What needs to be in Animal Crossing NX?

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    In this thread, I said it won't be out on launch because it needs to have Online Multiplayer. We had really limited Gamecube memory card swapping, and we had New Leaf's fairly shallow multiplayer island and visitor stuff, but nothing too interesting. What I think is that it needs to be is an MMO-lite with city instances that can handle 40-50 players. These cities will be like the Citadel in Destiny, a central HUB to visit, maybe to get things that Tom Nook can't. It would have shops and cafes that's populated by NPCs that players can hang out and meet other people. You can invite people to your town that you're the mayor of in which your town is really your own customizable home that you take care of.

    It needs to go all out. Full social. Not some mini-game multiplayer island.

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  • You know when you started off describing the MMO style I wasn't a fan, as part of the appeal of Animal Crossing is living in this small sheltered town away from the real world, and constantly being with strangers would get rid of that charm. But I do REALLY like the idea of a Destiny The City style area that you can take, expanding on the city from New Leaf.

    Aside from that, I would like to see an expansion of the game elements. For the whole franchise it's been bug catching, fossil digging, fishing, and planting fruit trees pretty much. The "Mayor" idea was nice but never really did anything other than giving you some more control over the buildings in town. I would like to see you be allowed to become a farmer or shopkeeper or whatever else they can think of. Give us something else to do other than the same stuff we've been doing for years.

  • @Galaxy40k Well I said you get to be a mayor of that town, just like in New Leaf. No one can randomly come into your place unless you set it or invite them. Also, like New Leaf's shopping district, that would be what the City hub would be like, but online with people (offline available too).

    I don't think the Mayor idea was fully explored in New Leaf. I think much more can be done. Being Mayor also doesn't mean they can't be all the things you mentioned. Be everything!

  • The core concept of the game is already fine on it's own, but the multiplayer need to be refined a bit. Less restrictive, less jumping through hoops, etc.

    And maybe a bigger world with more characters in it at once, lots of activities all the time, maybe even at night when the stores are closed :)

  • @ZyloWolfBane It would be the same thing as New Leaf, except the Shopping District is like maybe 8 times bigger and is a multiplayer hub hosted on a server. You can meet random people and make friends, or your friends can hop on the same server and chill out together.

    Of course an offline city will be available if don't have an internet connection and you need to buy stuff.