yet, but awesome game)
    3. Dark Souls 3

    When my kids start school in several years, I'll try and update it.

  • @Haru17 ii never noticed that wonder what happend lol

    1. RE collection
    2. Total War: Warhammer
    3. SFV
      this has been a pretty disappointing year imo, haven't bought Deus Ex yet. hopefully its good

    1. Deus Ex: Mankind Divided
    2. Overwatch
    3. XCOM 2
    4. Uncharted 4
    5. Firewatch
    6. The Banner Saga 2
    7. Kindred Spirits on the Roof
    8. We Happy Few
    9. No Man's Sky
    10. Salt & Sanctuary

  • Turns out I've only played 10 games from 2016 so far this year so this was a rather painless list to make

    10: No Man's Sky
    9: Riptide GP: Renegade
    8: Firewatch
    7: Quadrilateral Cowboy
    6: XCOM 2
    5: Oxenfree
    4: ABZU
    3: The Witness
    2: Overwatch
    1: Hyper Light Drifter