Breath of the Wild cannot come soon enough

  • I just finished the 2 hour Gamexplain analysis of the next Zelda game and am more hyped about it than anything else!

    Ignoring the NX reveal, this is the only thing I want to hear more about right now. There are other games coming out in between now and its release that I'm excited for, but in the back of my head I'm like "It's not Zelda."

    Is anybody else feeling this?

  • Banned

    Skyward Sword made me very sceptical about the franchise as a whole, and I haven't been a particularly big fan of Nintendo's decisions over the last few years, so I am cautiously pessimistic about BotW.

  • That's fair. I'm a huge Zelda fan and liked SS but felt that it was really lacking.

    Combine that with the sour taste that was left from Triforce Heroes and I would have been really worried about the series were it not for the fact that I'm getting Phantom Pain vibes in BotW.

    The fact that they are trying to take the series in a whole new direction has me so excited!

  • Thankfully I'm good to wait as long as I have to so that the game is polished, not in any hurry.

    To be fair though I haven't liked Zelda since OoT, aside from perhaps minish cap, and a passing interest in Twilight Princess. But not enough to really call myself a fan anymore.

    The ones I still hold in regard as the best are Link's Awakening and LttP.

  • I'm quite ready for the release date announcement, have been since '14. It certainly is a Breath of fresh air, especially after all of the derivative 2D gar-bage we've been made to care about in recent years. Not to mention whatever fanfiction self-insert horrors were witnessed in Hyrule Warriors. It's time someone made a real Zelda game again. This has been the longest wait between games (No, ALBW doesn't count.) since Ocarina of Time. I have to believe that it'll be worth it, and it certainly is looking like it so far.

  • It was a great analysis as per usual from GX. I'm pretty pumped, even though open world games aren't typically my thing. I'm most excited for the dungeons, the towns, and unraveling the story.

  • @michemagius Along with the dungeons, I would love to see a new item with new mechanics.