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  • @Wiplash Oh my mistake. The multiple use of the word "Allies" and "allies" can get pretty confusing about whether you're referring to all of us or the EZA crew.

    I was going to write a response saying "but you're expecting a response from them for the questions" and had to read the post 10 times before I understood.

    Anyway, are you expecting this video to be put on the EZA youtube page? I'm really not sure what's different about posting about your favourite game in the multiple GOTY threads and making a video that's doing the same thing if you're not expecting EZA's involvement.

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    @Whoaness I believe its all a fun thing to try! I mean EZA make videos, so then us the fans could as well! its like a fun experience and it becomes more personal rather than just having text and an avatar!

    I would see it as "just for fun" and try to gather the awesome community we have even more! also if help with editing would be needed Im working well with adobe software and so on! just a heads up

  • @Lotias I get you if it's just for fun, but since it's EZA related, I'm just wondering about that part.

    Talking to each other through a static video is a weird idea with video conference being readily available.
    It's a lot of work to put together a video just to hear each other talk.

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    @Whoaness yeah I see your point and I buy your arguments. However, I just see it as a bit of fun and it would let other people bring in their opinion and I see it as a fun step for a closer community! I can see though why its not for everyone, but as an old video editor myself its just "for the lulz" about something we are passionate about

  • @Lotias Oh no, if you guys want to do it. Go for it. Good practice making videos.

    I'm just concerned about the expectations that come out of it. I feel like that EZA crew doesn't even have enough time to watch their own shows (from a comment Ben said in Frametrap about not having time to watch the Podcast while picking questions). If this is being made in hopes that they will watch it, it may or may not happen, but at least Brandon Jones will check it out since he watches everything, probably because he edits everything.

    If it's being made sincerely for the community from the community, it's pretty small community in the forums at the moment, so there might not be much reception anyway.

  • The reason for these videos would be to give fans a way to feel more part of the gaming discussion, I understand that currently there are numerous ways to get questions answered, but as someone who has been trying every week since the start I feel there is room for something different. The questions are asked to the Allies, not to the fans.

    The way questions are answered is very selective obviously, but it's also slightly impersonal. It's the Allies answering the questions they choose to about subjects they want to talk about. That's all good but I want to create something where the fans can vote on the topic of the show or make suggestions, I want people to be upfront and central. I want them to get their face and voices on the show not just a short bit of text in the form of a question. I want fans opinions.

    The community comments videos are great but they don't open up discussions and the format can feel a little bit like reading some terms and conditions. The Q&A videos are only open to $20 and above patrons. Frametrap and the podcasts are about finding out what the Allies think not what the fans think.

    I want to see a fan ranting about their love of Viva Pinata or The binding of Isaac, I want stories about the amazing summer of playing GTA san Andreas with friends.

  • @Wiplash Just spitballing here because the concept seems to be in infancy but I like where you're going - what about taking a model similar to Damiani's pilot episode of Story Time with Damiani? The format is interesting enough and like you said, the video versions of these stories could be much more poignant than just reading some text. Or perhaps something a little more finely edited similar in the vein of the Hit Record stuff - I just don't know how many editors would be willing to attach themselves to help, therein lies the problem.

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    @SabotageTheTruth This seems interesting! I still need to watch the pilot episode fully through, but that sounds like kinda cool angle on it all!

  • I'm fully down on the idea, if you're willing to go through with it. When you're sure, post some instructions on how long the videos would you want and where to send them. I agree there should be more ways and opportunities for fans to express themselves. Not just through art and posts, but videos as well.

  • Thanks for the replies. Glad people are into the idea. I may do the first video on what is your favourite gaming moment of all time. I'll start by doing an intro and maybe my moment as an example and go from there.

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    @Wiplash yeah that sounds cool! Then I do wonder how long you want it to be? I could talk for a few hours or a few minutes haha

  • @Lotias Something that worries me a little is I have no idea what kind of quality I will get, I'm promising that essentially everyone will be able to get on the show, but then what if I get some tiny mobile phone camera videos with bad sound. Maybe if people want they could just give me a voiceover and some game footage, people don't necessarily have to film themselves.

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    well I guess that its a matter of "setting up a standard". Like you want it to be in a file format with a resolution etc... or maybe thats too complicated for people that just want their voice heard?

    Maybe say that you want it to be recorde on PC and not phone?

  • I'm slightly worried about labeling it a spin-off show or using the Easy Allies name in the title. It's not your copyright, and it could confuse new people into thinking it's official. Not to mention Brandon just said in the newest Cup of Jones that he's against fanmade content that is more than just a fanwork. This, in my opinion, goes behind fanart.

    @Brandon or @Bloodworth can you clarify your position on this sort of project?

  • @ObbyDent Yeah, he's pretty open about it in CoJ.
    Also, if you bundle all your talent together, you could easily create your own Original show.

    You might actually be able to throw together a decent show, which you can't take anywhere else if you smack the EZA brand on it.

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    @TheHashtag0nist You make a valid point! perhaps its more value to keep it seperate then just have it as "inspired by EZA"? that could potentially take away a lot of the troubles and risking stepping on others toes?

    Almost like a "free 4 all podcast"? - brought to you by EZA forum members

  • @Lotias You can of course do whatever you think is coolest.

    I'm basically just regurgitating what people told me when I was doing the (Liquid) Buttons twitter thing.

    It's fun enough to entertain an audience, but you can never make it your own that way.

    Moving away from the GT/EZA brand while still being openly a superfan has been very good to me!

    The art is see on Twitter and the forums is sometimes mindblowingly good, but if you would do it under your own flag, you could potentiallly become a thing of your own.

    That being said, if you guys ever do a fan/tribute thing i'd still wanna participate ;)

  • I'm not completely against doing my own show, but i think it's a little sad. The idea of this was to make Easy Allies fans feel more part of something. To get to know each other a little better and to strengthen the community aspect.

    I'm not sure if the general population would enjoy watching random people talking about games, as much as fans would like hearing from other fans. Partly because i wouldn't be able to guarantee the quality of some content, i feel you might need some other connection to the people to keep watching.

    I guess i could still just let easy allies fans know about the show, but i'm not sure the allies would appreciate that link being put on the forums. I do need the existing fanbase of potential viewers to make it worthwhile.

    My dream would be for the allies to approve of this kind of show, and if a pilot was good consider linking to it from the site occasionally.

    This whole idea comes from a deep desire to feel part of a gaming community. I have many friends but only a couple who even play games, it's constantly frustrating to feel so passionate about games but have nobody to express those opinions to. I thought easy allies could be a place for gaming fans to meet and create content together.

    I would really appreciate some clarity from the allies about what is allowed and what isn't and what would be encouraged.

  • I didn't mean to imply it would be a spin off show in the sense of using the EZA logo or anything, i knew the title could not really be Easy Allies Friends because of the copyright issues, but it would be good to instantly know it was a show aimed at Easy Allies fans somehow.

  • @Wiplash I didn't watch Cup of Jones recently, but if you were planing on making a video, then you should make an intro where you name it for example: "EZA Community Call: A fanmade show". The important thing is that you establish at the start what is this supposed to be. You don't even have to use their Logo, but I think it would be fine even if you would. Allies wanted to be engaged in their community and made many tools for their fans to remain active (forum etc.). I still fully support you for making the show you wanted, I think your reasons are justifiable. So the best thing in my opinion would be that you make this first episode, and see where does it go from there. I highly doubt Allies would just shut it down outright, in worst case they might want to take Easyallies out of the title.
    I think you made it pretty obvious that this would be a fan project for the fanbase and not the official show and I see no problem in that. Don't give up now.