• Here's the discussion thread for the newest completed series for the anime club, ReLIFE! I personally have fallen a little behind because this was the time that I had to move in to my dorm for college to start back up (senior year!), so I'm going to watch and then come back to the thread in a day or two to share my own thoughts. What did all of you think?

  • Thoughts
    Once in awhile a story will come along and resonate with you in meaningful way. For me, ReLIFE is definitely one of those stories. I think most of us have had fantasies of wanting a redo on something. It's a common trope and one that ReLIFE uses in a clever way. The series as a whole just gives me good nostalgic vibes and has me reflecting on where I want to go in life, so I won't have regrets in the future. Taking too long and letting life whiz on by... it's a character trait I've been fighting against my whole life with varied levels of success. =P

    The Japanese cliche that high school is where you capture your "seishun (青春)" or "youth" (lit. springtime of life) is another common trope ReLIFE leans on but damn does it use it effectively (later on past episode 3). ReLIFE's more grounded approach to depicting high school life (except you know, that whole pill turning you ten years younger thing) is really refreshing to watch as well. Admittedly though, a lot of the drama gets cleaned up a little too neatly. This is probably for the better however as ReLIFE really shines through during the more contemplative moments (especially with Kaizaki and... big spoiler)

    ReLIFE is an anime adaptation of a web manga by Yayoiso. The entire season is available now. It's quite faithful to the original source material with a pleasant, soft color palette. Animation is surprisingly good considering its not a big budget title. V.O. is fine to great (personally I think Hishiro steals the show) and the music brings out the emotions as you watch but afterwards isn't particularly memorable. Overall, ReLIFE as an anime is above average but for fans of the manga, I think it's everything we wanted it to be... except longer! Here's hoping for season 2 (unlikely, but let me dream)

    If you want more ReLIFE, you can read the manga on bato.to

    Omake (Extra)

  • Sorry, I fell behind! I'm just catching up with this right now and I've got to say.. this is a bonafide hit. The characters are all amazingly deep and well realized, and it really makes you feel for them. Anyone who got sucked into the friendships in Persona 4 should check this out.

    I'm gonna binge all of this. How many episodes are there right now?

  • Alright, so... I finished Episode 13 today. And you don't think they are going to make any more? Did nobody watch this or something?

  • @TokyoSlim There's always a chance for a second season, probably once the series wraps up. This is purely just speculation on my part tho.