Monster Hunter Stories

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    This is a 3DS game, the (filler) anime for which is being localized, but the game itself is thus far Japan-only, releasing on October 8th. It's an open world turn-based JRPG / Pokemon clone with metroidvanian-looking elements. So, this is going to be the first way to ride Epona through an open world XD. Hype check?

  • No hype until US announcement. Zero, None. And because they're working on this there's little to no chance of another MH game in the interim.

    And...even if there was, we'd have no chance at a localization of another MH game until THIS one comes out. So hype.

  • @ZyloWolfBane The team behind this Monster Hunter is not the same as the main series one as this game has been in development since 2010.

    Monster Hunter Generations was the best selling game in the US for July making me think that a localisation is very likely, Nintendo are also putting their own backing towards it with the amiibo support.

  • I usually try to not get hyped for pretty much anything, but I'd be lying if I said I wasn't quite interested in this. Frankly it looks like the only Monster Hunter game I could actually get myself invested in. It is cute, it has a turn based system and you can ride on wyvern-like creatues - basically everything I look for in game ;) No, but seriously, I am eagerly awaiting a European release. It looks fun.

  • @Elyra Well, it's not really a Monster Hunter game, it just yoinks the setting (which is fairly unique). Still, though, it looks like a promising Pokemon clone. I hope the turn-based battles aren't boring as all hell (there seems to be some rock / paper / scissors element in the UI?). The supers, at least, look nice.