Deus Ex: Mankind Divided (PC/PS4/XB1)

  • I've never Deus Ex game before, so I don't know what to expect from it. But I've heard that PC port is terrible (once again), so I'll wait for the fix. But from what I've seen the games has as many flaws as the things it does great.
    I'm glad that you're enjoying the game, but it seems too hit or miss for me.

  • I've played maybe nine hours now on PS4 and the world is getting really immersive. I like it a lot. I literally just spent two hours in the TF29 HQ just going through every room and hacking every computer I could get into with my current hacking levels. It felt great everytime I could get some useful info out of someone's email.

    I have around half a dozen side missions now open in this second Prague district, so it'll be a while until I continue the main story again.

  • @Nillend The PC Port as far as optimization goes isn't that bad. We also don't have DX12 yet. The controls and issue with sprinting on stairs is a very fixable issue that the devs have confirmed they are looking into.

  • See I'm not crazy when I said in the other thread that I heard the PC port wasn't doing so hot. I swear Blood said the same in his preview. It'll likely get fixed tho. Not end of the world stuff.

    PC Gamer: Deus Ex: Mankind Divided’s PC port suffers technical issues, backlash over pre-order bonuses

  • I just beat the game.
    I might go more indepth later, but for now all I can say is that it's a very well designed game (much better than HR) that is solid across the board. However it does end SMALL SPOILER

    in a pretty unsatisfying manner and the very limited number of hubs/interactive areas was a bit of a downer.

  • Enjoying it so far, although I feel like something was left on the cutting room floor between the end of Dubai, an Jensen waking up on the train

  • My GOTY no doubt!

  • Cool, Ill play it in like 2 to 4 years from now. :P

  • Not sure if it's just me, but I've discovered a crash.
    During Mission 14 when you have to go back to Jensen's apartment so TS29 can plan something, the game keeps crashing on me each time I try to travel to the Fountain Square location.

  • @DMCMaster said in Deus Ex: Mankind Divided:

    Not sure if it's just me, but I've discovered a crash.
    During Mission 14 when you have to go back to Jensen's apartment so TS29 can plan something, the game keeps crashing on me each time I try to travel to the Fountain Square location.

    I'm assuming that this is on PC? Because I have beaten the game and I did all sidequests yet I never ran into any crashes on my PS4.
    For now try doing something else like just exploring different parts of the game, doing sidequests and so on and see if that fixes it. But you should also check their forums and/or contact support.

  • @suplextrain
    Actually it is PS4, tried doing that too, I can travel to other places, but the instant I try to go to fountain Square, it will load about 3 quarters of the way then crash.

  • @Haru17 Cannot contain my excitement for this game. Started it last night and played the first mission, then spent about 2 hours exploring like one block of Prague. So happy to see that they've maintained the same Deus Ex 'formula' that has made these games great since the first one.

    Deus Ex is basically the sweet spot for me for everything that I look for in a video game. Probably my favorite franchise. Huber has been talking about how it's an "immersive sim" which is a rare blend of genres. That's so true. The open world, role playing, decision making, stealth, detective, shooter, etc. mechanics are all satisying and blend together beautifully. And the way the missions play out is so fun, it's a thinking man's action game, even a puzzle at times in the way some situations are set up.

    Can't wait to keep playing. Will prepare for my next play session today by dimming the lights with some caffeine, a 6 pack, Capn Crunch, and a scented candle. RELIGIOUS EXPERIENCE!

  • Man I died a lot trying to get to the guy to reinstate my augs. Looking forward to what's next now that I have added invisibility to the mix.

  • Looks like a new patch should be coming sometime this week to fix the issue.

  • @Lexad I've played through Human Revolution and got to say I was surprised how tough this section was considering how early its in the game.

    Eventually got through it without firing a bullet, was tense though. Like whatever.

  • So I played about halfway through the game (got to Golem City) and decided to restart as a pacifist run. One irritating note, it doesn't really tell you if you killed anyone. I did get the achievement, but its sort of a 50/50 if you missed something.

    The gameplay and story are amazing, the only downside is what others have said. The ending is a bit abrupt. Its like its missing that "wrap up" cinematic that tells you what happened around the world. In comparison to how grandiose Human Revolution's ending felt, it definitely leaves you wanting more. Even if the game was 100 hours long, that ending would still feel lacking.

    That being said, I'm still going to do another playthrough to obtain the ghost achievement. I'll probably make that one a lethal playthrough on the higher difficulty. The 4th highest one is hardcore mode, dying is permanent.

  • Loving this game so much, also came across a train glitch on the PS4. Also game is saying I killed 29 people. WTF?!?

  • Update: I'm such a happy gamer right now. I don't know how far I am into it, maybe half way. Granted, the original Deus Ex is one of my favorite games ever so maybe I'm a little biased, but this might be one of the best games I have ever played. I haven't seen side quests like this in a game since Witcher 3. I'm also loving these new augs like the remote hacking and the taser-arm. Also, can you think of any game that has more 'context' than this game? There is context everywhere that builds the story, in newspapers, on computers, overheard from people talking, on posters, etc. If you are familiar with Human Revolution and the original Deus Ex, there are tons of plot and story links as well. I even like Jensen as a character this time around (wasn't a big fan of him in HR). I can't even handle this right now, I'm in a state of gaming nirvana.

  • @V8Dave DxCat <(I never asked for this) ezaSophie

  • I think Mankind Divided's quests kick the shit out of the Witcher 3's.

    Witcher 3, a bland peasant begs you to find their missing brother, you search for them, aaaaah, they're a bland werewolf and they killed some people. Surprise. Oh, and there was a love interest at some point.

    Another case (This one's a succubus, oooooh, juicy!), you're contracted to hunt down a monster plaguing a brothel. It's a succubus robbing the patrons. You can kill her or let her go.

    Mankind Divided, you get stopped at a police checkpoint and asked for papers. If you sneak into a nearby house you discover a kidnapped girl (who has a personality) being forced to forge state permits in an extortion scheme. She asks you both to expose the frauds and help these two augmented people get their fake permits for real, ensuring they will be immune to deportation from the other police checkpoints. To expose the fake cops you either gun them down or find the sympathetic real officer nearby.

    To get the two augs certified, you have to give them their permits: One is an actress with some kind of split personality disorder, the other is a man who killed his grandchild during the Incident (who you have to save from being robbed quickly or he's a goner). Assuming they're both still alive, you then have to sneak into a permit office and validate their IDs on the police database. Once you get there, however, the system goes into alert mode and you have to pick one of the two augs to certify, assuring the other will get sent to Golem with their obviously-fake permit.

    If you root around long enough in Golem you'll find the person you damned in a hovel. You can talk to them and come to terms with your actions. Y'know, like human beings. When I tried to follow up with Dandelion's girlfriend after her quest in the Witcher 3 she just had the same line of dialogue, over and over.

    And I know my dramatic verbiage is introducing bias, but I could give a damn. Linear and limited-area games are just better than open world ones in so many plain to see ways.

    Oh, and as well as some wonky map markers in that quest, my game just crashed after it became night in Prague and some heavy shit went down in the story, so perhaps this game's a bit little buggy. Still better than the Witcher 3.