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  • Hey allies!

    I have been working in the video game industry for about 10 years (EA, Funcom and Square). Unfortunately, I have been out of work for the last few years, however, a few months ago, I decided to learn C-sharp programming and try my hand with Unity Engine... I did all the available tutorials on the unity website and then decided to try creating a full game from start to finish by myself!

    I asked this question to "cup of jones" but did not get an answer... Brandon did talk about "fan creation" regarding EZA, but this is not what this is about... This is a short game (15-40mins from start to finish) that I made from scratch... completely Unrelated to easy allies! :)

    My question is the following : Would any of the allies be interested in a free copy of my game to play it? Either for themselves for fun or to stream one time... The game is a first person adventure with 12 minigames... it is the culmination of all I have learned with the engine and i made this as a small tech-demo... It is non-profit and does uses a few music tracks from other games (Not sure if that would be an issue).

    As I said the game itself lasts between 15 to 40 mins from start to finish depending on skill and speed... so it would not be a huge stream... just curious if anyone in the team would be interested... and if yes, to which email address can i send you the link? :)

    Love and respect ;)
    -=Hugo=- FireHawkX

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    This seems really cool!

    I have worked in Unity for about 4 years now, done some VR and AR applications as well as some small games just for fun - even though I dont have any "real world experience" like you.

    I really like how easy unity are to work in and it is quite forgiving on a lot of things, I just dont like the animation tool that much yet. Are your game fully made in unity or have you used any third part librarys or plugins? (just for curiosity and I dont get to talk games development that often).

  • I think if you directly label it a fan work and nothing more then it should be fine. I would love to play it.

  • sorry my emails notifications were "off" even if i was following this thread... now i should get notified whenever someone reply here ;)

    when i saw the new cup of jones i decided to come check here if there had been any answers...

    unfortunately none of the actual EZA staff came to answer yet...

    Well if any of you other allies want to play my game, i dont mind sending any of you a private download link... just send me a pm and i'll give it away... its not like i ever intend to make money out of this one... it was always meant as a tech-demo to showcase my knowledge and what i could do alone to create a real 3d game with shaders, texture, mechanics, audio, animations and c# programming ;)

    Here are some copy paste from the reviews/feedback i received from people who have played my tech-demo-fan-game in the last few months as I sent it to maybe 50-60 person online...
    "Pretty amazing for such a small project done in so little time"... "Sound and music choice was perfect!"... "You made me relive my childhood with those old classics"... "It was so short... yet I really did not expect the end to be there! I would have definitely kept playing much longer"... "Amazed at how bug free this is compared to many AAA title"

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    Yeah I really enjoyed this game! not going to spoil too much, but easy and quick fun and not too hard! :D really cool game and took like 30min to finish xD