Tabletop Allies Interest Thread

  • I would be interested. Roll 20 is a great system and pretty easy to use, though I can't speak from the DM side. Player side is great and we mostly use the chat system over Roll20 (occasionally skype when it craps out which isn't often)

    I would prefer 5e since I have a Player's Handbook for that and it is relatively simple.

  • I've played a lot of PbP (play by post) games over at the Paizo message boards, so colour me interested. If this forum had a dice roller I would say just play right here, but since it doesn't I would be fine with something like roll20. I've only really played D&D, Pathfinder, 13th Age, Iron Kingdoms and World of Darkness and would be fine with playing any of them. I prefer themed systems to ones like FATE that can be used for anything but feel kind of bland because of it. Other games I've heard or seen good things about: Fantasy Age, Call of Cthulhu, Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, Numenera, The One Ring, Shadow of the Demon Lord, A Song of Ice and Fire, Atlantis: The Second Age, The Burning Wheel, Dungeon World, Dungeon Crawl Classics, Eclipse Phase.

    I think it would be really fun to try out different systems this way too, not just stick to one of the ones everyone knows, but maybe that's just me.

  • There has alredy been a thread like this, we even made a spreadsheet of when do people have time to play, but nothing came out of it. There is definetly an interest, but it comes to the will of engaging the sessions.

  • I'm a very (VERY) unexperienced DM at work, were we had a group that wanted to play but no one really knew how to DM so I just ended up voluntering.

    I can't speak for the easiness or challenges of playing this ways, but I would definitively be interested to play (as a character).

  • If we were to do this, do we have a DM that is familiar with Roll20 or something similar?

  • I'm interested! No experience though

  • I would definitely play. The biggest problem for me is I'm in a timezone that other people usually aren't near. :/ It's Eastern +1:30 (I think GMT +3:30, but I can't remember if that's right or not.)

    So far I've only been a GM. I would love to get some PC experiences. Been playing around with Roll20 the last week or so. I like the fact that I can just scan my maps I made directly into it and just flesh them out with tokens.

  • Hello all,

    Sounds like there is interest but as Nilend pointed out that easily fizzles. What we need to get things go are DM volunteers, not loads, just one or two.

    We'll list games going and get sign ups etc here then and have chat about stuff in the thread.

    I'm really inexperienced but since I started the thread and am super interested in DMing I feel I should kick things off. Give me a couple of days and I'll post one or maybe two game openings using roll20. If anyone wants to DM this is the thread for it!

    The games I'd like to try are a standard D'n'D campaign and an experimental go at Don't Rest Your Head.'t_Rest_Your_Head

    The key to it will be finding a reliable way of getting together at a regular time. Any help most welcome, and sorry for being away from the thread, had a mental long weekend.

  • If we tried Sundays, (anywhere from 10-12 eastern start), that makes it easier for time zone folks. I am pacific, and honestly I like starting D&D at 9 in the morning. Then I can still go to church in the evening.

  • I can also GM for D&D 5e if we need one. As much as I'd like to be a PC, I honestly don't mind it.

  • We have some potential DMs, do we want to pull the trigger and give this a shot?

  • @Lexad Heck yes! I have a friend who would love to join in as well if there ends up being room.

  • I just started DnD with my gaming group a few months ago, so I'm still pretty new to it, but I'd like to join if there's room. The only problem is my schedule changes every week, so I might not be able to make every week.

  • @Lexad said in Tabletop Allies Interest Thread:

    We have some potential DMs, do we want to pull the trigger and give this a shot?

    I'd say that we should start looking into this for real, see when a good group would be able to get together

  • Here is a link to a google spreadsheet I made. Go ahead an enter your EZA name and the day of the week and time you would prefer to play. Time available to play is not necessarily how long we would play. Let's keep timezones in Pacific timezone since this is EZA. I also have a column if you are a player, DM, or have the experience to do both.

    This is open to anyone of all skill levels. Don't feel like you can't play if you haven't played before. It is pretty easy to pick up (I think, I have only been playing for a year, but I have gotten into helping other people out with Character Creation, combat, etc.)

    EZA Tabletop Interest Google Sheet

    Everyone with the link should be able to edit. If there is anything you would like to add to the spreadsheet or other comments, go ahead and add them to the doc.

  • @Lexad The spreadsheet is 'View Only', so unless I'm missing something we can't edit it

  • @bard91 said in Tabletop Allies Interest Thread:

    @Lexad The spreadsheet is 'View Only', so unless I'm missing something we can't edit it


    that should fix it

  • Well I added myself in there, let see if we can get a decent group to see when we can set this up.

  • I added myself to the spreadsheet. My timeframes are limited right now because those are the only times I could consistently be available to play. I could play in a few other time slots, but not every week. I'm also working on changing jobs right now and the new one should be more consistent and give me more free time.

  • Yo I have never played DnD, but have wanted to ever since I started watching Tabletop Adventures on GT. Have you guys got together and played yet?