Your gaming dreams

  • So what are your gaming related dreams you wish would come true. Don't hold back, don't be realistic, go wild.

    My dream is for Turrican to come back as HD remaster. I would love to get HD remaster of the original trilogy for all platforms and the two SNES games included in Nintendo version, with Chris Hülsbeck composing the soundtracks.

    Turrican II is the first game I ever played, I fell in love with the soundtrack, and the game itself, even without the soundtrack would be three and half stars on Amiga, with soundtrack it's five stars. I can't wait for the orchestral collection to come out early next year.

  • The same thing I've been dreaming about since that garbage DmC, Devil May Cry 5.

    It's all I need from capcom, dmc5 that's it no fucking first person resident evil, no more reboots, give me Dante with his sword, and let me do cool fucking bullshit for the rest of my life.

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    Tie Fighter redux, which results in a series of yearly Tie Fighter games.

  • Warcraft 4. Skip the esports, Blizz. Go for a linear and cohesive story experience in a world that we all love.

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    Zone of Enders 3. - I know that the second game kinda finished it all. But I would love a bigger and more awesome game with Jehuty and so on again! Make that big ball boss the evil guy or something! (The one with the best lines ever "Get out of my way" "Find another way!"). I would love to see more about Dingo and Leo. Even though I know that it may never happen.

    Burnout 3 Takedown - HD remake. One of the best racing games ever.

  • Star Wars Galaxies 2. Space combat, ground combat, better gameplay, graphics, lots of armour, weapon and ship variety. Keep the sandbox elements but add a main quest storyline to provide something of a where to go next guide if you simply want to level up etc.

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    @BatViking That sort of sounds like SWOTOR to me. Why don't you like that?

  • @UltimateBrent Swtor is really underrated. Especially after the new expansion.

  • Portal 3, Warcraft 4, NX Pokémon.

  • There are so many, but since it's E3, I'll say a return to the Twilight Realm in Zelda. The Twilight Realm is easily one of, if not the, most unique Zelda locations. It's such a stark opposite to Hyrule, and it was so cool. It's really a shame we only saw a tiny part of it as a dungeon. Just imagine visiting a Twili Village or something.

    Outside of that, I'd die if Nintendo made a Super Paper Mario 2. It's not a Paper Mario game, but its amazing and creative and I want more. Plus the ever common Super Mario Galaxy 3 and Mother 3. (And a new legit Katamari game.)

  • @UltimateBrent SWTOR's art style is a bit off-putting to me, and it never holds me for more than a month or two at a time because of the engine shenanigans making it run worse and worse the better PC I get. While I like the space combat, it's not as seamless as SWG was with the whole free-roam in space thing. SWG was by no means perfect, but it had a lot of charm. I think it deserves a second chance.

  • The best Prince of Persia ever made by Ubisoft with Bioware. Preferably open world, but really open world, like... No man's sky planet open, with some mystic temples and puzzles and ruins and you are able to visit places from Sands of time trilogy. Also a Dark souls-esque/bloodborne combat with specific voiceactor in mind but I don't know his name. You can choose to be more like an adventurer or focus on ruling the land. You can conquer other lands and expand the empire or just sail and wander around. There is also a lot of mythology based on the sands of time.

  • I'll say this until I grow old and wrinkly

    cause it will probably never happen

    but give me a new Legacy of Kain game, videogame world. If Crystal Dynamics don't want anything to do with it just lend it out to SSM or whomever and let them make that continuation of the story that I need so much. :cry:

  • I played a game in its entirety in the past and absolutely enjoyed it but only realized years later that it was twilight princess lol.
    I would love an onimusha trilogy remaster. I wanted a FF XII remaster too for some time and my dream is coming true with Zodiac age.

    I have to agree with 'Nillend' and say that a new Prince of Persia should be made because its one of my most loved franchises on PS2.

  • A return to the Soul Blazer trilogy, preferably Illusion of Gaia. And not a sexied up version, like they did with Castlevania and Arkham. Keep it classy, the planet is dying.

    Also, a return of a Soul Calibur II Conquest-like mode for arcades, that becomes wildly successful and brings about a renaissance of the arcade era.

  • There are two games/series I would love to see come back. Red Dead and the Command & Conquer series (ideally Generals but I know I am in a minority there)

    • Grandia remake
    • New Lunar game
    • New FF Tactics with the original's mood and tone
    • Zone of Enders 3
    • Armored Core + Dark Souls
    • It will never happen BUT... an open world Macross game where you can travel and explore the galaxy seemlessly (a la NMS, Elite, etc), upgrade and maintain a squadron of Variable Fighters, a mix of Ace Combat + ZoE combat, Yoko Kanno does the OST, and throw in some Idolmaster gameplay stuff because it's Macross.
    • 2K NFL and NHL
      *A proper METROID - 2D, 3D, whatever, not this Federation Force nonsense.

  • I would love to see a reimagining of the Tenchu Games...I just miss that series so much. would love to see it come back for real. and just for fun put a catgirl character in there too!

  • An MMO experience similar to Ultima Online.

  • Final Fantasy VII: Remake and Kingdom Hearts III next year. Thinking about trying Final Fantasy VI, so if they remake that in about a decade that would be cool.