Your gaming dreams

  • An MMO experience similar to Ultima Online.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Kingdom Hearts III next year. Thinking about trying Final Fantasy VI, so if they remake that in about a decade that would be cool.

  • Having trouble thinking of something right now so I'll just go with.. Age of Empires 4!

  • I saw one of my gaming dreams ripped to pieces. I could hear the MGS3 theme in the background, I can see Big Boss and The Boss fully remastered in the Fox engine... I see pachinko machines. :(

    At least The Last Guardian is coming out. That is a dream come true.

  • @marcel said in Your gaming dreams:

    There are two games/series I would love to see come back. Red Dead and the Command & Conquer series (ideally Generals but I know I am in a minority there)

    SECONDED, Need more C&C. Too bad EA probably won't do it. I assume they see thr RTS genre as unprofitable.

    As for my Gaming Dreams, If we're talking about Pie in the Sky.

    POKEMON MMO, I wouldn't mind if it were on handhelds or mobile, I don't need the game to have a lot of graphical power, I'd be fine with it being sprite base but I want to be able to play it anywhere like how I currently play Hearthstone on my phone and obviously needs cheap/free mobile data so that would need to happen first.

    Ghost Trick & Ace Attorney Crossover. Ace Attorney already has a crossover with Professor Layton and both games belong to Capcom, better yet, the main author of the Ace Attorney also authored the Ghost Trick story. Imagine this, In court it's the same as Ace Attorney but out of court, you play as the poltergeist preventing destruction of evidence and death of witnesses.

    More likely though, I'm hoping for a Ghost Trick 2 and The World Ends with You sequel.

    Troll game announcement? The Legend of Hilda. You start off in the Shadow/dark world as Anti-Link and continue from there lol.

  • Okay, context first. The first RPG I ever played (apart from Pokémon) was Harry Potter and the Philosopher's Stone for the Game Boy Color. So, what most people learned about RPGs from D&D or Final Fantasy, I learned from that game and its sequel, Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (also for the GBC). Those two remain some of my favourite games, and I can go back to them even now and have a great time.

    So basically, what I want is a modern, big-budget, turn-based, atmospheric RPG set in the world of the Harry Potter books, with fully realised Hogwarts and other areas from that universe, complete with a Persona-esque calendar system and a class schedule like BULLY.

    Sadly, it's never gonna happen and, even if it did, the rights remain with EA so I'm sure they'd find some way to fuck it up.

  • My dream will never happen, but one can dream. I want a new Arc the Lad game!

  • I'd really love to see the Disney parks be brought into games in a meaningful way - the concept art for Epic Mickey was so promising, but the final product was so watered down by uncompelling gameplay and the company's unwillingness to go as dark as the concept demanded. So I'd love to see someone deliver on that potential, or on the totally opposite end of the spectrum, to develop a completely jolly Disney parks-based Mario-style platformer - with the lands as worlds and the attractions as levels within them.

    Or Portal 3. Obviously.

  • EA skate either remastered or a new one for current gen. They nailed it when it came to capturing the essence of skateboarding. Endless replay value. Drop in/drop out gameplay.

    Power Stone 3: I loved the first one so much. The sequel was good too with the changing environments, but sacrificed depth. Hopefully they can bring this series back.

    2.5D Metroid: I envisioned this when N64 came out. I couldn't imagine any way to improve Super Metroid. So just maintaining the great Super Metroid/Metroid Fusion gameplay and adding interesting new graphics would be fantastic. It worked for the legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past.

    Remasters of Yakuza and Shenmue. Stateside and cross play...i'm in the middle of a big trip right now with long flights. Would love to get through these again on a plane. Actually taking this time to get through my first play through of Zelda: Ocarina of Time on 3DS.

  • A Chrono Trigger 2 or Megaman X9.

  • @Bokan

    There is technically a Chrono trigger sequel. It's called Chrono Cross.