Any Other Dead Rising Fans Here?

  • Dead Rising has always been one of those games that I love playing, but almost immediately forget about them when I'm done.

    When I heard about Dead Rising 4, I first thought "Oh, just another Dead Rising game." Then later remembered how much fun I had playing the previous games and got excited.

  • @Spidarro said in Any Other Dead Rising Fans Here?:

    @CensorErik Just saw on the store that you can buy them all separately but the are 20 quid each! would you say there is enough there to justify the price? otherwise might wait till they are a bit cheaper.

    This is a tough call for me to make for someone else. As I said, I'm totally biased so I'd say yes, of course. However, if the idea of re-playing these games right away doesn't excite you then I'd say hold out for a sale. There are always big digital holiday sales. I'm doing that for the Bioshock triple pack. I love the series but I just know I'm not going to have the time to play them with Mafia 3 right around the corner and they'll end up with all my other games I've gotten through sales or for free each month. So maybe wait, but if you can't wait be sure to add me if you're playing on xbone as I'm always up for some chill co-op.

    Gamertag is censorerikii

  • Looks like the Dead Rising port on Steam is everything you could hope for, so I'll definitely be picking that up soon.

  • I really like Dead Rising. But just the first game. Sure, the AI is trash and getting people stuck on level geometry every 5 steps when you're escorting them is infuriating, but everything else is top tier. I didn't really like Chuck as much as Frank, and adding combo weapons really upped the ridiculousness levels quite a bit and not in a direction I liked, so I didn't like 2 nearly as much as 1. The less said about 3 the better - it's just barely Dead Rising at that point. What I've heard and seen of 4 doesn't really inspire confidence, so I'll probably skip that one altogether.

    That said, I really hoped a remastered, multiplatform DR would come and here it is! The first moment I have any disposable income that baby's getting bought!