What Game Are You 100% Sold On.

  • @marcel I don't like Half-Life games either. I just don't like linear first-person story games I think.

  • Sold On:
    God of War - Played GoW2 but I never got into it. This new one though... MAX HYPE.
    For Honor - Vikings. Knights. Samurai. Yes.
    Yakuza 0 - Huber can sell me anything. Make it rain!
    Sea of Thieves - Pirate HYPE.
    Zelda BoW- Took a few hours of footage but I'm totally sold now. =P

    Will Get Anyway Because I'm a Sucker:
    Anything Mass Effect and Dragon Age
    Anything Ace Combat

  • Quick question about GoW4, why is everyone so hype for it? Game looks like it's trying way to hard to be last of us or something, I would have rather they try to compete with Bayonetta by making the combat deeper instead of.... Whatever the hell it is now.

  • @KingofDMC I think it's because of the direction of character, the more methodical combat and the reveal itself.

  • The Last Guardian... Horizon... ZELDAAAAA... God of War

    Slightly excited for Yakuza Zero, Death Stranding (I'm intrigued by the mystery of it all.), Persona 5, For Honour.

    I can't wait!! :exclamation: :heart_eyes:

  • FOR HONOR. wasn't 100% sold when we thought it was just multiplayer, but with a campaign as well, I am all in.

    (also Mass Effect Andromeda, which I will be buying no matter how many delays and vague trailers we get.)

  • I think that this console generation is finally getting into it's stride, there's a lot of great games coming.

  • Quite a bit!

    Horizon, Persona 5, Deus Ex, Yakuza 0, Last Guardian, and South Park are all absolutely day ones.

  • The big one for me is Horizon, but I'm also totally sold on South Park and Deus Ex - going into media blackout for all 3.

  • @marcel I agree entirely. I haven't been able to get it off of my mind since I saw the Microsoft conference, and the extra vid i've seen afterwards has only furthered that.

    Comes across as a really sinister Monty Python, and that unsettles me. Wonderfully. :)

  • No Man's Sky, Horizon, and Persona 5. All others I will wait for reviews. Oh, and The Last Guardian.

  • God of War
    Last Guardian
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    Neir 2
    For Honor
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Detroit : Becoming Human

  • Persona 5 - Every time I see it, it seems better and better. After Persona 4, I was always gonna play what came next, but what I've seen since has far surpassed my expectations. It looks the same in every way I wanted it to stay the same, and has seemingly expanded on every area I wanted to see expanded. On top of that, it's so damn stylish.

    Kingdom Hearts III - I spent so much time as a stupid teenager searching the internet for any hint at KHIII that I could find. At first I thought the BBS cinematic was a trailer for III, then I was fooled by fake photoshop after fake photoshop. Now that it's finally coming, nothing short of my unexpected death could prevent me from playing that game.

    Spider-Man - Don't like the suit and I wish Josh Keaton was doing the voice, but I've been a Spidey fanboy my whole life and I don't plan on changing that any time soon.

  • God of War and Persona 5

    I'd preorder the former if they'd let me and I've already got a "Take your heart" premium edition preorder going.

    Note: I generally don't preorder games (I almost always wait for reviews), so it's rare for me to be so sold on games. I preorder maybe 1 game a year, RARELY 2.

  • Persona 5
    Ace Attorney 6 (Spirit of Justice)
    Yakuza 0
    Civilization VI

  • The Last Guardian - I've been 100% for 10 years

    Persona 5 - After playing Persona 4 and seeing everything, I don't need opinions. I already know I'll like it

  • @DarthAmmii said in What Game Are You 100% Sold On.:

    @KingofDMC I think it's because of the direction of character, the more methodical combat and the reveal itself.

    I don't mind Kratos being human I suppose, but the combat is what made me check all the way out, looks waaay to slow for me.

  • Another vote for No Man's Sky. I don't care if it turns out to be boring. I still want to explore that world.

  • VA-11 HALL-A: Cyberpunk Bartending Action

    First heard about it sometime in 2014 and from the moment I tried the initial prototype they had on their website I was hooked. Game finally releases on the 21st and I couldn't be more excited.

  • I have either concerns, or need to play it for myself for almost every game coming.

    Other than For Honor. It's so clear what it wants to be, and seems to be a tightly controlled game.