Make It Better! Bend Your Favorite Franchise To Your Will: Forum Edition

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    Now get back in your cube, ya fraud.

  • @GoTaco I would love to see the sequel set either during or soon after the initial outbreak. I think it could totally work with your idea if its set in a town or city (maybe Boston to coincide with the original) where infected numbers are growing and maybe there are looters, gangs, military personnel trying to quarantine areas or killing indiscriminately to stop the spread, etc. Maybe your character is trying to escape or make it to a safe zone or family or something and you just need to survive to get there. I would love to see it start in chaos and quickly drop off to a really tense atmosphere where anything moving around will probably want to kill you, while the environment constantly degrades and changes throughout the game (maybe you need to traverse the same section again but its been blocked off or quarantined and you need to find another way)

  • @Faaip

    Amazing idea. The chaos of the infection would be incredible. They built a light lore in TLOU as well. The Fireflies aren't as wholesome as the average player seems to think. I bet they've done some extreme things to develop the structure they have. I bet they could go somewhere with their back story. Like you said, quarantine zones are a part of the lore too. Some came and fell, and some still go strong. What happened in Pittsburgh to make the place turn into one giant trap?

  • @GoTaco Thanks! Yeah you're right about the lore they started in TLOU. I think it would be cool to explore that a bit more instead of doing a direct sequel that no seems to want. If the whole country (world?) was hit by the outbreak, then there's a lot of stories that could be told!

  • I have an idea for Pokemon, but it's not exactly my favourite. I made this idea when Brandon was talking about how Pokemon are filled with dumb trainers who don't utilize the full potential of pokemon or having six pokemons.

    Like the idea for the Souls games with invading PVP, but done asynchronously, imagine if random parts of the world would contain trainers from your friends list or random people. As people play the game, the game records their Pokemon set up at certain points of their travels. That data is then uploaded to servers and available. When their friends start the game up, the game uses that data to populate the maps with additional trainers with those Pokemon set up, so you would feel like you're actually being challenged by a smart trainer because they are actually players themselves.

    Now it may sound like people can break this system and put out stupidly hard trainers in the world, but the game will only upload data for players in the same area. For example, the second area of Pokemon Red where you only had access to simple Pokemon like Ratatas and Pidgeys. When you go to the third area or the next city, it will record what Pokemon you have and upload that data. And for player who do weird things like try and get a Pidgeotto right at the beginning, but normalizing levels and skills for early parts of the game could be done to make it fair. What matters is that you see your friends name and their Pokemon team.

    Now, for a franchise I like, Witcher. We know Dandelion is a playboy and loves to woo girls to fall in love with him, but we gotta play as Geralt. Now imagine Witcher 3 having a dating sim mode where you find special ladies in the game, do quests for them, go on dates with them, and win their favour. It would be a hilarious side quest to have in the game. Games like the older GTAs, not GTA4, had this feature as well, and it would be cool to see it with Witcher 3. In fact, Witcher 1 kind of had this with the nude art card collecting, but they actually said they removed this idea since Witcher 2 because they wanted love to be more meaningful. Ugh, just give me my dating sims!

  • Let Taxman and Stealth make official Sonic games instead of ports of older ones.

    ...which they're doing now with Mania. Damn, did I secretly travel back in time or something?

  • @Whoaness I like that Pokemon idea a lot actually. That has (and continues) to be a large problem for me throughout the game - trainer battles really become a chore, they aren't challenging, and you end up seeing the same Pokémon hundreds of times.

  • I just want to play darts in my apartment in GTA online. There's ONE FUCKING DART BOARD ON THE ENTIRE MAP.

    That and go drinking in all the bars with my mates. A bit of pool wouldn't hurt either.

  • Give Star wars to Bioware! Oh wait..
    Give Spider-man to Insomniac! Oh wait..
    Give something other than Metal Gear to Kojima! Oh wait..

  • Persona 3 wiping all out all night.