EVE Online goes F2P (limited)

  • https://community.eveonline.com/news/dev-blogs/introducing-clone-states-and-the-future-of-access-to-eve-online/

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    • F2P players can only pilot and train for the first three ships types (Frigates, Destroyers, Cruisers).
    • F2P players train skills at a slower rate.
    • Returning players that go F2P will have their skills locked out for using higher ship types, but they will still have those skills if re-subscribing.
    • F2P players can earn and buy PLEX (30 day subscription) without paying real money.

    I'm excited. I love EVE Online, even though I haven't played it too much. I probably only sunk 2 months into it. I knew EVE Online was too much of a timesink to get into, and I didn't want to commit. It was also not possible to maintain PLEX status without paying too much.

    So anyone hardcore into EVE Online?

  • Not really news in a good way. Basically just a demo that doesn't screw over active subscription users, which is good if anyone is curious to try the game and see how it really is. Afraid the even slower skill training will push people away hard though, unless it tricks people into thinking it'll be significantly faster when subbed, which I assure you is still quite slow.

    It's silly that they even let old players come back and get locked down to that level, because any old player who still wants to play would not want to play under that restriction. It's like if WoW said, hey lvl 100 player, you can come back and play for free, but you'll be leveled down to 30 and unable to progress. It's pointless. The earning PLEX thing sounds like you could start as a free player and earn it to become a regular player, but nobody locked at the level of Cruisers is going to be able to accomplish that without getting extremely lucky ambushing some idiot.

    So at best this is just a demo type thing that many other MMOs are doing today to try a game before you buy into it, at worse this is bait to make the game appear much better than it actually is since training low level ship piloting and skills is rather fast, and they cut off right as it starts to slow way down showing the user a different time scheme with the impression that it will significantly speed up if they subscribe.

  • I don't even understand that line of thought. How is having something not better than nothing? How is that not a good thing?

    If you haven't played EVE, every ship type is required in huge fleet battles. For example, frigates are critical for scouting, jamming, tracking, intercepting drones, and their low signature radius makes them incredibly hard for bigger ships to even hit them. The game is balanced that every ship is necessary.

    EVE Online is not a traditional MMO. There is no leveling. It's all about getting that ship you want to pilot.

  • @Whoaness I said it was a good thing. It's like the very first thing I typed. Yes I've played EVE. While what you're saying is accurate about every ship being used for fleet battles, it's extremely hard to gather resources, get around, and acquire better tech while stuck in the smaller ship sizes. Even if you manage to, Battlecruisers and Battleships are going to prey on you in low sector space if you're not guard-dogged behind a large corporation. In normal play, there's other ships you can learn to pilot that have ways to get around being targeted as easy pickings, but this limits you to ships that are easy victims. Fleet battles are also pretty damn rare. You'll likely play for months before being in one, and in the couple hours of said fleet battle you can lose almost everything you've built up over those months. You say there's no leveling, but skill training is basically leveling, which is slowed by this.

    I never thought of it before, but actually this could be detrimental to normal players if people abuse free accounts with bots to mass gather resources or fight with those smaller ship types.

    Also, you just said it yourself. It's all about getting that ship you want to pilot, which this prevents you from doing unless you like being stuck in tiny, frail husk that's worthless on it's own and puts you at great risk of getting killed, something that can potentially lose you months to years of progress if you don't spend lots of money on expensive clones to retain skills on death.

  • @Mbun You said "not really news in a good way".....