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  • I'm slightly worried about labeling it a spin-off show or using the Easy Allies name in the title. It's not your copyright, and it could confuse new people into thinking it's official. Not to mention Brandon just said in the newest Cup of Jones that he's against fanmade content that is more than just a fanwork. This, in my opinion, goes behind fanart.

    @Brandon or @Bloodworth can you clarify your position on this sort of project?

  • @ObbyDent Yeah, he's pretty open about it in CoJ.
    Also, if you bundle all your talent together, you could easily create your own Original show.

    You might actually be able to throw together a decent show, which you can't take anywhere else if you smack the EZA brand on it.

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    @TheHashtag0nist You make a valid point! perhaps its more value to keep it seperate then just have it as "inspired by EZA"? that could potentially take away a lot of the troubles and risking stepping on others toes?

    Almost like a "free 4 all podcast"? - brought to you by EZA forum members

  • @Lotias You can of course do whatever you think is coolest.

    I'm basically just regurgitating what people told me when I was doing the (Liquid) Buttons twitter thing.

    It's fun enough to entertain an audience, but you can never make it your own that way.

    Moving away from the GT/EZA brand while still being openly a superfan has been very good to me!

    The art is see on Twitter and the forums is sometimes mindblowingly good, but if you would do it under your own flag, you could potentiallly become a thing of your own.

    That being said, if you guys ever do a fan/tribute thing i'd still wanna participate ;)

  • I'm not completely against doing my own show, but i think it's a little sad. The idea of this was to make Easy Allies fans feel more part of something. To get to know each other a little better and to strengthen the community aspect.

    I'm not sure if the general population would enjoy watching random people talking about games, as much as fans would like hearing from other fans. Partly because i wouldn't be able to guarantee the quality of some content, i feel you might need some other connection to the people to keep watching.

    I guess i could still just let easy allies fans know about the show, but i'm not sure the allies would appreciate that link being put on the forums. I do need the existing fanbase of potential viewers to make it worthwhile.

    My dream would be for the allies to approve of this kind of show, and if a pilot was good consider linking to it from the site occasionally.

    This whole idea comes from a deep desire to feel part of a gaming community. I have many friends but only a couple who even play games, it's constantly frustrating to feel so passionate about games but have nobody to express those opinions to. I thought easy allies could be a place for gaming fans to meet and create content together.

    I would really appreciate some clarity from the allies about what is allowed and what isn't and what would be encouraged.

  • I didn't mean to imply it would be a spin off show in the sense of using the EZA logo or anything, i knew the title could not really be Easy Allies Friends because of the copyright issues, but it would be good to instantly know it was a show aimed at Easy Allies fans somehow.

  • @Wiplash I didn't watch Cup of Jones recently, but if you were planing on making a video, then you should make an intro where you name it for example: "EZA Community Call: A fanmade show". The important thing is that you establish at the start what is this supposed to be. You don't even have to use their Logo, but I think it would be fine even if you would. Allies wanted to be engaged in their community and made many tools for their fans to remain active (forum etc.). I still fully support you for making the show you wanted, I think your reasons are justifiable. So the best thing in my opinion would be that you make this first episode, and see where does it go from there. I highly doubt Allies would just shut it down outright, in worst case they might want to take Easyallies out of the title.
    I think you made it pretty obvious that this would be a fan project for the fanbase and not the official show and I see no problem in that. Don't give up now.


  • @Wiplash You could ask about this in the Cup of Jones' Patreon comments, as Brandon says he reads them all.

    I kinda wish there would be a liiiiittle bit more dialogue from the Allies here on the forum as well, but at the same time I get that there's only so many hours in a day.

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    @TheHashtag0nist did you use to be part of the GT/EZA brand? how could I have missed that if so? :D

    This thing is a bit hard, but at one point I think it just need to be tried and then tweaked to what may fit the community and EZA.

    @Sentinel-Beach I agree! I know they say "its the fans forum". However without EZA we wouldn't be here in the first place, so far Ive only seen bloodworth + mods, I think. I know they are all very busy etc, but would be fun to have more of the crew here.

  • @Lotias Hey Lotias,

    No I wasn't!
    That was actually part of the problem.

    I made a Twitter account for Buttons last year, and it got super popular. Although I had a lot of fun doing it, it made me SUPER uncomfortable, because despite me saying that it was a "parody/Fan" account people kept thinking it was somehow endorsed or part of the real thing.

    GT never complained about it, bless their hearts, but I can totally see if it made them a bit uncomfortable as well.

    After all, if it's fan based, you cannot control the branding/messaging, which is fine when it's fun, but the moment something controversial happens, they have fires to put out. Which is not a situation you want to be in as a brand.

    This is why I can see that EZA might be a little skittish around a fan production if it's not super obvious that it's a fan production.

    What you are planning is probably no problem at all, but you MIGHT be missing out on an opportunity to become something on your own. Producing a show like that takes work and talent, why not make it your own and become a name in the industry for yourself?

    It might be a good trial though, to do such a fan video and then see where else you can take it!

    Whatever you do, I'll support your efforts by throwing it out into the Twitters!

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    @TheHashtag0nist aah I follow!

    Would be a real shame if we stepped on any toes! Maybe it would be cool to be something in the business. However it is more for the fun for it now I believe.

    Maybe have a big intro with FAN MADE!!! could do?

  • @Lotias Hey man,

    You do what you want to do!
    There is nothing wrong with starting with a fan project!

    Just cover your bases and make it beautiful