What's Your Opinion?: Leaks

  • For a small period of time, when I was in university, I loved leaks. But now, I hate them, I hate them with a passion. Especially before big press events like E3, PAX, and TGS. It takes all the joy out of it. I would have been heartbroken if Last Guardian/Shenmue 3/FF7 was leaked to me before the conference last year. I would be devastated if BotW trailer was leaked before Tuesday. There is so much work put into games and I found it criminal that companies and their staff will have their moment robbed from them because of a dumb leak.

  • It's pretty unfortunate but so long as the Internet is widely used, leaks will continue to be easily circumvented.

    Although I dislike leaks, I do however understand why people actively seek them. Gamers are incredibly passionate people and some want to know everything they can about their favorite games (or games they wish were released) and will do anything they can to find out any juicy secrets they can get their paws on. Because of this demand, media outlets will circumvent any stories they come across to be the first ones to reap the ratings/views. It's inevitable.

  • I don't mind them, although I wouldn't mind going on a media black-out for some games. I know that's just virtually impossible with all the new info and leaks coming on a daily basis. E3 leaks are never fun though; but that's why I tend to not visit the interwebz that often during the week before E3. That way, most of the new announcements are actually new and not just another confirmation.

  • With leaks, I tend to feel sorry to those who spend so long setting up announcements to be something that's special (like FF7 Remake etc.) but only to see them get ruined by leakers.

    It affects everyone's hype of a game and takes away those beautiful moments...

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  • If they're leaking it just to get clicks and attention then it's a scummy thing to do

    If it's something people potentially need to be warned about like say, Xbox One DRM? I think that's good

  • I try to ignore them as much as possible when it comes to software. I don't do full media black outs for games and watch trailers for games I'm really hyped about ... but no leaks.

    When it comes to hardware though I'm all in. Leaks about the PS4 upgrades? GIVE IT TO ME! Project Scorpio or VR? CAN'T GET ENOUGH!!!

  • Personally, I hate them. E3 in general could've been a lot more hyped had people stopped leaking things and companies kept their mouths shut till the day of E3.

    Moreso when leaks are usually full of very spoilerific content.

  • I'll be Jones about this. I don't have much of a problem with leaks, unless they give away a big spoiler concerning content. If you release that, then you're just being a d*ck. Otherwise, I'm ok with it. Most of the leaks are just about information that we would get to know sooner or later and don't take away the scope of the final product/moment. I consider pre-E3 leaks to be such thing, as the companies will have an entire press conference and an event with sole purpose to talk about this.
    Also you can't blame journalists for leaks. Most leaks come from an inside source, otherwise is just a speculation. It's a journalist's job to communicate that new info to others so it has the same purpose as is one of this forum.
    I also think that the viewer has to take a part of responsibility on himself to dodge leaks, although some of them are shoved in front of us. I want to get as much information as fast as possible and construct an opinion about it.

  • I hate leaks. There is absolutely no reason to leak anything except for CILCKS. Leaks don't help game development what so ever. They are especially bullshit when big sites like IGN or Polygon or whatever blast their front page with leaks, and they do it only because of leaks bring clicks.

  • I have no problem with Leaks, but that is just me.

    I remember accidentally coming across a spoiler for the ending of Shutter Island, and that got my butt in to the theater to see it act out.

    Microsoft's leaks this year were just ridiculous and sad though