Welcome To The Land (EZA Community Game)


    The key fits perfectly into the lock. You twist it and hear a click taking that as your cue to open the door but before you do the key starts to vanish, as if disintegrating, in a bright blue light. Once no trace of it is left the door slowly opens on its own. You hesitate to step out, half bewildered by what just occurred and still wary of the approaching voices but as if being pushed by an unseen hand, you find it becoming increasing difficult to remain in the room. Once you are outside the door closes behind you.

    "HEY! You there" someone yells from a distance. You turn around to try the door but the door is gone, nothing but solid stone. You turn around again to see 2 people, a man and a woman, fast approaching.

    You decide to…

    1. Take out your dagger
    2. Meet them half ways and greet them
    3. Run and try to lose them in the near by woods


    "Welcome to The Land" is a EZA community driven choose your own adventure game that will update 1 time a day every Friday, Saturday and Sunday at no specific time frame. Once a minimum of 25 votes have been cast (number subject to change depending on popularity) the majority vote will decide the next step and the game will continue.

    A log of the adventure will be kept HERE in this word document. Every time a decision has been made it will be updated. The original post will always be replaced with the next decision so use the log to catch up if you fall behind.

    If nothing else i hope to create a interesting and unique experience for everyone in the community and something that can last for a long time. As the story progresses please feel free to discuss and give feedback below.

    Welcome to The Land and enjoy :)

  • Did not reach 25 vote but got enough to know what the general consensus is. Thank you to those who voted hope you continue to play! For anyone who hasnt seen it yet, please check THE LOG for the prev decision.

  • Global Moderator

    This seems like a cool and fun game! will try and remember to check in now and then! :D