What Game Are You 100% Sold On.

  • @DarthAmmii That's very understandable. Just like I can't get into driving games like Forza or Gran Turismo ;)

  • Horizon for sure, everything I've seen so far is amazing.

    Mafia 3 doesn't look like anything too radically different, but the setting and main character are really interesting to me. Seems like a solid 20-30 hour open world crime game.

    And Yakuza Zero, which I haven't actually seen anything about from this week, but I love that series. I was sold on it anyway.

  • @marcel I don't like Half-Life games either. I just don't like linear first-person story games I think.

  • Sold On:
    God of War - Played GoW2 but I never got into it. This new one though... MAX HYPE.
    For Honor - Vikings. Knights. Samurai. Yes.
    Yakuza 0 - Huber can sell me anything. Make it rain!
    Sea of Thieves - Pirate HYPE.
    Zelda BoW- Took a few hours of footage but I'm totally sold now. =P

    Will Get Anyway Because I'm a Sucker:
    Anything Mass Effect and Dragon Age
    Anything Ace Combat

  • Quick question about GoW4, why is everyone so hype for it? Game looks like it's trying way to hard to be last of us or something, I would have rather they try to compete with Bayonetta by making the combat deeper instead of.... Whatever the hell it is now.

  • @KingofDMC I think it's because of the direction of character, the more methodical combat and the reveal itself.

  • The Last Guardian... Horizon... ZELDAAAAA... God of War

    Slightly excited for Yakuza Zero, Death Stranding (I'm intrigued by the mystery of it all.), Persona 5, For Honour.

    I can't wait!! :exclamation: :heart_eyes:

  • FOR HONOR. wasn't 100% sold when we thought it was just multiplayer, but with a campaign as well, I am all in.

    (also Mass Effect Andromeda, which I will be buying no matter how many delays and vague trailers we get.)

  • I think that this console generation is finally getting into it's stride, there's a lot of great games coming.

  • Quite a bit!

    Horizon, Persona 5, Deus Ex, Yakuza 0, Last Guardian, and South Park are all absolutely day ones.

  • The big one for me is Horizon, but I'm also totally sold on South Park and Deus Ex - going into media blackout for all 3.

  • @marcel I agree entirely. I haven't been able to get it off of my mind since I saw the Microsoft conference, and the extra vid i've seen afterwards has only furthered that.

    Comes across as a really sinister Monty Python, and that unsettles me. Wonderfully. :)

  • No Man's Sky, Horizon, and Persona 5. All others I will wait for reviews. Oh, and The Last Guardian.

  • God of War
    Last Guardian
    Kingdom Come: Deliverance
    Neir 2
    For Honor
    Horizon Zero Dawn
    Detroit : Becoming Human

  • Persona 5 - Every time I see it, it seems better and better. After Persona 4, I was always gonna play what came next, but what I've seen since has far surpassed my expectations. It looks the same in every way I wanted it to stay the same, and has seemingly expanded on every area I wanted to see expanded. On top of that, it's so damn stylish.

    Kingdom Hearts III - I spent so much time as a stupid teenager searching the internet for any hint at KHIII that I could find. At first I thought the BBS cinematic was a trailer for III, then I was fooled by fake photoshop after fake photoshop. Now that it's finally coming, nothing short of my unexpected death could prevent me from playing that game.

    Spider-Man - Don't like the suit and I wish Josh Keaton was doing the voice, but I've been a Spidey fanboy my whole life and I don't plan on changing that any time soon.

  • God of War and Persona 5

    I'd preorder the former if they'd let me and I've already got a "Take your heart" premium edition preorder going.

    Note: I generally don't preorder games (I almost always wait for reviews), so it's rare for me to be so sold on games. I preorder maybe 1 game a year, RARELY 2.

  • Persona 5
    Ace Attorney 6 (Spirit of Justice)
    Yakuza 0
    Civilization VI

  • The Last Guardian - I've been 100% for 10 years

    Persona 5 - After playing Persona 4 and seeing everything, I don't need opinions. I already know I'll like it

  • @DarthAmmii said in What Game Are You 100% Sold On.:

    @KingofDMC I think it's because of the direction of character, the more methodical combat and the reveal itself.

    I don't mind Kratos being human I suppose, but the combat is what made me check all the way out, looks waaay to slow for me.

  • Another vote for No Man's Sky. I don't care if it turns out to be boring. I still want to explore that world.