Ocarina of Time / Super Mario 64 HD Hype Check

  • Would it be cool? Don't think, REAAAAACT!!!


  • I think a HD remake of either would be awesome, especially if SM64 gets the added content from the DS version (Mostly just the added Stars and characters)

  • There's already an Ocarina of Time remake. We don't need another. Super Mario 64 HD might be cool, but the games don't look that dated honestly. I'd rather just get a full fledged sequel.

  • I know both of these games have already been ported to DS, but how would you feel if they had the fidelity and level of detail of something like the new Deus Ex?

  • @Haru17 I think it clashes too much. Youtube Video

  • @Mbun Yes, 3D fan-made projects tend to be ugly, but imagine what a developer with the resources to make an actual game could do with that kind of lighting.

  • @Haru17 I just don't think it works well. You don't need that much realism. It just ends up looking busy. Even 3D World looks a bit over the top at times. They need to reel back to Galaxy and Sunshine looks with better textures and focus on more complex designs, more moving objects or enemy AI on screen at once, that kind of upgrade.

  • I know I'm part of the problem but I like HD ports and remasters. Gimme these games! I'd want SM64 first since OoT3D is fresher in my mind.

  • Meh, give me Blast Corps and Rogue Squadron Remasters insted, or better yet, NEW GAMES FROM THOSE IPS!

  • Meh indeed.
    I don't encourage Nintendo for recycling their old games and franchises. They are doing mostly that now anyway.

  • Banned

    @Mbun The opinion that it clashes too much is probably an unpopular one.

    Especially when you take into account the insanely realistic environments in animated films now-a-days.

  • i dont know ocarina of time is in my top 3 games of all time, however unlike the other too witch have have remakes either already out or coming out soon. i thought the 3ds remake was a step back. as for sm64 its a game that gets way more playable with a second joystick