Any Federation Force players out here?

  • This is probably a long shot, but still thought I'd ask!

    I'm tempted to pick up Metroid Prime: Federation Force, but none of my friends are interested in it, so I'd like to know if any Allies are playing or planning to play it?

    I will only get it at the end of the month, but if any of you are up for some co-op action, drop me your Friend Codes! :)

  • Digging up this topic in case we've got new players interested!

    So far we have me, @Bigdude1 and @Hero-of-Lime ready to play, so with one more played we could have a full team.

  • im gonna be out of town this weekend so maybe sometime next week?

    eastern time in US

  • I'm also busy this weekend so next week sounds good!

  • With all the recent Metroid hype, I feel like giving Federation Force another shot. After all, I need to be caught up on the story before Metroid Prime 4 comes out...

    Is there anyone willing to play this? I'm desperate!

  • i've played it and i personnally really liked the game.

    people were just butthurt because it wasn't metroid prime 4 or a traditional 2D style metroid like samus returns is. also because of the chibi artstyle. the actual game i thought was pretty good though and WAY better than the public makes it out to be, most of which haven't even played it but but bitch anyway. not even comparable to Other M like people make out.

    i'd be down to play some fed force with ya sometime as i need to get 100% on it. would probs have to do sessions on weekends though due to timezones and also i work full time so i'm not around much during the week.

  • @Yoshi Yeah time difference is gonna make it tricky, but we can give it a shot! I'll send you a PM!

  • I'm still willing if we can set up a time

  • Maybe tonight?

  • i won't be free till next weekend cause i'm volunteering at Oz Comic Con and will be busy all of this weekened