Comics Question: The Long Halloween (SPOILERS)

  • Hey everyone!
    Firstly, I am new to the forums, so excuse me if this is the wrong place to post a Comic Book-related question here.
    Secondly (and this is VERY important), I will be asking a question about the ending to The Long Halloween, one of the most famous Batman stories.

    If you have NOT read this story, DON'T ready any further. Go AWAY. Buy the volume yourself, read it, because it is perfect.

    Now, here's the question. Again, don't read this if you haven't read the book!!

    Spoiler This is super dumb, but can we go over the Holiday murderers? I understand there are three different people who've been murdering under the Holiday alias, I am just having trouble understanding which person killed during what time.

    Spoiler The first one was... Alberto, the Roman's son? Is that right?
    Gilda - Harvey Dent's wife - said she read 'the case files', so that means there were case files about previous Holiday murderers, meaning she wasn't the first... Right?
    Next was Gilda Dent, who killed under the Holiday alias to end the Roman case. When did she start killing under the Holiday alias? What was her first murder?
    The last one was Harvey Dent, but even that's confusing to me. Of course, it's obvious he committed the last two murders as Two-Face at the end of the story, that's clear... But he also (tried to) kill Alberto Falcon on New Year's Eve... That was him, right? We know that because Gilda mentions how his hair was wet on that day when he came back home. But... If it was Harvey, why didn't he actually kill Alberto, how was Alberto alive?!

    Spoiler Again, the question here is... How many murders did each person commit? I am having a lot of trouble wrapping my head around it all. I looked around the web, and I still couldn't find a definitive answer