Mother 4

  • I don't know how many people are aware but there's a fan made free Mother series continuation being made. (No current release date.) I'm excited for it. What do you think? Are you worried for it considering recent developments in other Nintendo based fan games?

    Their Website:
    Youtube Video

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  • They haven't taken down that "Earthbound Halloween" thing that the guy who made Undertale started off with, have they? What's the criteria that separates that, along with the fan translation of mother 3, from the metroid remake?

  • I don't understand why these people don't just use completely new assets, tweak things just slightly enough to be legally different, hide some references and secrets as a tribute game to the Mother series, and sell it like Axiom Verge or release it for free. Why do these fans have to act like their fan made game is a true sequel to the series when they obviously don't have the vision of or permission from the original creators? It looks good, but there's no way it's not going to get shut down. The Earthbound Halloween thing never got shut down, because it was so cruddy nobody cared.

    This could have easily been a sweet 20-30 dollar Mother-like game on Steam that could've proven there's demand for these kinds of games and sparked the industry to make more. Instead, it's just going to become some obscure, shut down fan project for a dead franchise.

  • Mother 4 is somewhat different than other fangames. For one, they are creating all new assets and the game from scratch. For two, Itoi himself said he would like to one day play another Mother game made by someone else. I think that quote inspired this project a bit. I for one am excited for it, these fans seem to know what Mother means and how it feels.

  • Looks really good. I was very much expecting it to be a very "Fan made" fan made game if that makes any sense, but the gameplay trailer and the blog FAQ has definitely un-soured those expectations.
    Very wary on its release date though, since I've become a curse and 5 out of the last 6 indie games I've looked up all suddenly cancelled their development within a week. Also they've not had a proper update in a long time, with the last being a month and a half ago basically debating on whether or not to animate postcards to use as a saving mechanism - hardly something that would have gone so extremely haywire that it's derailed everything so I'm going to guess something else is troubling them - though they luckily put out a tweet yesterday saying they'll update again on the weekend. Let's hope it's not "we're shutting down"!

  • @Mr-M They're supposed to have a serious update this weekend regarding their update schedule and concerns about being shut down. But they assured people that they're still kicking. We'll just have to wait and see.

    Edit: I guess it's this upcoming weekend.

  • @michemagius Declare it vaporware?

  • Update: The creators are going to rebrand it as an original game by removing the ties it had to the Mother series (PSI is now called Vox for example). I think it's a smart move. Still very much anticipating its release.