Dream NX Launch Lineup

  • So I'm getting SUPER tired of waiting for Nintendo to announce a date for them to even properly unveil the NX, so I thought it'd be fun for people to put out their some ideas for an NX launch lineup. It can be 1st and 3rd party, though I'd say if you add a 3rd party, make it an exclusive one (So Dragon Quest XI or Sonic 2017 wouldn't count as we know they are coming to other platforms anyway.) Here are my big Five.

    1. Zelda: Breath of the Wild (To get the obvious answer out of the way.)
    2. Animal Crossing NX ( An Animal Crossing game where you can have a bigger village than ever and maybe even have some sort of unexpected twist that we will never predict.)
    3. Luigi's Mansion 3 (A return to form of the style of the first game. No more missions.)
    4. Beyond Good and Evil 2 (Maybe too close to Zelda, but F it, I Need this game!)
    5. Final Fantasy VI Remake (A shot in the dark, but I am so bummed SE skipped remaking V and VI and jumped straight to VII.)

    Feel free to add your own ideas below! :D

    • Zelda: Breath of the Wild (If this was a dream lineup there'd also be a non-open world 3D Zelda, but I digress.

    • Super Mario: Starshine (Relax on the beach tanning in the glow of your nearest nebula. Mario will rocket through a collection of space and tropical-themed levels, eventually delving into trippy combinations that see mario swimming through space itself. Literally never going to happen.)

    • Metroid Prime 4 (It's 50/50 for either Metroid or a new Retro IP.)

    • Mario Kart: All Aboard (Remember how Double Dash had buddies? This one has that, but with trains. Players team up to drive their trains across the racetracks, the smashing into each other along the way. The conductor drives the train (no rails) with the other players manning item stations Guns of Icarus-style.)

    • Super Smash Sis' (Like Super Smash Bros., but with only female Nintendo characters. Link's still in it, though, because he's one androgynous son of an offscreen kill off. I'm joking, don't get your hashtags in a tussle.)

    • Paper Mario: Literally Any RPG (It's dead. It's dead. It's dead. It's dead. It's dead and fucking buried. Apparently only Fire Emblem fans get nice things from Intelligent Systems this decade.)

    1. Zelda (since we know it's coming)
    2. New IP
    3. New IP
    4. New IP
    5. New IP

    My point is, Nintendo needs to break out of their franchises and start being completely immersed in creative mode.
    Their old franchise will only pander to their nostalgic fan base. They need to understand that it won't work anymore and make fresh ideas happen.

    That is the only way for NX to succeed. New and exciting games.

  • You basically just want new characters really?

    As Nintendo are without doubt one of the most creative development studios out there and do an excellent job at reinventing their IPs.

  • This may seem a backwards one but with the talk that it's cartridge based and not backwards compatible, I'm hoping it launches with a few Wii U games on the Eshop for all of us who didn't buy the WiiU.

    In particular Donkey Kong Tropical Freeze and Bayonetta 2.

    In terms of new NX exclusive games.

    • Metroid Prime 4 - I personally prefer the first person aspect and would love another entry.

    • Super Mario Universe - I'll leave this one up to them creatively.

    • Pikman 4 - Troll pick. "It's actually very close to completion,"

  • @tokeeffe9 I was thinking about saying "they can even use old IPs in new genre", but in order for developers to be fully creative, they cannot be chained down by old characters or old franchises.

    I'm talking about when Pikmin first came out, and Animal Crossing, and Rhythm Tengoku. These were great, new ideas at that time.
    All of these could have had their characters substituted with Mario characters, but they went fresh with these and that was exciting.

  • zelda breath of the wild
    mario 3d platformer
    fire emblem
    a jrpg

  • @tokeeffe9 Though the Metroid Prime games have been cool, I wouldn't mind a fresh take on Metroid that's not from a first-person perspective. I know Other M isn't a good precedent, but with the right team, I think something amazing could be done from a 3rd person perspective.

  • Zelda Breath of the wil is already announced but w.e.

    • Metroid (Not Prime) Game
    • Mario sunshine 2 (:P)

  • Zelda
    Pikmin 4
    Mario Galaxy 3
    Luigi's Mansion 3
    Animal Crossing NX
    Metroid NX
    Mario Kart 9
    Nintendo Land 2
    Something New

  • New IPs, and Nintendo being willing to produce mature themes for once.

    Somebody in here posted a video arguing that Nintendo hasn't had a darker story element since like 2006.

  • The one game I want more than anything is a new Metroid.

    Either Metroid Prime 4, with high production values, an open world and gameplay as rich as what we're expecting from Breath of the Wild.

    Or a 2D Metroid, but not with sprites. Instead, a 2.5D Metroid, with the graphical quality of a Tropical Freeze, with detailed models, animations and backgrounds.

    Retro Studios could pull off either one of these concepts brilliantly.

    And since you're asking for a full lineup, I'll add the following:

    • Super Mario Galaxy 3, or equivalent. We just know there's gotta be one in development by EAD Tokyo.
    • Bayonetta 3, or The Wonderful 102. The partnership with Platinum continues.
    • A new Mega Man X. That's right, Capcom signs an exclusive deal to bring the series back on NX. Also in gorgeous 2.5D, developed by whoever is competent enough to pull it off.
    • Alongside... Mega Man Legends 3. Nintendo brings the hard cash to revive the project!
    • A new... Castlevania. We're going wild, even Konami can't resist the NX.

    This is why I try to resist these threads, now I got myself all excited and my dreams will inevitably be shattered.

  • Dragon quest XI
    Metroid prime 4

    that's really all it needs :D

  • Pokemon Snap VR

  • I would love to get several amazing games at launch, but on the other hand, I would prefer Nintendo space out their releases so we don't get NX droughts. So instead of saying I want all the games listed to come out on launch, getting like 2 or 3 of any of these at launch would be fine by me.

    1. Zelda BotW of course. It's gotta be there day 1.
    2. New Metroid, preferably a Prime made by Retro.
    3. New 3D Mario
    4. Pikmin 4
    5. A new IP on the level of Splatoon. Something you could tell they have a lot invested in.
    6. Nintendo: Amiibo World. A game like Skylanders, Disney Infinity, Lego, etc. where every amiibo you have is a playable character.
    7. F-Zero NX
    8. 3D Kirby. This is something that's long overdue.
    9. Some big third party games would be very nice to get too. Something similar to hype like DQ XI.

  • Metroid and then new IPs.

  • The way things are lining up, the NX looks like it could have one of the best console launches, with Nintendo front-loading the system. It'll be tough to choose between Zelda and Metroid Prime, if they release simultaneously (I'll still choose Zelda, obviously, but it'll be tough ;)).


  • I imagine if they really do have an excellent launch line up, they'll spread it out some bit.

    It'd be a bit crazy if they were to launch with 4-5 essential purchases straight off the bat.


    Not this garbage Federation Force. Not that one, MAINLINE METROID. Ya know, METROID!?

    Super Metroid?


    Youtube Video

    Or Metroid Prime...

    Youtube Video

    THAT, or GTFO.