Late to the Party: Resident Evil 4 (HD)

  • I'm not big on horror games either but RE4 made me a believer. The controls do take getting used to, but once you do, you can get into this zone where you're snapping from one headshot to the next. Glorious. One interesting note:

    Spoiler: the game has hidden difficulty scaling depending on how you're doing. I never realized this until years later when I saw a video of it. Really helped with the pacing.

    In terms of weapons, avoid the TMP. Everything else should serve you well.

  • @Mechanoid ohh, nice info there. I bought a few upgrades to the pistol and the shotgun thus far. Will the ammunition become a problem down the road like in 5? Not a fan of wasting my pistol bullets on every tripwire.

  • @Hoken IIRC, I rarely had problems with ammo but its probably because I stuck with the Red9 (a handgun later on) and tried headshotting everything I could. I saved shotgun ammo for crowds and when things got really hectic. If you find a magnum however, I'd save as much of it as possible for really hard enemies/bosses later on in the game as magnum ammo is rare (but don't bother upgrading them). Also grab as much treasure items as possible since you'll want those upgrades especially:

    Spoiler: The Striker shotgun has an ammo upgrade that'll let you hold 100 rounds. Might make the game a little too easy, but it's only possible near the end anyway.

  • @Mechanoid Yeah I'm conserving my shotgun ammo. Occasionally I waste a whole pistol magazine (13) on four guys as they're a bitch to headshot and take 3 hits in the head to die.

    18 bullets left now! Pining for some loot.


    don't fall for the black tail meme. you get a much better handgun very soon after. save your pesetas.

    by the way allies,

    alt text best handgun...BEST reload animation. of ALL TIME!

  • @Hoken Show 'em who's boss! :smiley:

  • @Mechanoid can I sell all my treasure or is this a Dark Souls situation? Have a mask that can be combined with something else so not selling that yet.

  • @Hoken I'm positive you can sell any treasure as they aren't used for anything else. Definitely save items that can be combined and sell them complete. If you're going to stick with the Red9, you can sell the Punisher handgun for some extra cash. IIRC you can even sell your healing items, if you're really strapped for cash (not advised). And I also agree with YoYoSwitch: the Blacktail and TMP just aren't worth it.

  • @Mechanoid I see. The fact that I can't buy ammo from the trader is currently making Leon's life kinda sucky at the moment.

  • @Hoken You can sell all treasure. When pieces of treasure can fit into one or the other, it will usually state quite explicitely in the description.

    Also: get the Red9

    Still adore this game. The pacing is perfect, the weapons feel great, nice enemy-design, campy villains, interesting locations...

  • Unexpected first boss. Pretty cool!

  • I'm convinced I'm supposed to be able to buy ammo here

    alt text

    Edit: I can't buy ammo, but I can... jump into his shop and steal some when he's standing there? What.

  • @Hoken You can't buy ammo, but if you upgrade the capacity on a weapon you'll get a free refill. Useful for the Striker later on.

  • @Mechanoid Ah, shame. At least I get to enjoy this in the shop. Pretty jolly!

    Youtube Video

  • Does it hold up? I really wanna get it for my PS3 after recently finishing Resi 1.

  • I played RE4 for the first time last year and it was completely different from what I had expected. Much campier and action-oriented. It was also my first RE game, so I had no point of reference. I finished it and liked it, I see its merits clear as day, but I didn't love it. Just because I went in expecting a scary game with a survival element. I had fun with it, but I didn't get those things.

  • @DarthAmmii gameplay is pretty solid, if you liked 1 you'll enjoy it.