What Game Are You 100% Sold On.

  • Persona 5: not a single piece of doubt in my mind. I know these people will deliver something incredible
    Tekken 7: aside from Tekken6(horrible loading and shit "story"mode) we've never had a bad tekken game and it's been too long AND we're finally getting on PC! Seriously I have many friends who ditched consoles at the end of the ps2-generation and went full-on PC so being able to fight them without any hassle is wonderfull

    Dragon quest 7 and 8 on 3DS and Builders on PS4: it's DQ, aside from a bad android port of DQ8, we've never had a bad game in the series. It's the last, old, legendary bastion of the turn-based RPG and I will throw all my money at it.

    Ni no Kuni 2: I'll admit the first game has a lot of problems(crap AI, grinding needs improving, alchemy is useless, ...) but at its core it has the prowess to be a legendary JRPG.

    Final Fantasy XII the zodiac age: The last great FF game imo(if you don't count a realm reborn) Modern tv's don't display the classic ps2-version all that well because it used some strange AA that looks bad today unless you play on emulator.

    A throwback to classic JRPGs with mad Square Enix and Grandia II vibes

    Horizon: Zero Dawn
    Futuristic Princess Mononoke.. All that needs to be said.

    I want it now..

  • @Nillend It has to be Huber and Jason from the Dev Team because I am starting to feel the hype after a feeling of disappointment at the Ubi conference (it felt a little bit too much like Ryse).

    I really hope they do something like with payloads in Overwatch and objective based gameplay in multiplayer. I can imagine coming in on the boats having to get to an objective and then get off the boats to another objective on the beach. Then you pull out a battering ram from one of your boats and push to another objective .... And all of this a multiplayer. I could get sold on that ;)

  • I have For Honor, CoD, and Titanfall pre-ordered digitally on console for playing while listening to podcasts/4 hour long E3 impressions videos/etc. (because they'll be chill to play with the sound off). Also have pre-orders in for the deluxe physical versions of Persona 5 and FFXV, though my feelings on XV are a little shaky now.

    Other upcoming games I'll definitely grab? Zelda, though I'll probably wait for the NX version. Ah, and Pokemon Sun! There are a lot more I'm digging, but my backlog has gotten scary... Trying to tackle it right now. D:

  • Can't wait for Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I'm so hyped!

  • @SaveUsLaserHope said in What Game Are You 100% Sold On.:

    Can't wait for Zelda and Horizon: Zero Dawn. I'm so hyped!

    And now after hearing the Allies and especially Huber talk about Resident Evil 7... I'm sold!!

  • Resident Evil 7 and Detroit so far.

    I wanted a rebirth of Alundra but it seems i'll dream for a while :).

  • Persona 5
    Trails of Cold Steel 2

    I guess I am 100% for certain buying Final Fantasy XV but I'm not impressed by its combat

  • The moment the trailer for Zelda: Breath of the Wild ended, I had to have it. Zelda's my favorite game series, and after seeing all the footage from the streams, it was worth the wait.

  • @DarthAmmii Nothing 100%, but the Star Wars X-Wing mission, Farpoint and a few more look good enough.

    • The Legend of Zelda; Breath of the Wild - Definitely buying an NX for this.
    • Sea of Thieves - Enough was shown here that I know I'll buy it.
    • Dishonored 2 - STEALTH GAMEPLAY
    • Titanfall 2 - All Maps/Modes Free sold me on this
    • Gwent: The Witcher Card Game - Free to play, campaign mode, enough said.
    • For Honor - I do not need to explain this.
    • South Park: The Fractured But Whole - Combat looks very fun. <3 South Park.

    I do not own a PS4, and I am currently waiting to hear more details on the Scorpio/Neo to make a decision. I'll be really tempted to pick up a PS4 for Horizon: Zero Dawn.

  • Ive become so sceptical I am waiting with anxiety for all these top games to come out.

  • Man, I think Persona 5 is the only game am 100% sold on. FFXV, For Honor, Gwent, Last Guardian, God of War all look great and I am like 90% on, but Persona is the only preorder for me.

  • Resident Evil 7 - If it's anything like the tone of the demo it should be interesting if nothing else

    Persona 5 - Need a good turned based RPG as there hasn't been anything worth it in a long while

    South Park: The Fractured but Whole - Creators are excited about it which is hard to say with a lot of games these days plus it looks good.

    FFXV - At this point I just want to play some type of finished product so I don't have to wait any longer.

  • Let me tell you the tale of 7th Dragon III Code VFD. @2200 is to blame for this purchase.

    You take Etrian Odyssey's character class types, a weird narrative that takes place in three different settings, and distractions such as side quests and dating and you've got me sold on some random 3DS game no one is going to pick up because Sega has not advertised this game at all.

    Most importantly, there is a hacker class.

  • Zelda Breath of the Wild. Any doubt?

    Also the Last Guardian like 8 years ago.

    Pretty sold on 7th Dragon III.

    @Saya said in What Game Are You 100% Sold On.:

    Let me tell you the tale of 7th Dragon III Code VFD. @2200 is to blame for this purchase.

    I mean...

  • 3 games:

    Horizon Zero Dawn: Amazing looking and unique. Combat and creatures look fascinating and I love open world.
    Titanfall 2: Loved the first one and they are checking off my wishlist as far as upgrades go for the sequel.
    For Honor: Sweet combat system and it looks so intense!

    • Persona 5: the first teaser sold me on this game.

    • NIER Automata: As long as Yoko taro and Keiichi Okabe involved I'm on board.

    • Gravity Rush 2: I adored the first game, so I was already sold on game as soon as I finished the first game.

    • The Last Gaurdian: same reason, I absolutely loved ICO & SOTC.

    • Zero Time Dilemma: I was sold as soon as I finished 999 & VLR

  • Kingdom Hearts 2.8 and Horizon currently. :)

  • Banned

    • Horizon: Zero Dawn
    • Final Fantasy XV
    • Final Fantasy VII Remake
    • Kingdom Hearts III
    • God of War
    • Spiderman

    Those are the ones I know for sure that I'm buying. Zelda would be up there too, but I need to know what the NX actually is first.