Marks of shame

  • Well just finished up the latest Frame Trap and their last topic was video game marks of shame. Basically games that you absolutely should have beaten but just haven't for whatever reason.

    For me it's Final Fantasy 6. FF6 is probably my favorite game ever and is hands down my favorite FF game but I have never finished the damn thing. When I played it upon release with my Mom we made it right up to the final dungeon, but I always got so anxious about actually facing Kefka that I never actually went and beat him. Right now I'm playing through it again on Steam but I keep getting distracted. Hopefully some day I manage to finish it.

    So what are your marks of shame?

  • One that stands out for me is that the only Final Fantasy games I've completed are Tactics Advanced and..... XIII. I've put plenty of hours into most of the FF entries but never finished them.

    My biggest problem is that I know how most of them end and that will forever keep me from trying to complete them myself.

  • Super Paper Mario. I love that game to death, and I know the ending, but for whatever reason whenever I play it, I stop right before the final boss. I'm never under leveled, I just stop there.

  • Shenmue II. I love Shenmue and was so excited for it. I beat the first one multiple times. I even have the EU import of Shenmue II for Dreamcast and the Xbox version. I made it to a certain point before you have to battle a 3 people I think? I bought it for Xbox and made it a point and I remember it crashed on me and I lost an hour of gameplay. I was pissed and didn't replay it. I'm a backer for Shenmue III so I need to beat it.

    Legend of Zelda: The Wind Waker. I generally am not a fan of 3D Zelda games. They are all kind of mediocre to me. That being said, I love everything about The Wind Waker. The art style, the open sea. Well...almost everything. I got to the Tingle map translation part of the game. The problem was I exhausted all of the rupee sources from treasure maps before getting to this part. So effectively I would have to grind in order to translate each map. That premise did not sound enticing to me so I stopped playing. I recently acquired the HD remake where I hear he translates them for free now. So I'll play through that some day.

  • Final Fantasy 6 and Super Metroid.

    Final Fantasy 6 I've started on three separate occasions. I get to the opera house, I say, "well, that was charming," and I step out. I'm not sure why that part makes me remove myself from the game, but it does every time.

    Super Metroid because... I don't know why. One of those cases where I just wasn't having fun when I tried playing it. I was probably not in the right mood because it has everything that would be right up my alley but ah well... I've seen play-throughs, so I don't see myself ever finishing this one.

    A huge mark of shame (up until recently) was never completing Super Mario Bros. 3. I had always touted it as one of the best platformers ever made but I never really finished it. I set out on that task two years back, didn't use a single warp whistle, and had the time of my life.

  • I quit a save literally in the middle of Infamous 2's final boss battle, meaning to save scum and see both endings, but I never reloaded it for whatever reason.
    Same kinda goes for Mass Effect 2,

    though I think I already got my crew killed.

    I used to always do this as a kid. I didn't beat Ganon's Castle in Ocarina of Time for years to the point that, when I finally did, it was really underwhelming.

  • Not finishing Ni No Kuni, was a major supporter for the games (The PS3 game is basically a grandiose remake of the DS original) Bought the game day 1, played for 2 days, got a call my uncle died, shelved it for a bit, popped it in one day, get a call early the next morning, my cousin died, shelved it again, popped it in again a few months ago, played for a day only to get a call the next afternoon that my step uncle died. I really want to complete it, but every time I seem to pop it in someone I know dies. I know its just coincidence, but still.

  • I usually try to finish my games, but I've started Assassin's Creed 2, 3, and Brotherhood and left them all unfinished. The only AC game I've finished is the first.

    My shame lies in that I own Batman Arkham City and Mario Galaxy (plus a few others) and haven't started either of them

  • Final Fantasy X2

  • FFX I've gotten really close to the end two separate times, and then I just stopped playing them. I'd like to beat it, but I don't think it's gonna happen.

  • Well it's not really shameful, more like the game infuriated me.

    FFX-2, the 100% ending design... missing a 0.001% and not being able to show that percentage is just so bad. Missed one thing, did the entire 5+ hour dungeon near the end... yep not gonna go through that again. Just watched a stupid ending video online...

  • Oh man I have so many :'(

    -Half Life 2 EP 1/2
    -Ocarina of Time
    -Mario 64

    I'm sure I could list forever but those are probably the biggest ones

  • I haven't played or finished so many games that are considered classics or "must play" that I've somehow moved past the shame for not finishing them. If I find a good reason why a game doesn't appeal to me, I feel no necessity to complete it, unless I've paid a full price for it. There's no shame in that.

  • final fantasy 8 that games story just looses me at one point every time

  • It has been a whole year since I last played Chrono Trigger and Ni No Kuni and I think I'm only half-way through both of them.

  • I think my main one is Metal Gear Solid. I've played the first one a few times and got to Psycho Mantis and end up quitting around there. Haven't played any Metal Gear game since.

    @DizBomber803 said in Marks of shame:

    It has been a whole year since I last played Chrono Trigger and Ni No Kuni and I think I'm only half-way through both of them.

    I just picked up Chrono Trigger on the DS and I'm loving it. It's one of the few "marks of shame" I have that I'm actively trying to fix.

  • My biggest one is Xenogears. I adored that game and made it all the way to the end..

    But apparently I had made it through the game super under leveled that I kept getting destroyed by the final boss.
    I meant to grind and level up.... but it never happened.

  • I've been putting off responding to this to really think up something good, and I finally have it. A long time ago I bought a launch day Playstation Portable (PSP), and one of the first series that came out for this system that struck a major chord with me was Patapon. I spent ages playing the demos for the games alone, but I always bought them immediately at launch and binged them, dug in deep until I finished the story and felt satisfied with postgame stuff. This was the case until Patapon 3. From the start Patapon 3 felt weird with it's over-reliance on hero characters, downplaying controlling big armies somewhat, but I still really liked the game. I still always intended to beat it. Unfortunately, there was one level that gave me endless trouble that I couldn't quite get down and it frustrated me enough to put the game down. I also struggled with finding comfortable headphones to play the game with, since earbuds make my ears hurt really badly, and there's so many subtle sounds you won't hear in that game without headphones on. So, I procrastinated finishing it for a long time, too long, and after years and years of dutiful service my model 1000, launch day PSP finally broke before I could finish Patapon 3. I'm not someone wealthy enough to simply buy a new one or buy a Vita now, as I have to prioritize budgeting for this or that and make tough cuts, but I think I'll always regret not finishing Patapon 3 unless I ever get the chance to. They haven't made a main game since it, and I need that closure on a series I dearly loved at the time.

  • Wild Arms Alter Code f. This has been in the back of my mind and bothering me for years. I played it, love the game,.I got to the last dungeon and was stumped by a puzzle, turned the game off planning on getting to it later, and ended up losing my memory card... It's eating away at my soul.

  • Yeah, I never finished Borderlands The Pre-Sequel. I was so excited about it, and just didn't. It's kinda embarrassing, even if you don't like the game. I was seriously hyped and then just stopped one day and never went back.