What critically panned game do you actually really enjoy playing?

  • Ya that was a weird one. Reviews were a bit mixed while from what I could tell, most gamers loved it.

    Easily my GOTY for 2014. I still can't believe something as generic as Shadow of Mordor won GOTY's that year.

  • about a million RPGs

    Tears to Tiara II: Heir of the Overlord Metacritic: 65
    Genuinely one of the best games I've ever played with a great battle system, fantastic plot twists and a great cast of characters I really loved.

    The "problem" with it was that it had a very slowly paced opening and very VERY long dialogue sections, I doubt most reviewers even got past the intro section into the game proper, which is a shame because there are massive payoffs for everything set up there.

    similar for games like Ar Tonelico series, Atelier series etc

    oh and Armored Core, a vast number of reviewers for ACV didnt even learn how to turn their mechs thrusters on and complained about how slow movement was coupled with myriad complaints about how it was impenetrable for newcomers

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    Bullet Witch might be my favorite single player experience on the 360. Highly destructible environments, lots of magic, fast action. It controlled great. It is an absolutely incredible game that lacks a lot of polish. Some of the supposed cons Bullet Witch has are actually pros to me, like the corny voice-overs. I haven't seen a game do some of the things Bullet Witch did. The Hurricane spell would pull in anything that wasn't bolted to the ground and destroy it. The Rose spell was basically Alicia's grenade and when you threw it near an enemy, spears wrapped in rose vines would impale them. The Meteor spell was capable of leveling blocks and blocks of an entire city; this is still one of the most awesome things I've ever seen in a game.

    Again, all Bullet Witch lacked was polish. It was a perfect game otherwise, unless you can't get past a silly story and sillier voice acting. The gunplay was perfect, the progression was actually very well paced, the destruction you could cause is virtually unparalleled to this day.. There was only one stand-out annoying part of the game in, I believe, the second level where you had to hunt down some different colored floating brains.

    It has a 55 and a 6.1 on Metacritic and many reviewers were even more harsh at launch.

    I would love a re-release on PS4. I can't believe it ended up being a 360 exclusive. My 360 burned out so I haven't played it in probably six or seven years. If you ever get the chance, and you like third-person shooters do yourself a favor and try Bullet Witch out.

  • Banned

    DmC Devil May Cry.
    Mechanically it is better than half the mainline games, and unless you have a hardon for overplayed anime tropes, the story and characters are a lot better too. Kinda sad there will never be a squeakuel.

  • I also loved The Getaway and Alpha Protocol.

    And while the reviews aren't bad for FF 13. It was an awesome game. Had a wonderful soundtrack. Beautiful art direction. And fantastic engaging gameplay. I also liked the characters too.

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  • I'm still having a good time with No Man's Sky. Does that count?

  • @TokyoSlim It's critically panned (at least to an extent) and you're enjoying it, so yep.

  • I didn't think Duke Nukem Forever was a bad game. I don't know if I'd say it was great, but I played it once through and never felt like I regretted my time with it.

  • I'd have to say it's Yoshi's New Island for 3DS. It's actually quite great and the first worthy successor since the original was released. Yoshi's Island DS was really bad so this was a welcome return to form.

  • Banned

    I really loved playing RE5 with my friends. Played the main game and DLC and the mercenaries mode. I veiw the game more as a fun action game.

  • A recent example would be Federation Force. Granted, some critics were pretty favorable towards it, but that game has been panned to oblivion for unfair reasons to begin with.

  • Maybe due to the fact that there was almost nothing to play on ps3 at the time, I always enjoyed Kane & Lynch. Really mediocre game but a fun couch coop experience for sure.

  • @Hero-of-Lime Oh so there are people who own this game :D I'll pick it up in a couple weeks, would you be up for some co-op?

  • Metroid: Other M, I don't care what other people say, it was a good game in my opinion.

  • @Axel I should be. Considering how few people have it, I know it won't be easy to find other players. But, luckily single player is really fun.