Favorite "What the fuck" moment in gaming *spoilers aplenty*

  • So guys, what's your favorite/most memorable moment in gaming that made you go "What the fuck"?

    Please mark all spoilers, regardless of how old the game in question may be. If in doubt, play it safe and spoiler tag it.

    My personal favorite wtf moment would have to be in Jak 3, where the identify of the fabled Precursors is finally revealed.

    As ottsels.

  • Mass Effect 3 ending

    Blue Ending

    Uuuuuuhh ~reloads~

    Green Ending

    Okaaay... ~reloads~

    Orange Ending

    What the hell? Did everything I did in the entire trilogy amount to nothing because

    Of the final choice overriding everything I had ever done.

  • I'm playing through Drakengard 3 at the moment. Basically the whole game until now (probably around the half point).

    It's like the video game equivalent of The Princess Bride

  • Oh man do I have plenty (in no particular order):

    The Last of Us

    Each of the game's deaths at the major plot points: Sara, Henry & Sam, and Marlene (More so for the first two but still)

    Resistance 2

    Capelli caps Hale. Nuff said.

    Gears of War 2

    Dom caps Maria. Again, nuff said.

    Gears of War 3

    Ok, this one irritates me. Dom's death. NOT in any way of the death itself, but the fact Clayton Carmine survives. The fuck.

    Mass Effect

    The choice on Virmire. I legitamately sat looking at the screen for 10 minutes. (I picked to save Ashley the first time)

    Left 4 Dead/Left 4 Dead 2

    Anytime anyone/thing woke up the Witch.

    Borderlands 2

    Jack impaling Roland. Never thought Borderlands would inspire blood-lust, but damn if it didn't for me at this point.

    Bioshock Infinite

    From the time you leave Fink Industries and see the death of the Rebel leader (Can't remember her name) ALL the way to the end. I'm STILL confused.


    The moment you become the blob. From that moment forward until the end (30-45 minutes), it ruined, yes RUINED the entire previous experience for me. I do not fault the game's design, but I MUCH prefer the Secret Ending. At least that makes more consistent sense with everything else that game is comprised of.

    Final Fantasy VII

    The obvious. Aerith impaled by Sephiroth

    Final Fantasy X

    Encountering a Great Malboro in the Omega Ruins. You can't counter that unless you have Auron's Ultimate weapon or another character's weapon having the First Strike ability. Not giving a single character ONE opportunity for a chance to escape? What the fuck?!

    I think that's all... Aside from the typical Multiplayer/Single player difficulty deaths from time to time.

  • Twilight Princess

    Both of Midna's death teases. Pretty simple. The Midna's Lament scene where she gets anime-maimed by Zant is what everyone reacts to. However I prefer the scene in the final battle where Midna sacrifices herself, teleporting Link and Zelda out of harm's way before she turns into a magical rage monster. It's followed up by this incredibly "all is lost" moment where you see the castle sundered and Ganondorf standing atop the ridge, on horseback, holding up the crumbling Fused Shadow like some 10th century warrior king. He charges, the music plays, and there is this emotional shot of the fused Shadow in the dirt as Ganondorf's war band rides past it, shaking the ground. #Tonalist #BestInTheBiz

    Life is Strange

    When you see how fucked up Chloe really is, immediately heading back in time to save her dad from dying in a car crash. I was breathless and clutching the controller tightly this whole time.


    This is why this game is amazing for me: In 2016, it actually surprised me. The first time it departed from Limbo was when you find the mind control headset in that shed near the beginning. They could of had it just control these surrogate characters, that would have been fine, but to see Shinji make those miming motions as he's controlling the others? Astounding.
    The other time (not counting the story sequences) was of course when you need to get 19 other thralls to weigh down the pressure plate. I had gotten nearly everyone when I figured out that I could have the mob launch me laterally to cross a gap. I saw one thrall that was not moving, so I dragged him back over the edge and headed back down to the pressure plate. I though "No, no you don't. They're not— They wouldn't do that... would they?" And then I got down there, stood on the pressure plate, and saw the display read "1" remaining. So I walked over, grabbed the corpse, and dragged it back onto the pressure plate, grinning the entire time.

  • Dragon's Dogma
    Dragon's Dogma
    Dragon's Dogma

    Spoiler alt text

  • God of War 3 really didn't make sense.

    Spoiler Kratos needs pandora's box to gain the ability to kill a God. Proceeds to murder every single God in the Greek pantheon in order to get the power to kill a God.... Wut? >! Spoiler

  • @Brannox for INSIDE, you said "ruined". Do you mean it ruined the game for you, or was so amazing that it outshined everything else?

    That part of the game was so "WTF!?" amazing for me. I was smiling ear to ear.

  • @Kaminski

    I mean, I agree it is shaky from a storytelling perspective, but it does make sense. He opened the box in the first game to gain the power to kill a god. Athena expected there to be more power inside the box and was baffled when it was empty but lo and behold when it was opened in the first game, Kratos got the power of hope that she placed inside the box while the other gods got the world's evils. So he had the power all along which explains your question. It makes sense but its rather convoluted and only explained at the very end. Still a super fun game though. It was the most straight forward game plot wise - get to the top of Mt Olympus and kill Zeus, but near the end it got unnecessarily thematic and complicated.

    Personally, the biggest WTF to me would be the design philosophy for Far Cry 2. I trash this game every opportunity I get and I really don't know why, but the gameplay is so bad that I am truly baffled or say WTF to myself.

    • Drive towards mission
    • Get ambushed, kill attackers
    • Fix Jeep, continue onward
    • Get ambushed again at outpost
    • Kill attackers, take 128 needles to heal
    • Fix Jeep... again, onward
    • Get to mission, fight more enemies
    • Gun jams mid battle. Eat bullets, fix jam, take a million health packs, kill enemies.
    • Mission complete, drive back
    • Exact same outpost from before now reloaded with more enemies. Ambush.
    • Have malaria attack middle of gun fight. Take pills.
    • Fix Jeep for the 3rd time in 20 min.
    • Drive onward
    • Get hit by a FUCKING ZEBRA!
    • Fix Jeep
    • Start a new mission.
    • Malaria attack in the middle of the mission. Out of pills. Cannot complete mission because you need to get more pills
    • Reload save so you can get more pills so you can keep playing
    • You die of a malaria attack on the way to actually getting more pills
    • Look for an even further back save. Didn't expect this game breaking issue.
    • Cannot complete game because you die of malaria without having an opportunity to get pills.
    • Game over.

    In terms of WTF plot, I need to think on it.

  • @matt Ruined as in the moment that happened, I was letdown and disappointed. EVERYONE I see really enjoys it and believes that the context and subtext of the story at that moment is beyond profound. That's ok and as I said, it doesn't diminish its design, but once the transition was complete, it completely jaded my previous 4-ish hours of the game. You smiled. I frowned. And stay frowning when discussing this point in particular. While critically raved as 9-10, I see it as more of an 8. That plot point was that negative for me personally.

  • @Brannox I think the problem is you're assuming the story is supposed to make sense. Inside has a lot of great scenes, but I would not credit it with having a coherent nor interesting plot. Ian is assuming a lot to say "oh yeah, I know what that means." I see Inside more as a mind trip with excellent direction.

  • @Haru17 I understand your point, but I'm not coming from a point that the story should make sense; MY issue is a lack of consistency:

    Ok, so you're a boy running, cool, this looks really nice and I'm digging it. Ok, mind control, like where this is going. Still running, but that's the game. Alright now we've got a submarine and a deadly mermaid like creature. Not a deal breaker but don't see how it relates. Then you "die" and are immortal. Um, how? Now I'm a sentient blob. If I was the kid the entire time, it wouldn't be so personally negative to me. The secret ending is more my speed, because it's consistent with the rest of the game: Mind control. Whether or not that is a good plot point is irrelevant to my point (But as I said, MUCH rather prefer it over the blob).

  • @Brannox said in Favorite "What the fuck" moment in gaming *spoilers aplenty*:

    You know there’s the idea of the Triforce in the Zelda games we make. The Triforce is made up of Princess Zelda, Ganon and Link. Princess Zelda is obviously female. If we made Link a female we thought that would mess with the balance of the Triforce. That’s why we decided not to do it. If we have princess Zelda as the main character who fights, then what is Link going to do? Taking into account that, and also the idea of the balance of the Triforce, we thought it best to come back to this [original] makeup.

    I'm mean because I care and also don't care.

  • I'm only going to say it because no one else (surprisingly) has mentioned it. Nearly all of Metal Gear Solid 2 is "what the fuck?" territory, usually for great reasons though. The insanity about this game has been talked to death so I'll abstain from diving into super specific details but just on a basic level, I'm sure most players assumed they would be playing as Snake throughout the whole game when they first booted it up. Even that barely scratches the surface of Kojima's brilliant madness in this game.

  • @Haru17 I'm confused. Why are you quoting a nonsensical quote about Legend of Zelda when our discussion revolves around Inside? Also, how does your post indicate you're mean? I read no mean spirits on your part. Thanks for the clarification, if you so choose to respond.

  • @SabotageTheTruth

    I played MGS2 well past it's release date (post MGS3 even) and even so, the proper WTF moments felt good to me. The whole theme was meant to mess with you. Then the unintentional WTF moments like Fat Man had me rolling. Say what you will about MGS2, it was memorable. Just happens to be my least fave MGS is all.

  • @Brannox interesting....I wasn't too aware of the plot as I was playing. I just took it all in as an audio/visual ride. I never stopped to think about the context of each thing that happens in the game.

    I didn't like that part cause I thought it was profound. I liked it because i thought it was highly imaginative. Something that caught me completely by surprise and would never come up with. I thought WTF and laughed at what I was witnessing.

    @GoTaco so before playing it did you know you would be playing as Raiden for a majority of the game?

  • @Brannox It's mean because I'm quoting you, but quoting nonsense, therefore asserting that what you were saying was nonsense. You're trying to apply some left brain shit to a decidedly emotional, abstract experience. It's like people who go into Last of Us and complain the story isn't happy enough: You're looking for something that isn't there.

    You said you're not trying to apply sense to Inside, but your "consistency" is the same as "sense." I deeply believe that Inside is one of those "experience" games, like Journey. It's excellent, but the logic might not hold up upon closer inspection (like how the left side of the complex has many miles more walls than the right, despite them being portrayed as circular in the backgrounds).

  • A less obvious choice for me is Star Ocean: Till the End of Time.

    Once you've finally gotten off the planet you were stuck on for hours upon hours, a strange plot about "angels" hell bent on destroying the universe opens up. JRPGS are known for challenging gods but you find a portal to the heaven realm and... it's not heaven. You were stuck inside of a fictionalized MMO universe. This storyline is meant to be canon meaning ALL of the events in every single Star Ocean are taking place in a large video game. I can't really think of any series that has flipped the script in such a crazy direction after so much history, but I love the hell out of it.

  • @Haru17 First, I'm sorry you feel compelled to degrade my view as nonsense. I don't believe yours is.

    Second, with your explanation in mind, why go out of your way to be mean, regardless of whether or not you care. You could simply say you disagree. No harm, no foul, but instead it is taking my view of the game and claiming it doesn't have merit by saying its nonsense.

    Third, any interpretation, regardless of whether or not a given person agrees with it, is not shit. That is a disrespectful view of another person's outlook. Again, it's a little saddening you wish name call it as such, but to each their own.

    Fourth, the only thing I was looking for from Inside was an enjoyable experience. I "bought in" as it were at all the high remarks the game received. I took a chance and while I enjoyed it, the game, in my view, was not as spectacular as others believe. But that is my view. Clearly, you like it more than I do, and that's great! But I must ask that you please not say that my outlook of the game isn't credible. There are very few exceptions of heading into a game and having high expectations, such as sequels like Uncharted or Gears of War.

    Fifth, there are different forms of sense. Consistency is a model and so is logic. The most ridiculous game can be make no sense, but be wonderful if its stays to what it is not be all over the place. A well-thought out story can be trash if gameplay is spotty. So: If Inside was a kid for 6 hours, that would've been fine. It wasn't, and for me, that was a turn off because it wasn't a consistent experience. I have issues when games do that. Example: Playing a platformer then be forced into a clunky flying mission or an on-rails segment. While those are mechanics and not story arcs, consistency is still the same standard being used.

    Sixth, I'm happy to hear that you feel Inside is an experience game. I have not played Journey, therefore I cannot comment on the quality of that game as it pertains to me, but that is also a pre-conceived notion, much like your interpretation of my view of the game.

    Finally, while it does concern me that you have taken it upon yourself to not only disagree with my experience, but take it a further step by ridiculing it, I would like to ask you that you do not do it to others. Having a conversation about a person's opinions should always come with the 50/50 outcome of either agreeing or disagreeing and if the latter was to occur, as it has here, then there should be a respect that it is their opinion.

    The one thing that does bother me though, is this is the EASY ALLIES community, one where if there is disagreement, it is done so respectfully, not by going out of one's way to troll. Thank you very much for the discussion and have a pleasant day/evening, dependent upon when you read this response.