All The Small Things

  • Besides naming this thread after a blink182 song, I wanted to expand a little on something Jones brought up in the most recent podcast. He was talking about Grand Theft Auto and how driving a car at night without your lights on will cause the other cars to flash their lights at you - a small detail that fleshed out the world for him. So allies, what gaming moments have you had that were tiny details that sucked you into the world that much more?

    My go to example has to be from The Last of Us. I remember seeing water dripping off the top of a roof and I figured I'd guide Joel underneath it to see if it affected his clothing at all. Instead of his shirt just showing some wetness (or nothing happening at all), he put his arm over his head to shield himself from the water. This wasn't a set piece or an area you had to go through, it was just kind of off to the side so it really caught me off guard how much of a human reaction was programmed into this super small detail that a good percentage of the player base probably never even seen. It's also in stark contrast to an entire conversation held outside in the pouring rain in Deadly Premonition, as loved by the Game Grumps recently.

  • I have two Ubisoft games/franchises:

    Prince of Persia: Sands of time
    The dust coming down from the walls where the prince makes a wall run and the ledges when he was walking/climbing along the wall. Also when he would be hanging on the poles, the poles would bend. Plants would move when the prince walks on. Water falls off from the prince when he gets out of a water pool.

    Assassin's creed 1:
    This was the first time where I saw playable character push away NPCs he was tryng to get trough orsqueeze between them. My mind was blown.
    alt text

  • I love little details in games.. it can really add to the immersion and believability of the world. Here's a few I can think of..

    Naughty Dog is really great at this.. one of my favorites is how Drake shields himself when you walk near fire in Uncharted 2

    While its morbid, corpses that don't disappear really help make a game feel more real.. Call of Duty 1 and 2 come to mind for me.

    The Witcher 3 is packed with things like this, from Geralt's growing beard, to gathering notes and letters that tell an entire story that has nothing to do with you. I think this is one of the best put together worlds I've seen in a game

    In Brothers in Arms EIB, when it rains you can distinctly hear the rain hitting your metal helmet.

    Ok last thing.. I love changing character models. Prince of Persia was the first game I noticed it in, Tomb Raider also did a great job with this.

  • In Majora's Mask, there are occasionally small tremors to remind you that doom is imminent.

    Halo 1's environmental sounds. The whole game has PERFECT sound design.

    Original Xbox games that use the "heat wave" effect, like Jet Set Radio Future and Wreckless: The Yakuza Missions.

  • Shepherds face in Mass Effect 2 if you play renegade.

  • alt text

    I tranquilized this guard in MGSV and he fell face first into a pool of water. The Zs hovered over his head for about 10 seconds and then stopped. It ruined my pacifist run but I love that attention to detail.

    alt text

    Edit: Also Destiny has some cool touches. These Omolon weapons work by firing a special gel at high velocity. You can see the gel in the "magazine" sloshing about as you move and see it deplete as you fire..

  • @SEEGAAAA Reminds of one of the Splinter Cells (Pandora Tomorrow?) if you knock out guards and plop them on top of each other, the one on the bottom can suffocate and cause the mission to end.

  • @SEEGAAAA RIP guard who accidentally drowned to death. Metal Gear Solid definitely puts in a lot of attention to detail. Found out a few more fun ones here. I gotta say, this one in particular is amazing - If you are hiding in an outhouse and have the iDroid speaker upgrade along with “Recorded on the Toilet” Cassette Tape, you can play it over the speaker while hiding in the outhouse to stop enemy soldiers from checking it out.

  • Gotta love the Grumps. As weird as this may sound Katamari has got to be one of the most detailed games I've ever played. You can go from the size of a mouse to the size of a town in mere minutes. But the environment stays realistic in terms of objects you'd find and roll up, as well as their placement.

  • When you shift gravity in Gravity Rush civilians and debris will levitate with Katt, fly across the city, and even careen into the abyss. Also, when she's standing on a surface perpendicular to the ground, her hair will fall in the direction of gravity. And if you run out of shifting energy, she falls out of the sky and crashes into the ground, tumbling before coming to a halt. Not only do these animation details emphasize Katt's role as a fledgeling super hero, but the flying passerbys explain how her gravity shifting effects a sphere around herself, not just her body.

    In Skyrim, if you cast a fire spell at a small stream, it'll boil and bubble. There's a million other emergent details like this, but one of the coolest is how, if you're walking in a mine that looks wavy and distorted with an open flame (fire spell or torch), the cavern will explode in flame. That's because you've set the gas alight.

  • @Faaip

    Shit that I did not know, one of the worst things about stealth games is the accidental death via silly placement.

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  • @Jords Always an unpleasant surprise

  • In Aladdin on Genesis, if an apple you throw hits a sword, it will get sliced into smaller pieces.

  • Oh, and let's not forget about a certain troll in TES: Oblivion (spoiler)... XD

  • @Oscillator Shit, TES IV has some downright macabre trolls!

  • It's not a specific thing to a specific game, but. It bugs the hell out of me when you reload, say, a shotgun in a game and the character injects the same number of shells every time, regardless of how many shells are left/has been fired.
    Props to the guys that puts the extra work into the animation and programming to make the number of shells match.

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    For me its been all in the small details, like reflections in the windows, clothes actually getting wet when jumping into water or just having characters reacting to the world.

    Most recently, how gimmicky it may sound, but I got really excited over in The Division and the car doors. as well as shooting through the glass and it giving individual marks.

    alt text

  • @Lotias Yeah, I remember the doors being the main thing everyone talked about with The Division. I think you could originally open the doors too, but that got removed.