Any Other Dead Rising Fans Here?

  • Hey everybody! My name is Erik and I'm jazzed to be here to discuss video games and anything fun under the sun with you! So, who else is looking forward to Dead Rising 4 this December? And which of you, like me, is going to buy the Dead Rising triple pack in September as well?

    Dead Rising 2 is one of my favorite games so if any of you are as excited as I am about it's remaster and pending release on Xbone, please feel free to add me and join me in co-op when the time comes. Gamertag: CensorErikII (that's ii at the end, not LL)

    Until then, tell me some of the things you like or dislike about the series. I'll start with a dislike to prove I don't look at the games through fanboy goggles. Some of the controls in the first game are awful. The aiming in particular is enough to ruin an otherwise FANTASTIC! game. Keep in mind I loved that game enough to get ALL 1k in achievements. However, if they haven't added an option to use the control scheme from DR2 to it I'm pretty sure I'll skip it and go straight to collecting Zombrex for Katey in Fortune City.

    What about you?

  • I guess nobody else likes Dead Rising games. That's sad but it's also unbelievably cool that they keep making games for just me to play! I'm truly blessed and I don't mind talking to myself about that fact. I'll ttyl Erik, I've got a few things to do...

    See that? Even I'm too busy and/or disinterested to talk to me. What a country!

  • Well I only played 2 and I didn't find it fun. I didn't like how clunky some of the things are in the game, like I saw a cool hat and spent more than ten seconds stuck in animation putting it on, and before it finished, I got hit by a zombie and the hat was gone. I was triggered. I should just be invincible if I'm doing something like that or just make the animation sequence faster. Lack of polish.

    Dead Rising 2 story was pretty stupid, but I know Dead Rising 1 didn't even bother which is the point. Maybe Dead Rising 1 would have been a more enjoyable experience. I also don't like not being able to complete everything in one go, so the time limit isn't for me. The idea of repeating things is very boring to me.

  • Ive only played 1 a handful of times at a friends house, although I did sink a decent bit of time into 2 and Off the Record

  • I got really addicted to the first game at a friend's house, played it for 17 hours straight or some nonsense. I remember playing 2 years later and being disappointed, but it looks like the first game is getting ported to Steam soon. If the port doesn't suck, I might pick it up. Seems like the further they go into the series the worse the games get though, like they know the new games aren't going to make a ton of money, so they're just cranking out lower budget sequels now. Zombie craze must be finally fizzling out.

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    I have played through Dead Rising multiple times and sunk so many hours into it. It was never a game I thought I would be into until I gave it a honest shot. Rather than write it off and move onto the next game. It was also one of the first Xbox 360 games I owned, gifted to me by a friend. When the 2nd game was announced it was super exciting. I played through the prequel so many times but sadly I onever bought the game. Had to play the game through Gamefly and eventually it went to games for gold for a month so now I own it. Never played the Frank West version of Dead Rising 2 and I don't own a Xbox One so no access to that. I'm glad they are bringing all the games excluding Dead Rising 3. In a collection and even Dead Rising 4 will be out on PS4 as well.

    Yes I'm a fan of Dead Rising 😆.

  • I played the first quite a bit at my friends house (didn't have an xbox) and had fun with it. I bought 2 and found it fun for awhile but after two attempts I haven't been able to finish it for some reason.

  • I loved Deade Rising 1. To me it was really one of the first next gen games for 360, in that it must seemed like a massive step forward from what I was playing on the PS2. When the game came out I was in college living with a bunch guys in a house. One of my roommates got a 360 and even though I didnt own the system at the time I bought Dead Rising when it came out. I was completely memorized by the game.I normally hate time limits but once I understood that I might need to pay through the beginning of the game a couple of times to power up I really found it enjoyable. I tried DR 2 and off the record and while it was pretty fun it just didn't click again for me.I don't have an Xbox One so I didn't get to try out DR 3. DR 4 I'm just not too sure on, maybe DR was just a thing of its time, that magic it once had with me might no longer be there but I'll always remember how awesome DR1 was for me.

  • Honestly, if you can see past the typical flaws that Capcom action games often have, Dead Rising and Dead Rising 2 are some of the most fun games I've ever played.

    I love so many aspects to those games but off the top of my head, I really truly like the continuous timer meaning you won't be able to get EVERYTHING done in one play. That means you have to decide whether to do one mission or another.

    The psychopaths are ridiculous and extremely fun and challenging. Something really great about having to prep before a fight by collecting OJ, a few good weapons, maybe a hybrid weapon.

    Ultimate co-op game too.

  • Very weird several of you played the first game at a friend's house considering it was strictly a single player game that require copius amounts of repetition in order to level up to play through the actual missions.

    Anyway I can see how the timer can be an issue for people that get stressed having a time limit. I mean I've never been like that personally but I can definitely see how that'd be a turn-off if you're one of them. I totally disagree that the games get worse with each sequel. If anything the opposite is true. They made the controls better, added combo weapons and smarter survivors and the game area got bigger. They added competetive multi-player and co-op. The story is ridiculous but that's never been the strong suit of the series. It's crazy zombie killing fun! Also the first game, to me, is the weakest in the series in almost every way but it's still got a huge spot in my heart forever.

    I will admit DR3 didn't live up to my hype but I did that to myself so I really can't blame anyone else. Besides, except for the arcade dlc for it, I loved every part of DR3 and it's dlc missions.

    DR4 is going to be insanely fun for me because I have no expectations of it being some masterpiece of a game with an epic story to rival all other mediums of art. It's a stupid zombie game with crazy combo weapons and co-op to enjoy for it's humor and zaniness. I like fun things even if, and sometimes specifically because, it is mindless entertainment.

  • I had the second one and really had a lot of fun with it, never got to play the first cos i think it was and xbox exclusive if im not mistaken. Does anyone know if they are coming packaged together or can you buy them separately digitally?

  • @CensorErik
    While I think the crazy combo weapons are cool and fun, but for me as the games got more and more zany I kinda lost interest. The first game is pretty zany but it also seemed a little more grounded. For the time it also had a lot of WOW factor in it too. Don't know why but enjoyed DR1 more then 2 and off the record and im thinking about maybe even picking up the rerelase of DR1, different strokes I suppose.

  • @TheMarcV Well, my biggest problem with the crazy combo weapons in the later games is you spend ages hunting the materials for them, then they just break so fast. You spend more time looking for parts and a crafting table than enjoying mowing down zombies with fun weapons.

  • I have played and own every single game and spin-off game. The first game I got with my original 360. I have been hooked ever since. Fan for life.

  • @Spidarro I'm pretty sure it's bundle only as there is no option, currently, in the xbox store to buy them individually. However, the Dead Island remasters were like that in the shop too but when I played co-op several people told me they bought just the first game at Gamestop. So it may be possible to buy physical copies separately.

  • @Mbun I agree 100%. Funny, they made so many positive changes as the series progressed, like better controls, way smarter survivors (mostly) and better leveling. Then they shortened the durability of combo weapons. It's very likely they did so in order to balance the system so nothing was op, but that didn't actually work. Each game has 1 or 2 weapons that outclass the rest.

  • @CensorErik
    With the Dead Island collection techland did a pretty cheap job on physical release, with Dead Island being on the disc, and a voucher for Riptide being included in the box. That would be fine if both games took up a whole bluray on their own, but there each about 7-8gb a piece.

  • @CensorErik Hmm, that sounds odd but if the price isnt too bad i'll grab them both. Ideally would just like to have a go of the first one though

  • @Spidarro I ended up buying the whole digital triple pack. Downloaded them this morning. Took like 2 hours or so. I decided I'll just deal with the weird controls of the 1st game since I got 3 games for $50. I know if I went and got just DR2 and OTR I'd end up buying DR1 separately eventually and then I''d have spent $60.

  • @CensorErik Just saw on the store that you can buy them all separately but the are 20 quid each! would you say there is enough there to justify the price? otherwise might wait till they are a bit cheaper.