Help with Resident Evil 4

  • If you don't mind I want to just hijack this thread for a quick question that I had about RE4 as well (so I don't clog up the forum page). I just played the REmake and adored it, and want to go through the whole franchise. The issue is I can't get my hands on RE2 (until the remake) or RE3 - would it be okay to skip 2 and 3 and go straight to 4,5,6 (available on PS4)? I know this franchise has a continuity, so I'm hesitant about skipping around.

  • @Galaxy40k I played RE1 and Zero on the GameCube, then picked up RE4 so I skipped 2 and 3. Both games are on my top "MUST play games of the past" for me because I loved that series but couldn't play them at the time. From what I remember of RE4 the only tie it had to the previous ones is the main character..other than that RE4 takes place in another country and tries to stand by itself.

  • @DMCMaster That's disappointing about the audio.. maybe I'll just replay it on Wii then :D

  • @Galaxy40k RE4 was my first Resident Evil game. There are some references to the other games in the series but for the most part it stands on its own. And don't worry about the continuity. It all goes to shit from RE5 onward. You can play 4 and work your way backwards because you'll only get disappointed playing the newer games after playing RE4.

  • Been playing through RE4 yesterday and today, and I still love it. It's probably a combination of the PS4 and my new TV, but the graphics are suuuuuuuuuuper crisp, at least on the character models and menus. I've been used to everything looking much muddier so it's a huge plus. I also had to revert back to the older control scheme; the default is a newer control setup that resembles more recent third person shooters, but my muscle memory pretty much required me to play with the older controls. Glad that there's the improved option for new players, though.

    RE4 was my first Resident Evil game as well, and it's easy to work backwards from there to fill in any story questions there may be. It stands on its own really well.

  • It's great to hear something like from @Smartzke here, but then again I just read this article from Eurogamer, and it doesn't paint that great of a picture in terms of the remastering work. Hmm. Maybe I'll wait for a discount or something. I'd be still eager to experience the game again after such a long time.

  • I found it incredibly overrated. I played HD version on PC and controls are terrible imo.

  • Imo RE4 is where I stopped enjoying these games. Loved 1,2 and 3.

  • Been replaying it in my free time from work, forgot how great RE4 is, maybe I'll try to do some speed runs of this again (swear I beat it on GCN in about 2 1/2 hours once.)

  • OK so I did take the plunge and picked it up.

    I only played the first 20 minutes or so but I had to take a step back. I want to play it and get through it so I can see the full picture but initially the gameplay was tough to deal with. It may have been a step forward at the time of release, but every bit of third person combat has been improved.

    As I said, I will go back, but I need 24 hours to digest what just happened and step back into it with some context.

    I was totally prepared for some control issues and I thought that I could handle it based on the Resident Evil 2 tank controls which I actually grew to like, but I was not prepared for this. Not prepared at all.