Strawpoll: Is Portal 2 a Puzzle Game

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    Kinda hard to be black and white with some games, especially Portal.
    I like to call it a Comedy Puzzle Adventure if that makes sense.
    Kind of like how it feels disingenuous to just call Half-Life a simple "shooter".

  • @El-Shmiablo I totally agree. I adore Portal 2 and I feel its more than the simply distinction of "Puzzle game, yes or no?" but the reason this is here is in another thread, it is a part of another strawpoll between itself and DOOM and a user made the joke that this poll should exist. So I took the idea and thus, this thread. It's completely a joke, and by no means do I expect anything out of it, but I couldn't help it because within the context of the conversation, it was really funny.

  • It's undoubtedly a puzzle game. The whole game is based around using your intellect to solve problems.

    It's more accurate to the difenition of puzzle than Tetris. I love Bosman the most, but he's insane.

  • I think the problem is that when people hear "puzzle game" they just assume it's either something like Professor Layton or any of those I Spy books, or it's a falling blocks type game. Obviously the genre is a lot more diverse than that but something like Portal wouldn't necessarily be what first springs to mind.

    That said it's definitely a puzzle game, I mean it's all about solving puzzles. It's just that you do it through a First Person Shooter's eyes.

  • You actually did it?! I'm so sorry... :disappointed:

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    Can't argue with Valve themselves. Portal hits many genres, but it is primarily a puzzle game.

  • I did this to you. You're all welcome!

  • Action-puzzler.

    It's a puzzle game that relies on quick movements and reaction time.

  • If Portal is a puzzle game, which I think it is, then you can't call post-Ocarina of Time Zelda games "action/adventure." They're at least puzzle/adventure, or something with "puzzle" in it. At least half of all of those games are "rooms with puzzles in them," if not numbered.

  • I'd call puzzle/action game.. definitely the games focus is solving puzzles but it has the action element with its sometimes fast pace, turrets, etc.

  • Yes of course.

    @Haru17 Action Adventures traditionally have puzzles, but unlike Portal 2 which is puzzle after puzzle, Action Adventures, while having puzzles, usually don't focus on them. Else you would need to call Point and Click Adventures also Point and Click Puzzle Adventures since many of them are basically big puzzles.

  • @Musou-Tensei Yes, plenty of games have puzzles. However, Zelda games focus on puzzles by having you go through puzzle-filled dungeons and set piece bosses that act as puzzles before you can progress at all. Moreover, all of your character progression in Zelda is based around items, which are used mainly to solve puzzles.

  • Yes it is, there's no need to have a debate about it.

  • @bard91 "It's not a puzzle game"

    alt text

  • @Whoaness yes it is

    seriously though I don't see how it can be argued otherwise, all of the game progression is literally solving puzzles. If people believe that necessarily implies something else about the game that is their problem.

  • @bard91 uuh I was just pointing out that Bosman doesn't think it's a puzzle game.

  • @Whoaness haha yeah I'm aware of that

  • Being live for 12 hours with a vote of 22 TO 1!!! It IS a puzzle game. I wonder if Bosman was the one vote... Hmmmm....

  • Honestly, until Bosman said that, I had never even conceived of notion that some people might not think it's a puzzle game. The whole thing is puzzles! I proposed we figure it out half-jokingly. But I'm glad you took my half joke and made it a full joke.